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  • Friday 6 - Whole School Assembly - 2:15 pm

  • Thursday 12 - Get Hooked Fishing Program, Yr 5/6 - Iluka Bay

  • Wednesday 18 - First Maclean High School Transition Day, Yr 6

  • Thursday 19 - PSSA Cricket. IPS v’s CHIPS. Wherrett Park. 10 am

  • Friday 20 - Issue 2 Book Club Orders Close Today.

  • Friday 20 - Whole School Assembly - 2:15 pm

  • Monday 23 - NAPLAN Practice - Yr 3 & 5

  • Tuesday 24 - Harmony Day Luncheon


  • Friday 3 - IPS Cross Country

  • Friday 3 - Whole School Assembly - 2:15 pm

  • Monday 6 - P & C Meeting at 2:30pm in Computer Room

  • Thursday 9 - ANZAC Day service at Iluka Public School - 10:40 am

  • Thursday 9 - Last day of Term 1

  • Friday 10 - Good Friday and the start of school holidays

  • Tuesday 28 - Students return to school for Term 2


Dear Parents and Carers,

Student Learning Support Officer’s

We welcome back Miss Lisa, Miss Leah and Miss Aleisha to Iluka Public School. We thank you for supporting our students and staff.


I would like to remind parents not to enter the classrooms or the playground to collect students. Parents should always first report to the office and drop off lunches and sign in or sign out students. Myself or Lyn in the office will arrange for students to be sent to the office. Thank you for respecting this procedure.

Homework Club

Would you like to help your child learn to read or are they having trouble with their homework? A reminder that the homework club is held every Wednesday and Friday mornings. I thank Year 5/6 for coordinating such a wonderful program.

P&C Update

I am pleased to report that at yesterday’s Extraordinary P & C AGM meeting an Executive Committee was formed. Thank you to those new parents who came along and to those who stepped forward to take on a leadership role. The 2020 Executive Committee are as follows: Tanya Williams as President, Karla Morrison as Vice President, Jessica Buchmann as Secretary, Oliver Dean has remained on as Treasurer, Jenny McIndoe as Publicity Officer and Karla Morrison has kindly stayed on in the role of Tuckshop Coordinator. We wish the incoming committee the very best for the year ahead and look forward to your support and fresh ideas. P & C Meetings will now be held on the first Monday in each month at the new time of 2:30 pm in the Computer Room. The next meeting will be Monday 6th April. Everyone is welcome and we look forward to seeing you there. Please note all P&C members are volunteers.

Northern Rivers PSSA Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to our wonderful students who competed at the NRPSSA Swimming Carnival on Wednesday, 26 February in Alstonville. Our Team Manager reported to me that our Iluka Public School students were fantastic; all cheering on their teammates and congratulating each other for their successes and effort. The results were very pleasing. Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended the carnival to support their children and the school. I know the students love having their parents/carers at the carnival supporting them and watching their times.

Congratulations to our Kindergarten Students

Well done on a wonderful job in settling well into ‘big school’. I have been visiting the Kindergarten class on a regular basis and I have been very impressed with the way they are responding to their teacher, to their peers and to their new friends. By all reports, Miss Essery is very impressed with your efforts.

Year 6 Buddies!

Well done to our Year 6 students who took on the role of being a Kindergarten Buddy. Our Year 6 students took on their role with a lot of care and enthusiasm. It was wonderful to see the Year 6 students eating with their Kindergarten Buddy and taking them around the playground ensuring the Kindergarten Buddy knew the rules and where they are able to play. It takes a lot of energy for some of our Year 6 students who were seen chasing their Kindergarten Buddy during recess and lunch making sure they didn’t run into an out-of-bounds area. I have had a number of positive reports from our Kindergarten parents/carers who have appreciated having their child cared for by a Year 6 Buddy. Congratulations Year 6!

Scooters / Bikes and Helmets

Thank you to all the students who ride a scooter or bike to school wearing their helmets. It is a rule at Iluka Public School that if you ride a scooter or bike to school that you must also wear a helmet. On many days I watch the students leaving the school walking their bikes through the school playground with their helmet. The students know that without a helmet, the scooter or bike cannot be ridden home. Great work, Iluka Public School.

