• Iluka Public School



  • Pre School Parents Tour (by appointment only, call 6646 6149)

  • Friday 21 August - Whole School Assembly (students and staff only)

  • Friday 28 August - School Maths Bee,

  • Semester 1 reports go home

  • Monday 7 September - Book Club ordering closes

  • Tuesday 15 September - Early Stage 1 (Kindy) school Spelling Bee

  • Wednesday 16 September - Stage 1 (Yr 1 & 2) school Spelling Bee

  • Thursday 17 September - Stage 2 (Yr 3 & 4) school Spelling Bee

  • Friday 18 September - Stage 3 (Yr 5 & 6) school Spelling Bee



Well done students on how well you are working in our beautiful school. All students are settled into strong, regular learning routines. All students are showing steady progress.


This week Iluka PS is recognising NSW Science Week. Each day I am conducting a small experiment for all students to observe changes and to think about why or what is happening. Science is very important in our daily lives. The school aims to instil a love of science.


Now is maybe an opportunistic time to talk about the importance of punctual, regular attendance for all of our students. Punctual and regular attendance is a high priority for Iluka Public School.

Pleasingly, our current overall attendance rate sits at approximately 95%. This is an outstanding result considering it is winter and cold/ flu season.

I believe we can take steps together as a community to continue to improve this statistic further. The importance of attending school every day cannot be underestimated, and not just for the obvious reasons. School plays a vital role in the social and emotional development of children. Regular attendance enables students to develop a strong sense of belonging to a peer group and assists in building important coping and friendship skills.


We strongly encourage safety, including road safety at Iluka Public School.

  • At the side gate (Spenser St) collection area, I strongly suggest that in the afternoon pick up time you walk from your car to the gate to collect your child.

  • Could all parents and carers be mindful when exiting from Spenser Street that there may be parents, carers and students walking to their car.

  • Please do not double park or drive over the footpath on Spenser Street (side gate) when dropping off or picking up your children. Please think about all our students and drive with care and patience.

  • When dropping off in the morning please ensure your children are getting out of the car on the safe side (passenger side) to stay safe.


We were super excited to see our Kindergarten class of 2021 commence their transitioning to Iluka Public School last Wednesday. Thanks to Miss Essery, our wonderful Kindy Teacher, the students had loads of fun at their school inside and outside the classroom. Some new toys, resources and technology was discovered that really challenged their creativity and thinking skills.

It is very unfortunate that the remaining dates set aside for our next P.R.A.W.N.S Transition Days have been placed on hold, due to COVID-19 concerns.

Please remember we are now taking enrolments for Kindergarten 2021. Any families who have preschool children commencing in 2021 are encouraged to please come into the office to pick up an enrolment pack and have a guided personal tour of the school with myself. Families need to be aware that it is NSW Department of Education requirement that all new enrolments are to provide a 100 point proof of residence. This information is contained in the enrolment packs along with a list of documents that families may use to show they are fortunate enough to be living in our designated enrolment area.


Given the continuing concerns around the COVID-19 situation, we have taken the decision to cancel all impending off-site camps for this year. This was not a decision that was taken lightly, as we understand the importance that these extra-curricular activities have on students’ social and physical development as well as providing them with opportunities they may not normally experience. The health and safety of students and staff remains a priority and with deadlines drawing near for final numbers, along with doubt over when or if the Department’s ‘Learning Guidelines’ would change, it was decided to make this unfortunate but important decision.

Those families who have made payments towards the camps will have the option to have the funds held over to pay for any future activities or refunded. Please contact the office to make these arrangements.


This term I am thinking positively about the many extra-curricular activities we have opening up for the boys and girls. We have library lunchtime activities, restarted lunchtime chess, the ninja warrior course, non-digital activities (jigsaws), softball, and later on this term, golf. Along with traditional lunchtime sports and games all students are finding something positive and constructive to do. Well done students.


As part of our staff development, teachers will attend three hours of professional learning tonight, focusing on our students’ reading progress. The Department of Education’s Literacy Consultant will extend our growing knowledge on how to monitor student progress, how to move students along and how to help students achieve their reading goals. I thank the teachers for giving up family time, for your input. Building teacher capacity is an integral and important part of the culture of our school.


Federal Minister for Page, Mr Kevin Hogan, visited our school last week. Mr Hogan was here to present a book “in recognition for a passion for reading” to Kianni. Kianni was recommended by our librarian, Mr Jones, due to her enthusiasm for reading. Pleasingly our School Captains, Hudson and Amy-Leigh delivered a welcoming presentation on behalf of the school. They both should be commended for their maturity in delivering such a speech in front of our esteemed guest, staff and students. Good work.


On Friday, Stage 2 and Stage 3 students have the opportunity to showcase their multiplication knowledge. This will conclude a blitz on times tables that have been occurring in the upper classes of the school since the beginning of the term.

Even though the official Clarence Valley Spelling Bee and Premier’s Spelling Bee’s are not on this year, students should keep practising and improving their spelling prowess so they can compete in the Iluka PS Spelling Bee! The dates are in the Upcoming Events section of the newsletter.


The Check-In Assessment is an online reading and numeracy assessment for students in Years 3 and 5. Iluka PS has opted to participate in these assessments and all students in Years 3 and 5 will complete them before the end of Term 3. The Check-In Assessments have been implemented to supplement existing school practices, to identify how students are performing in literacy and numeracy and to help teachers tailor their teaching more specifically to student needs. They are mapped to the NSW Syllabuses and National Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions. There are two online assessments, one for reading and one for numeracy, with each consisting of approximately 40 multiple choice questions. A note will be sent home, providing parents and carers with the option for those that do not want to participate.

Have a great week



Spelling and Maths Bee - We have re-commenced practicing our words in class, so that we are ready for our Spelling Bee competition on Tuesday 15th September. As well, the students have been learning to solve and recall addition facts in one minute, in preparation for our Maths Bee competition on Friday 28th August. Some extra practice at home would be beneficial, so I will place another spelling word list sheet

and an addition question sheet in the Communication Folders on Wednesday.

P.R.A.W.N.S. Transition Program - What a fabulous time we had last Wednesday. It was great to meet our new parents (at drop off time) and to spend quality time getting to know the students entering Kindergarten in 2021. Our current Kindergarten students excelled in taking on the role of being a friend and class buddy to the Preschool students. Unfortunately the remainder of the transition days planned for this term have been placed on hold, due to advice received from the NSW Department of Education.

Lost Property - A student has lost their red, sized 5 jumper. It would be great if everyone could check jumpers to ensure that it has not been picked up and mistakenly taken home.


* We had 100% of the students in Kindergarten returning and borrowing library books on Monday. Let’s see if we can repeat this every week. Well done!