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Updated: Jul 21, 2020


  • Hot Milo and Biscuit $1 tomorrow

  • Clarence Valley Schools’ Spelling Bee - Thursday 6th June

  • Shrek The Musical - Friday 7th June

  • Public Holiday - Monday 10th June - Queen’s Birthday

  • Dance - Tuesday 11th June

  • Athletics Practice - Wednesday 12th June

  • Planet Space Science Show - Friday 14th June

  • School Photos - Tuesday 18th June

  • Year 6 to 7 Transition Day MHS - Wednesday 26th June

  • CWA Projects due back in for collections - Thursday 27th June


This week I have again had the privilege of being part of this wonderful school and seeing first-hand the great things staff and students are accomplishing.

CLASS VISITS I worked with a number of classes including Year 6 and Year 3/4. We acknowledged that last week was National Reconciliation Week. Students completed some wonderful I.C.T. research on famous Australian Aborigines, completed excellent Aboriginal inspired artworks and listened carefully to Aboriginal legend stories. Congratulations to all students involved. Thank you teachers for allowing me to work with your beautiful students.

ZONE CROSS COUNTRY During the past week our running squad got together a couple of times to prepare for last Friday’s Zone Cross Country. Their commitment is to be commended. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our attendance that was held on a very cold day at Corndale Public School including the parents who assisted in transportation. A list of the results are set out below.

ILUKA PUBLIC SCHOOL SPELLING BEE As well, my thanks to those courageous students who last week contributed to the hugely successful Iluka PS Spelling Bee. Congratulations! To see the many students bravely come to the centre of the stage stay focussed and spell a range of words was amazing. Congratulations to Sophie, Willie, Jaylen and Fraser winners of the Early Stage One and Stage One classes. This week the top two students from Stage Two Beau and Oceane and Stage Three, Micah and Eddie will also participate in the Clarence Valley Spelling Bee. Why not come and down to see the event at the Iluka Community Hall? The spelling bee will commence at 10.00am on Thursday 6 June. Donations of morning tea are also being requested from our P&C on the day.

PREMIER’S DEBATING CHALLENGE Then, on Tuesday, Iluka Public School attended the school’s first Premier’s Debating Challenge. It was against Palmers Island Public School. The topic of the debate was ‘That Creative Arts Should Be Held After Lunch Everyday’ and IPS was the affirmative team. It was quite a difficult topic to argue cases for, however both teams developed strong arguments. The team researched evidence and worked together to develop strong arguments and rebuttals. We congratulate Eddie, Josie, Akaysha and Tylah on their first successful debate!

CANTEEN KIDS If all this wasn’t enough I was so impressed to see Canteen Kids (Year 6 students) serving up very delicious hot dogs on Wednesday. For two dollars each student received a hot hotdog. This could have also been washed down with a banana smoothie created solely by peddle power. We are fortunate to have some wonderful, responsible student leaders at our school. The money raised is all adding up to an end of year farewell gift by the Year 6 class.

TOUCH CLINICS Lastly, I am hearing many good reports from teachers and from the class about our Touch clinics. Touch is a game that uses physical activity. However it is valued for its social and emotional benefits as well as helping all students develop communication skills, confidence and resilience. Keep up the good work. Our last lesson is this Wednesday.

What a great school. Keep it going guys.

The cooler weather has certainly arrived. Keep wearing our red and grey jumpers and stay warm. Have a good week.


Home Reading - Kindergarten students have not taken home their home reader or yellow record journal today. Student journals are being checked overnight and home reading will commence again tomorrow.

Pet Responsible Program - Last Tuesday, the Kindergarten and Year One students attended a workshop about how to interact safely when around dogs. We would like to thank Kellie for her informative presentation and for bringing her dog Tia along to help the students practice their newly acquired skills.

CWA Projects - This year the Country Women’s Association has chosen Papua New Guinea as the country they would like students to learn about. Kindergarten students complete their project in class and the Year One students complete their project at home this year. Students that complete a project are invited to attend the awards presentation and afternoon tea, held on the last Friday of this term.

Assessments - Individual student assessments have commenced and will continue over the remainder of this week and next. Student results will assist with future planning and be used when reporting on student progress in our Semester One reports.

Assembly Awards - Congratulations to the following students who received Merit Certificates at our whole school assembly on Friday: Kindergarten - Ilya, Willow, Sophie, Will and Year One - Rex and Abel. The class again received the Uniform Award. Thank you parents/carers for ensuring that your child attends school in the correct uniform on a daily basis.


*An information sheet and permission note for the show ‘Off This Planet’ was sent home yesterday. Cost per student is $6. Please return the permission note/money envelope in your child’s communication folder.



Hello everyone,

We can certainly feel the chill in the air now to remind us that Winter has arrived. Time for soups and the lovely smells wafting from the slow cooker.

Homework: is given each week and comes back to school on Friday so that it can be marked.

Home Reading: is a nightly routine and consistency is the key.

Reports: are being worked on at present. Classroom assessments from term one and two will provide information to enable comments to be made on reports.

Responsible Pet Program: last week was very beneficial for the Year 2 children. There were lots of practical and helpful information imparted. Thanks Kellie and Tia!

Well done: to Taya and Fraser who made it onto the next level of cross country. Great effort.