Clean Up Australia Day

The students had a wonderful day last Friday participating in Clean Up Australia Day. The school students always look forward to representing themselves proudly when out in the community. All were very well behaved and safe as our students always are. Community members noticed and some went out of their way to compliment them on the manner in which they managed themselves.

Child Safety

The “NSW Police Legacy Child Safety Handbook” is a comprehensive resource to assist parents, carers as well as teachers on a range of topics essential to child safety. It aims to raise awareness about risks to children and steps that can be taken to protect and keep them safe. The handbook has been updated to include key messages about bush fire safety given the unprecedented fires we experienced recently. Other important topics included are; online safety, personal safety, road safety, children’s mental health and pool safety. The updated online edition (link below) also includes important content updates from NSW Ministry of Health, NSW Police Force, Fire and Rescue NSW, Rural Fire NSW, Transport for NSW, Sydney Trains, NSW Department of Family & Community Services, eSafety Commissioner and NSW Office of the Children's Guardian. This is a really valuable resource and I urge you to read it at; Child Safety Hub website

ANZAC Day Service

Iluka Public School will be playing a major role in the ANZAC Day Service this year and is honoured to be coordinating the assembly. A reminder to parents and carers that the service is being held on April 25, 2020, which falls in our holiday period. More details will follow in future newsletters. Thank you!

Have a great week, Phil


Home Reading- The Kindergarten students are really enjoying taking their books home to read. Please ensure that your child is using their finger on their right hand to point to the words. This just ensures that consistency is being maintained both at school and at home. Keep on reading and writing our class sight words. New words are on the way next week!

Bus Travel- It is wonderful to see the Kindergarten students being so independent and travelling to school and home by bus. Whilst travel on the bus is free for students in Kindergarten, the students do require a bus pass and must show the bus driver their pass on entering the bus. If a bus pass is lost, a new one must be obtained.

Canteen- Our canteen operates on Monday and Friday. Parents, carers and older siblings can either order and pay for Kindergarten lunches at the canteen in the morning or a paper bag can be sent to school with your child’s name, class, food and drink required written on the outside, and money enclosed in the bag.


*Please ensure that communication folders and home readers are returned on a daily basis.



Hello everyone,

We have 22 students in our class now. Recently Tylor and Ilya have rejoined us which is lovely to see them back.

Homework: has been coming in quite well. Keep it up.

Spelling: commenced last week. The children have a group of words to learn that mainly have a common pattern. They practise writing these words each day and have sentences that they have to put them into. On a Friday the children are tested on the words.

Maths: has involved number patterns, groups of, shapes, addition strategies and friends of ten.

Reading: groups are going well and we really enjoy having Mr. Bradmore work with us. We have had Mrs. Leseberg also visit our room. Mr. Speirs will be in once a week to work with a group.

Writing: has involved us constructing some sentences that follow on. We have been practising using a capital letter and a full stop.

I will be taking a few days off this week and Mrs. Leseberg will be working with the students. I know she will enjoy getting to know the boys and girls.

Here we are in March. One more month of daylight saving.

Have a great week. Di


PRC - The Premier’s Reading Challenge has commenced in the Year 3/4 room. Thank you Mr. Jones for providing us with some quality novels to read in class so that all students have the opportunity to be involved in the challenge. Everyone has received a reading log sheet which is kept under their desk. However, this can be taken home if parents wish to be involved in the process also. Alternatively, students may wish to update their reading log online using their school login details on the NSW PRC website.

Writing - Students have been busy writing engaging narratives. They are focusing on the elements that make narratives more interesting, such as adjectives to describe characters and the setting. Their writing is really progressing well over the unit of work.

Maths - Over the past few weeks, we have been learning a variety of addition and subtraction strategies. We are now focusing our attention on multiplication. Thank you to Leah and Aleisha for getting the Year 3/4 students started on their Quicksmart cards so that they can work on their times' tables at home too.



Debating: Good luck to the year 6 students attending the coaching day today. I am sure you will gain confidence in sharing your ideas.

Writing: We are finishing up with our creative writing and are starting to look at persuasive writing. The students are doing really well and are transferring key elements across text types. They are using emotive language and beginning to articulate their points.

