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Updated: Aug 28, 2019


  • Tomorrow Wednesday 28 August

  • P & C Fathers’ Day Stall from 9:30am

  • Preschool Transition Day

  • Small Schools Big Impact concert, Saraton Theatre, Grafton.

  • Friday 30 August Fathers’ Day Breakfast barbeque from 7:30am, Whole School Assembly from 9am under the COLA.

  • Thursday 26 September - School Biannual Concert from 6pm.


Good afternoon parents, carers and friends of Iluka Public School. I hope we are looking after ourselves.

SAS Week

This week we recognise our wonderful SAS staff at Iluka Public School. It is a time to acknowledge and thank the often unsung heroes in our lovely school. Our SAS staff play an important role in the Iluka school community. They are often the first people you see when you enter the school and are essential to maintaining positive relationships with students, parents and the community.

SAS staff work in our school office, assist teachers in the classrooms and in the library. Strong Mark maintains and cares for our beautiful school grounds and buildings too. They are often the ones to tend to students when they are unwell and they ensure the efficient management of school financial and administration functions.

I encourage all parents to mark SAS Recognition Week with a simple word of thanks and appreciation when up at the school. I would also personally like to acknowledge and thank all our SAS staff for the valuable work you perform and your contribution to supporting great teaching and learning outcomes at Iluka Public School.

Small Schools Big Impact Concert

Our school is truly a wonderful place for our students to learn and play and I have really enjoyed being in and out of classrooms across our school over the past week. This week I particularly noticed students engaged and enjoying rehearsing for the Small Schools Big Impact Concert. Every second year, 14 small schools from across the Clarence Valley perform at the Saraton Theatre, Grafton in front of an expected audience of 900 people. This year Mrs Cooper has planned a dance that captures the fun, excitement and beauty of living beside the beach. It is called, ‘Lets Go Surfing’ performed by The Drums. We wish our Stage 3 students all the best. I am confident they will be excellent ambassadors of the school.

Zone Athletics

Wow, we did outstandingly as a school last Thursday when our students represented our school at the Zone District Athletics Carnival. They did an outstanding job with all that extra training paying off. It was a hot and dry day, but despite the weather, our students engaged in their events. Not only were they safe, respectful and responsible they were also great sportspeople. They tried 100% and really worked on putting the skills they practised in training into action. Miss Lyn who attended on the day was so impressed by the team members’ positive behaviour. We had a team of 17 students represent our school at the carnival. While I am proud of the efforts of all our students, I would like to congratulate Emma Kerr who broke a 17 year old record for the junior girls shot put. Emma threw 9.08m to secure the record. I would also like to acknowledge the efforts by the parents in attending the event and giving your child an opportunity to compete on the day.

Sporting Schools Program

We thank Steve from Yamba Basketball for the great four weeks of Basketball. All classes participated and thoroughly enjoyed their time on the court. Mr Speirs is now looking into the school competing in a three week primary school challenge. Thank you to all teaching staff who made these sessions possible and to the Federal Government for our Sporting Schools Grant.

This week the attention now turns to Rugby League. All classes will be participating in learning the basics of the game while at the same time having lots of fun.

School Concert

All classes are having a great time preparing for their school concert item, to be performed on the night of Thursday 26 September at our bi-annual whole school creative arts concert. Mrs Anna Cooper has also planned fun and exciting dance routines per class, in addition to our whole school dance. Congratulations students on your continued commitment to learning all your routines. I’m positive we will all enjoy this special evening.

Tell Them From Me Parent/Carer Survey

We are once again providing an opportunity for you to share your thoughts, ideas and hopes for our school. The survey will open on Monday 26th August. Please use the link below to complete the survey. We are hoping for a maximum response, so a true and accurate picture of the attitudes, perceptions and ideas of our school community can be captured.

Student Survey

Students in Years 4, 5 and 6 will complete a student survey whilst at school. If you DO NOT WANT YOUR CHILD TO PARTICIPATE in the survey please contact the office and let us know before 5th September. Students will undertake the survey during week 8.

Kindergarten 2020

This Wednesday we will again welcome our 2020 Kindergarten students to our school. This will be our third session for the term. If you are aware of any families who have kinder aged children, who live in our enrolment zone and who have not made contact with us yet, please pass this message on to them.

Proudly Iluka

Congratulations to those students who have represented our school so wonderfully in recent weeks for debating, athletics, touch football and of course at the Small Schools Big Impact Concert spectacular being held tonight! We are very proud of you!

Whole School Assembly

The next Whole School Assembly will be held this coming Friday morning, 30 August at the special time of 9.00 am under the COLA. The Year 6 student prefects will again coordinate the assembly. I am hoping a few Dads, Grandpas and those special people involved in their children’s lives can stay back after the BBQ to attend.