Earthworm Farm: construction went extremely well. The children really enjoyed learning about these tiny creatures and most important animals for our environment. Keep the moisture up for the earthworms and a weekly feed would be most helpful. Enjoy!!!

Enjoy your long weekend, Di.


Hello everyone. Winter is here and so is the flu season. Personal care for the students is very important at this time. No sharing of lip balm, food or drinks, regularly washing hands, coughing and sneezing into a tissue and away from others, getting to bed early and wearing a jumper. Also head lice are prevalent in our room - please be vigilant, thank you.

The CWA posters for Papua New Guinea have gone home today. There is still 4 weeks until they are due. If anyone needs assistance please see me. Many of our class are off to see Shrek on Friday. Also a note for the “Off This Planet” performance accompanies today’s newsletter.

Good luck to Beau from our class at the LC Spelling Bee this Thursday - we wish you well!

Cheers, Chris.


Hello and welcome to Week 6! We are now past the halfway mark of Term 2 and there are still so many exciting things coming up.

Cross Country - Congratulations to Bradley, Travis, Emma and Jade who all traveled to Corndale to compete in the Zone Cross Country last Friday. Special mention to Jade who was placed 4th in her age division and will now contest the Regional Cross Country at Nana Glen later this term. Well done. We are all very proud of your achievements.

Spelling Bee - Best wishes to Oceane (and others not in our class) at the Lower Clarence Spelling Bee this Thursday.

Shrek - Many of our class will travel to Maclean on Friday to watch Maclean High School present Shrek the Musical. A number of cast members are past students of IPS so it will certaining be an inspiring and entertaining opportunity.

Papua New Guinea - Please encourage your child to continue (or commence) working on their Papua New Guinea project. All students who submit a project are invited to join the CWA ladies for a delicious afternoon tea and presentation ceremony.

Off this Planet - A permission note for the visiting performance ‘Off This Planet’ was sent home yesterday. Please return the permission note and $6 to the classroom teacher.

Have a great week and enjoy the long weekend.



Hi everyone,

Congratulations to the students that participated in the challenging Cross Country last Friday. I was so impressed with the effort from you all.

Last Friday cardboard was sent home for your child to commence their CWA project on Papua New Guinea. Pease note: Information, pictures, etc can be brought home from school however, the task is to be completed at home.

We are currently working on projects in class and it has been great to see how the students approach organise and execute their projects.

We are finishing off assessment tasks. I have started with assessments in preparation for reports due out at the end of the term.

Home reading journals are slow to come, please talk to your child about home reading to ensure they are on track. It is important that they read out of school time.

Good luck to Eddie and Micah our representatives for stage 3, in the Lower Clarence Spelling Bee this Thursday.

Canteen Kids is proving to be a big success. The students are looking forward to preparing Milo and biscuit for recess tomorrow.

Have a great week.



We are now officially past the halfway mark of the term. There are many events to come for the last half of this term that will keep students, teachers and parents busy.


STEM this term has been going great so far. Majority of the STEM activities in the lower grades so far have been based around a classic narrative that can often present a problem. Last week I read Jack and the Beanstalk to the K/1 class and after the story their STEM challenge was to create a structure that would allow jack to escape the giant imagining that the top of the table was the clouds and the floor was Jack's house.

The older grades have been creating Marble Mazes using a flat platform, straws and sticky tape. Once they create this structure they are then required to create the exact maze within minecraft, take a screenshot and print it out to compare the two. The next lesson they will then be required to created the exact same maze with lego on a base plate.


The new books from our Book Fair have now been covered, accessioned and added to our school library. Students are now able to reserve these books through their student portal or ask me to reserve them for them.

I hope everyone has a great week and a fantastic long weekend. Matt.



Congratulations to the following students and their placements against 110 other students.

Tessah 33rd, Mitchell 68th, Finn 64th, Phoenix 76th, Fraser 50th, Taya 61st, Emma 50th, Bradley 68th, Travis 57th, Jade 4th (now goes to Regional), Izzy 25th, Josie 26th, Maddy 49th and Decoda 45th. Magnificent effort Iluka!


REGIONAL - 21/6/2019 at Nana Glen


I.P.S. 25th & 26/7/2019 at Ken Leeson Oval Iluka

SMALL SCHOOLS - 2/8/2019 at Ken Leeson Oval Iluka

ZONE - 23/8/2019 at Lismore

REGIONAL - 13/9/2019 at Lismore


Volunteers for Friday 7th June - Sandy, Liz and Tracey (11am)

Class donations this week are Year 6.

If you are available to offer some time assisting in the Tuckshop please see the Office Staff or contact Karla on 0405638768. Thank you


School photo envelopes went out last week. It is vital to the smooth operation of The School Photographer pre-payment system that each child returns their own envelope, even if payment is enclosed in a sibling’s envelope. Please do not put envelopes inside of other envelopes as they are not opened on the day and your child may miss out. There are sibling pre-payment envelopes for any parents who may wish to purchase a sibling photograph at the office. All sibling photographs should be paid for in these envelopes to avoid confusion and kept separately. Online payments for family photos cut off at 8am on the day of photography, after that, only cash will be accepted. The envelopes are self-explanatory with price breakdowns, methods of payment and options for the parents to select. Personalised envelopes have a UNIQUE code for each child to order online. The blank/spare/new enrolment envelopes have a GENERIC code for our school.