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Updated: Sep 14


  • Friday 13 August - PSSA Girls Softball. Iluka v’s Narranga PS (Applicable students only. Note has gone home)

  • Friday 13 August - CWA Country of Study Project begins, to be completed during school hours

  • Monday 16 August - Science Week begins

  • Wednesday 18 August - Life Education Van POSTPONED. (New date yet to be arranged)

  • Friday 20 August - PSSA Zone Athletics Carnival - Lismore (applicable students only. Notes have gone home)

  • Friday 20 August - Iluka Town Library visit for Book Week (note has gone home)

  • Friday 20 August - Whole School Assembly, 2:15 pm (Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this assembly will be for students only until further notice)

  • Monday 23 August - Primary Schools Tennis Championships, Maclean Tennis Courts. (applicable students only. Note yet to go home)

  • Monday 23 August - CBCA Book Week begins

  • Wednesday 26 August - Year 6 Transition Day at MHS

  • Thursday 26 August - IPS Open Day for Education Week (Due to COVID-19 restrictions this event will be held as a Virtual Open Day only. More details to come closer to the date)

  • Wednesday 1 September - 2022 Kindergarten Transition Program begins, 9:00 am (Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this program will be for students & Preschool staff only until further notice)

  • Wednesday 1 September - P & C Meeting, IPS Library at 3:15 pm. All welcome

  • Friday 3 September - PSSA Regional Athletics Carnival (applicable students only. Notes yet to go home)

  • Friday 3 September - Whole School Assembly, 2:15 pm (Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this assembly will be for students only until further notice)

  • Wednesday 8 September - 2022 Kindergarten Transition Program (Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this program will be for students & Preschool staff only until further notice)

  • Thursday 9 September - Biannual Whole School Concert (further details to come)

  • Friday 10 September - Touch Gala Day (Stage 2 & 3) (note and further details to come)

  • Wednesday 15 September - 2022 Kindergarten Transition Program (Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this program will be for students & Preschool staff only until further notice)

  • Wednesday 15 September - Small School Big Impact Concert via video only

  • Friday 17 September - CWA Project Presentation


Dear Parents and Carers,


  • Town Library

  • Life Education Van

  • Zone Athletics

  • Parent Survey

  • PSSA Softball

Congratulations kids...100 Days of Kindergarten!!!


We are inviting parents and carers of children who begin Kindergarten in 2022 to join us for a school tour. Come along and see our school, check out classrooms and meet with teachers and myself to ask any questions you may have. The tours can be booked with a day and time that suits you. You must contact the school on 66466149 to book.


I’m sure you would have all seen what the lockdown for the Greater Sydney area, the troubles South East Queensland and now much closer to home the Northern Rivers LGAs are having. We are fortunate to this date that our restrictions remain at Level 2, meaning that our school is open for staff and students. Students who have been to the Northern Rivers LGAs are still able to attend school if they are not showing flu like symptoms. We must still follow the guidelines for social distancing and mask wearing for any essential visitors. All parents and carers must still drop off and pick up outside the school gates. For all current NSW Department of Education guidelines for our area, you can head to


As you are well aware, it was with regret that unfortunately due to the current situation I cancelled the Stage 3 Excursion to Canberra for 2021. This decision wasn’t taken lightly but was necessary due to the current uncertainty of Coronavirus.

It has taken us a little while to find a suitable excursion to replace Canberra and the snow. Currently, all schools are scrambling to find alternate excursions.

Therefore, I am pleased to now announce that the Stage 3, Year 5 and 6 students will now be attending a 5 day excursion to Lake Keepit, from Monday 1 to Friday 5 November 2021. Students will be participating in a 5-day Outdoor Education program as offered by NSW Department of Sport and Recreation. It promises to be an exciting adventure involving all students in a variety of outdoor and indoor activities, which build confidence, teamwork, friendships, and skills.

Lake Keepit Sport and Recreation Centre is a 45-minute drive from Tamworth and 30-minute drive from Gunnedah. This relaxing, rural escape provides the perfect backdrop for 5-day residential school camps, with plenty of space for students to explore the natural environment while taking part in lots of fun activities.

I also wish to acknowledge Ms Lyn Rankin for her all hard work in organising the Canberra excursion and now quickly organising Lake Keepit to its present stage.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Further details and costs are still to be arranged. The money paid for the Canberra Excursion will be transferred over to the Lake Keepit Excursion.

If you have any questions, please contact the office on 66466149.


This term, our school will be participating in a parent survey. The survey asks parents and carers questions about different factors that are known to impact on student wellbeing and engagement. Running this survey will help our school understand parents’ and carers’ perspectives on their child’s experience at school. These include: communication between parents/carers and staff, activities and practices at home and parent/carer views on the school's support of learning and behaviour. This valuable feedback will help our school make practical improvements.


During this very difficult time it is extremely important that we follow the advice from the NSW Health Department. Currently, we ask parents, where possible not to enter the school grounds. Again, it is with much sadness that we are modifying the Iluka Public School’s Open Day.

Our 2021 Open Day will now be a “virtual” event and will be available on demand from Thursday 26 August 2021. We would love for you to view our 2021 video and see what Iluka Public School has to offer, as the Open day will showcase just what the school's academic and co-curricular programs can produce. Please join us by being part of our Virtual Open Day for 2021.


Off last week’s Small School’s Athletics Carnival twenty students qualified for the Northern Rivers Zone Athletics Carnival, which is currently scheduled to be held at Lismore on Friday 20 August 2021. Again, due to COVID-19 guidelines only the students and teachers will be attending. A bus has been organised to take us there. Congratulations to the students involved. I am sure students will be giving their best efforts on the day.


Travelling by bus to and from school is a shared responsibility between students, their parents, the school, the bus driver, the bus companies and the public. All bus routes are public bus routes. If you have any concerns about bus travel behaviour, inform the bus driver, notify the bus company as well as contacting me at the school. If your child travels to or from school by bus, please speak to them about safe bus travel behaviour. Travelling by bus to school is a privilege which can be revoked by the bus company if there is evidence of stud