Father’s Day Stall

P & C will be holding a Father’s Day stall at school on Wednesday 28 August in time for Father’s Day on Sunday, 1st September. All children will have the opportunity to purchase ONE gift from the Father’s Day stall. Students may buy a second gift after all classes have purchased from the stall. Students should bring money on the day (NO money to the office, please). Gifts are now on display on the notice board near the canteen so students can view (and negotiate with their siblings) before they buy, costing between $1 - $5.

PSSA Touch

On Tuesday, 20 August, the Iluka Public School Boys and Girls touch football teams travelled by ferry across the Clarence River to Yamba to play Round 1 of the state PSSA knockout. Yamba defeated Iluka Public School in both games. However, the girls competed with great skill, lots of determination and a terrific sense of fair play. Fantastic effort girls! This set the tone for the boys game which saw many of the boys come out very strong. The boys were very positive and showed great enthusiasm for the game. They held their structure and continued to attack and defend extremely well but were beaten by the better team on the day. Thank you Mrs Cunningham and Mr Speirs for your time and effort in preparing the teams for the day. Thanks also goes to Yamba Public School for playing two great games.

School Choir

Last Thursday, the Iluka Public School Choir and myself held our first get together. It was well supported by students from Years 3 to 5. It again highlights the wonderful school opportunities we have at Iluka Public School. A very special thank you and acknowledgement of the work of Mrs Anne Commerford making the lunchtime activity so successful and enjoyable. We will meet again on Thursday.

Fathers’ Day Breakfast

On this Friday 30 August, starting from 7.30 am will be our annual appreciation barbeque of all the male role models in our students’ lives. All Dad’s, Grandparents, Uncles and significant male supporter/carers are welcome to come along, share in a cuppa and a sausage and egg roll while having a chat or game with the kids. In the past our barbeques have been well supported and a fabulous way to start the day. If you are able to attend, please complete the order note that was attached to the newsletter last week or send in a note to let us know you are able to attend and how many sausage and egg rolls you would like. We look forward to seeing you there. While you’re here, you are very welcome to stay for the Whole School Assembly which commences at 9.00 am.

Staff Changes

The school is very pleased to welcome Mrs Cath Leseberg onto the Year 2/3 class while Mrs Howard is on five weeks of Long Service Leave. We wish both teachers every success.

Planned Bitumen Sealing Works - Spenser Street 9-20 September 2019

Today I received a letter from Council. It stated that council are planning to carry out road bitumen resealing adjacent to the school in Spenser Street. Council has advised that these works will cause minor disruptions for traffic. Please be aware that council will not be responsible for any costs associated with damage to vehicles. Please ensure that children are supervised as these works are carried out with hot bitumen and heavy machinery.

Enjoy your week ahead. Phil


Literature Unit- The students over the coming weeks will be listening to, viewing, reading and responding to dreaming stories, in order to learn about the importance of storytelling in Aboriginal culture. The students will learn the significance of dreamtime stories for Aboriginal people in passing on their culture from one generation to another and the importance the land has for Aboriginal people.

Library- It is important that students return their library books on Wednesday, otherwise their borrowed book/s become listed as overdue on our computer system. Please note that lost library books incur a fee.


*Students will be able to purchase a Fathers’ Day gift this Wednesday. Gifts range in price from $1 to $5.



Hello Everyone. Thank you to all the students and staff - I have been made to feel very welcome at Iluka Public School.

The children have been working hard and displaying beautiful manners and behaviour in the classroom.

Please remind the children that tomorrow, Wednesday is the Father’s Day stall (gifts $1- $5) and Friday morning is the Father’s Day breakfast.

I encourage you to listen to your child read each night and to help them complete their homework. It contributes towards the development of a strong work ethic.



Hello everyone. I hope you are keeping well. I have never seen so many people sick with the flu, take care. The students are battling on as usual and must be commended for their efforts at school lately, well done kids.

Dance continues with Mrs Cooper on Tuesday and Rugby League begins too. Wednesday is the Fathers Day Stall, all gifts ranging in price from $1 to $5. Fathers Day Brekky is Friday morning from 7:30am followed by a Whole School Assembly at 9am.

Many students really enjoyed the basketball clinics with Steve from the Raymond Laurie Sports Centre in Yamba. Steve is organising some more junior events and clinics in Yamba. See me for more details if your child is interested.

Have a good week, Chris.


Zone Athletics - Congratulations to our team of athletes who participated in Zone Athletics last week. Special mention to Emma Kerr who placed 1st in shot put and discus, while also achieving 2nd in high jump. Emma will now compete at the Regional Athletics Carnival later this term. Well done, Emma!

Small Schools Big Impact - Best wishes to Amy-Leigh, Kelani, Krystal and Mia who are performing at the Saraton Theatre in Grafton this week at the Small Schools Big Impact Concert. Enjoy this wonderful opportunity and thank you to Mrs Cooper for her efforts in choreographing the dance.