Homework: Is due on Friday. I have really been impressed with the weekly spelling results. A little revision goes a long way. Keep up the great effort.

Get Hooked: Permission notes went home for the Get Hooked fishing program that is on Thursday the 12th of March. Please ensure that the note has been returned.

Transition to High School: Permission notes went home last week. Please ensure that the notes are returned asap.

Have a great week. Bek


Book Club

Edition two of Book Club is out now and everyone is very excited about some of the new titles found within. There are quite a few bargains in this catalogue that will suit all reading levels. I allow all students to take home a catalogue and am very clear in telling them that they need to ask their parents nicely if they are allowed to order something through it. There are two methods you can order:

  1. LOOP - LOOP is the Scholastic Book Club Linked Online Ordering & Payment platform for parents. It allows you to order and pay online via credit card, negating the need to return forms and cash to school. It also cuts out the middleman, so you can be assured that your order is exactly as you want it. No waiting for change or wondering if the order actually made it to the Book Club Organiser. You can order and pay for Scholastic Book Club by credit card by visiting the Scholastic website at or on the go with the app (available in Google Play and the App Store). More information here

  2. CATALOGUE - You can simply fill in the form in the back of the catalogue with your child's details, the book or books they would like to order and return it to me at school with the cash. I will then process the order through on the final day of ordering.

Generally, it takes around one week for orders to be delivered once I press the submit button on the final day of ordering.


In Week 8 it will be our time to hand over the robotics kit to the next school. Most classes have completed the challenges they have been faced with throughout their specific unit of work. The Year 5/6 students were very impressive with their inventive fire fighting robots. Below you can see a video of the winning robot as voted by their fellow peers. Reef explains the features and functionality of his robot for fighting fires without having to put human lives at risk.

I hope everyone has a great week. Matt.


Congratulations to Mia and Emma who participated in the North Coast Primary Girls Cricket selections in Coffs Harbour yesterday. In extremely hot conditions, the girls did themselves proud with their efforts on the field. For Emma, she will continue her journey with cricket in October where she will participate as part of the North Coast squad in the NSWPSSA Girls Cricket Championships. Best of luck Emma.

Premier’s Reading Challenge

The PRC provides a wonderful opportunity for students to read a vast range of quality literature and recognises students for their commitment to reading. I encourage all students to participate in the 2020 challenge. Over the period of the challenge, students simply have to read a number of books from the recommended reading list and record their book list either on the paper reading log supplied yesterday or record it online using their school login. Students in K-2 will complete the challenge with Mr. Jones in the library, while Years 3-6 will need to read and record 20 books independently. Many of the books on the list may already be in your home. However, the school library and town library have a wide range of the listed books available for students to borrow. Thank you to Mr. Jones for also arranging a PRC book box for both of the senior classrooms to enable students to undertake the challenge in class during DEAR and spare time. Children can now start reading as the challenge commenced on the 2nd March and will continue until the 28th of August.

Over many years, Iluka Public School has supported the Premier’s Reading Challenge and we have had numerous students awarded beautiful gold embossed certificates from the Premier, recognising continuous participation in the challenge for 5 years. We have also had a number of students go on to high school and continue the challenge, receiving a medal for their dedication.

For further information, please see Mrs. Gardner or visit: Booklists may also be viewed via this link.

Harmony Day

Again this year our school will continue its long-held tradition of serving a multicultural lunch to celebrate Harmony Day. This will take place on Tuesday 24th March. Families are kindly asked to send along a plate of food to share. Some ideas of plates to share include sushi from Japan, spaghetti from Italy, hot dogs from the USA, goulash from Hungary, lamb koftas from Greece and tacos from Mexico. Food can be savoury or sweet, as dessert will follow lunch. We are also looking for volunteers to coordinate the warming and serving of food on the day. If you are able to assist, please leave your name at the office. We look forward to another successful Harmony Day. Thank you!


  • Volunteers for Monday 9th March - Tanika and Vicky

  • Volunteers for Friday’s - Sandy and Mark

  • Class donations this week are Yr 1/2

  • If you are available to offer some time assisting in the Tuckshop please see the Office Staff or contact Karla on 0405638768. Thank you

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