• Iluka Public School



  • Thursday 14 November - Yr 6 Bushfire Excursion to Yamba

  • Friday 15 November - Yr 5 and 6 Kayak & Stand Up Paddle Board adventure, Iluka Bay

  • Monday 18 to Friday 22 - Year 2 - 4 swimming scheme

  • Monday 25 November - Year 2 - 4 swimming scheme

  • Monday 25 November - P & C Meeting, 7pm in the Staff room

  • Tuesday 26 November - Volunteers Morning Tea 10:30-11:00am

  • Tuesday 26 November - Year 2 - 4 swimming scheme

  • Wednesday 27 November - Big River Film Festival, years 3/4, 4/5 and 6. South Grafton High School

  • Friday 29 November - Yr 5 Prefect Speeches

  • Monday 2 December - Get Hooked Fishing Program, year 5 and 6

  • Thursday 5 December - Surfing excursion, year 5 and 6

  • Tuesday 10 December - Presentation Day at 11am & School Disco at 6pm Iluka Bowls Club

  • Wednesday 11 December - Iluka Christmas Carols (school performance)

  • Thursday 12 December - 200 Nights Reading Rewards - waterslide activity

  • Friday 13 December - Semester 2 reports go home

  • Tuesday 17 December - Alan Jurd Tennis Challenge & IPS School Tennis Championships 9:30am

  • Tuesday 17 December - Yr 6 Graduation Dinner at Iluka Bowls Club

  • Wednesday 18 December - Students last day of school for 2019


Welcome to Week 5

Can you believe that we are into Week 5, Term 4 already? The past four weeks have certainly flown by. This time of the year now brings with it a lot of additional deadlines to meet. Please ensure that you keep up to date by reading your weekly newsletters, returning the permission notes and marking all relevant dates on your calendars. The second half of the term sees Swim School commence and Surf Ed, Semester 2 reports, our Presentation Day ceremony, Year 6 disco, school and class activities and a myriad of deadlines from the Department, and that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Together, we will not only survive but we will thrive!!


Congratulations to Year 6 for conducting a very moving and emotional Remembrance Day ceremony on Monday, 11 November. To acknowledge such an important event, this year Iluka Public School commemorated the event at the town’s cenotaph. We thank the Maclean RSL for allowing us the privilege and the opportunity to do so. The students spoke beautifully and it was heartwarming to see students, parents/caregivers, friends and special guests place their wreaths or flowers at the base of the flagpole during the ceremony. Thank you all for attending.

Photos courtesy of Peter Johnson


Last week Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 students attended a boat safety workshop conducted by John Seer from the RMS. At the conclusion of the presentation John wrote;

To the Staff and Students

“I wanted to let you know how impressed I was by the friendliness and general behaviour of each and every one of those students. Spending 50 minutes with each group was certainly pleasing, but what touched my heart the most was their interest and politeness towards myself and Anita (co-worker).These children are certainly a credit to your school and to their families. Congratulations to you all. You are one of the best behaved schools in NSW”.

Well done Iluka Public School – what great ambassadors for our school!


The School Swimming and Water Safety Program has been cancelled across the North Coast by the North Coast Sports Association for the rest of this week. This is due to poor air quality and travel safety concerns for school groups and instructors. I have been doing my best to contact all schools directly who are due to be in the water this week.

Year 2 - 4 swimming scheme will recommence Monday 18 till Friday 22 November as originally planned. Students will now also have Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 November as 2 additional/make up days.

Please contact me for any further information or details regarding this.


This week Emma travelled to Sydney to take part in the state PSSA athletics titles at Homebush. Emma participated in the Junior Girls Discus (10th) and Shot Put (20th) after receiving North Coast selection last term. Emma has been very focused on her training over the past few months. We congratulate her wonderful successes.


Many students have been enjoying the delicious food prepared by our P & C Tuckshop volunteers and by the Year 6 students in the Canteen Kids program. A special mention to Sandy and Mark. Sandy has been making delicious healthy foods, with last week’s Greek Salad being delicious. Similarly, the ‘Kids in the Canteen’ did a wonderful Pesto Pasta. We are very lucky to have wonderfully healthy and rather inexpensive foods being made available to us.


A big thank you to Miss Essery for her wonderful, interesting and engaging preschool Kindergarten transition sessions. A big thank you also to our new parents who have enrolled their child at Iluka Public School. Thank you for putting your trust in us with your child’s education. I now look forward to meeting with you personally, finding out about your child’s strengths and weaknesses so to put into place strategies to ensure your child thrives at ‘big school’.


I look forward to meeting with our P&C on Monday 25 November 2019 at 7pm in the staff room. Hope to see you there!


This term you will receive your Semester 2 (Yearly) report for your child’s progress. This will be sent home to all students on Friday of Week 9. Students will be given a grade for their achievement and for their effort in class work because it is important to acknowledge the amount of work each child puts in to his or her work.

Teachers examine a large amount of material in order to assess each child. As set out by the Department of Education, grades of Outstanding, High, Grade Level, Working Towards and Experiencing Difficulties are given on each key learning area (KLA) to describe how each child is performing against expected outcomes for their grade.

In years 1 to 6 a grade of ‘Grade Level’ means that the student is on track in that particular KLA for this time of year. A grade of ‘Working Towards’ or ‘Experiencing Difficulties’ means there is work to do to bring the student up to year expectations. This is another reason that it is important to know what level of effort is put into work. If a child is doing his or her very best it is important to acknowledge this and give positive feedback for this effort.


Parent/Teacher interviews can be arranged if you wish to discuss the report. Please contact the teacher or office if this is the case.


Iluka Public School is very fortunate to have such capable and enthusiastic school leaders this year, and we will be sad to see them leave. Soon I will work with the Year 5 students to start the process of choosing our new school leaders for 2020. It will be important that the new leaders live up to the high standards expected at this school. Candidates will deliver an election speech to students at the morning assembly on Friday 29 November with voting taking place after the speeches conclude. Please support us by discussing with your child/children the qualities of a good leader and what that looks like at Iluka Public School. We wish all Year 5 students good luck.


Iluka Public School would like to acknowledge and thank all the volunteers who make our school a special place to be. Please join the staff for a Thank You Morning Tea on Tuesday 26 November 2019 commencing at 10.30 am.


A formal Buddy Program has been operating at Iluka Public School for the past thirty years. Children are introduced to their Year 5 buddies during the Kindergarten Orientation and continue with the same buddy when they start school the following year. We are very proud of our buddy system and very proud of all Year 5 students. They do an amazing job for the school. Buddies are determined by gender, how many students are enrolling and personalities. Year 5 learn valuable skills as well. They learn leadership and responsibility. Please trust us to make the right decision. It is not taken lightly. We take your child’s wellbeing and interest into consideration before making a final decision.

Department of Education’s Revised Enrolment Policy

Iluka Public School will continue to enrol students who live in their local intake area, regardless of the school’s cap status. Iluka Public School will continue to provide families with support and advice during the enrolment process, including assessment of exceptional and compelling circumstances particularly for vulnerable students and their families. Parents and carers have a right of appeal to determine whether the stated processes have been applied in a procedurally fair manner.

Have a great week. Keep safe. Phil