Bounce Back - This week in Bounce Back lessons, we have been discussing random acts of kindness. Hopefully you were lucky enough to be a recipient of an act of kindness from your child.

Basketball - Our lessons with Steve are now complete and were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Steve was very impressed with the level of skill displayed by many students in our group and encouraged those who may be interested to join the weekend basketball competition in Yamba. We already have a number of students in our class who are involved. Please see Mrs Gardner if you would like further information.

Father’s Day - Students can purchase a gift at the Father’s Day stall on Wednesday. Gifts range in price from $1 to $5. Also, please join us for the Father’s Day Breakfast on Friday morning any time between 7.30am until 9. You are welcome to join us for the whole school assembly at 9am. Happy Father’s Day on Sunday to all of the Dads, Granddads, Pops and significant males in the lives of the students!



Wow! Time management and organisational skills are really at the forefront this week. The students have been impressive in this area. Thank you to the parents for your support. Congrats to all the students that have represented the school recently in athletics, touch football and tennis. Your attitude and determination is admirable.

Rehearsals are in full swing for the students dancing at the Small Schools Big Impact Concert on Wednesday night.

Rugby Leagues skills commenced today and the students were very eager to play.

Canteen Kids is on tomorrow. Spaghetti Bolognese for $2 notes may be returned in the morning.

Homework needs to be returned on Friday.

Home Reading should happen daily. Journals are collected on Thursdays.

Have a great week Bek


We are now past the halfway mark of the term and it is a really important time of the year to keep your children interested in reading. There is only so much motivation us teachers can give the students to read at home. Ultimately it comes down to you as parents or carers. Whether you read to them, with them or listen to them everyday it sends them a message of the importance of reading. I am not talking about reading off screens here, I am talking about real paper books.

Our school library has over 3000 books for all levels and all interests. If your child comes home with an empty library bag on their library day and says we don’t have anything they like, they are not telling you the truth. I realise the obsession with gaming these days and with that in mind I go out of my way to purchase books that are based around games. I ask the student’s what books they would like in the library. I have even let numerous students sit with me at the computer and select books that they think other students would like. But ultimately it comes down to you as the parent!

So what I’m trying to say is, if your child hasn’t seen their own parent or carer pick up a book and read for enjoyment, it makes it even harder for me or their teacher to motivate them to read.

End of rant.

Book Club

Issue number 6 of Book Club is now in circulation and there are some fantastic deals in there such as Anh Do’s “Hot Dog” book for only $3. That’s an absolute bargain. The orders need to be in to me by the 13th of September or placed through loop by that date. Don’t forget 30% of everything bought goes back to the school library towards new books and resources.

Science & Technology

Below is an overview of what each class will be working on for the remainder of the term.

K/1 - The unit of work students will be studying is called “ What’s it made of ”. This is a chemical science unit where students are provided with opportunities to explore, through hands-on activities, what things are made of in the school environment and the properties of the materials used to make them.

2/3 - The unit of work students will be studying is called “ Push, Pull ”. This is a physical science unit that provides the opportunity for students to explore pushes and pulls. Through investigations, students observe and gather evidence about how these forces act in air and water and on the ground. Students identify the effect of the pull of gravity and learn that both air and water can ‘push’.

3/4 - The unit of work students will be studying is called “ Melting moments”. This is a chemical science unit where students explore how solids or liquids are influenced by temperature. Students experience the way items from their everyday lives can change. Through hands-on investigations, students investigate how the size of the pieces affects the melting time of chocolate.

4/5 - The unit of work students will be studying is called “Package it better”. This is a chemical science unit where students are provided with opportunities to develop an understanding of the design of packages and the choice of appropriate materials to use. Students design and test a package that will safely deliver a fragile gift. Through investigations, students observe and gather information about what makes a successful package.

6 - Year 6 students will be working on their Big River Film Festival video submission that will be occurring in Term 4. The type of video is still undecided, however we had a brainstorming day last week and there are some great ideas being thrown around.

I hope you all have a great week. Matt


Congratulations to the 5 students who represented Iluka Public School at this year’s NRMA See Breeze Motors Lower Clarence Tennis Association's Primary School Tennis Championships in Maclean on Monday. Eddie, Decoda, Amy-leigh, Emma and Tessah played three rounds of 6 games to place Iluka 3rd overall in the tournament. It was a rather warm day and the students played not only their best, but their fariest, which is to be congratulated upon. It is the first time Iluka Public School has placed in the top 4 and we all couldn’t be prouder of you.


  • Volunteers for Friday 30 August - Sandy and Mark

  • Volunteers for Monday 2 September - To be advised

Class donations this week are Year 4/5.

Any chance you could lend a hand assisting in the Tuckshop? Please leave details at the Office or contact Karla on 0405638768. You’ll get more out of it than you have to put in!