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The coronavirus has been hitting industries hard, and it is not sparing our School Photographer either. Philip from ‘The School Photographer’ called yesterday to say that his team is still not operating this term and possibly into Term 3 as well. He apologised but would not be able to be in Iluka on Tuesday 16 June to take class photos as originally booked in.

Iluka Public School is endeavouring to make other school photo arrangements in Term 3. We will keep you posted.


Good Afternoon All,


Thank you to our parents for such a smooth return to the first week of full-time face to face schooling. We were so happy to see many smiling faces coming back through the gate.


Staff and I would like to say a big thank you to our parents for remaining outside the school gates unless you need to come to the office. We understand that this is not easy for everyone, particularly for our parents of younger students. While the advice is that children do not need to social distance, it is the adults and their safety that we also must carefully consider. I appreciate your understanding regarding this.


We are conducting very short and precise morning assemblies and will be starting classes at 9:05 am. With the earlier start to learning, we ask that parents ensure they have their child at school by 8.55 am, to ensure they are not missing out on valuable learning time.


Please ensure that your child has the correct full school uniform including their hat to wear to school. It is getting colder and students may need the extra warmth of a plain red or grey tracksuit or jumper. Black clothing is not part of our uniform!


Last week there was a small car accident while students were being picked up after school. No child was hurt. May I please ask that you ensure you pick up your child safely and park appropriately. Please do not park across the footpath. We now have two teachers on the back gates to supervise students leaving at 3.00 pm, but it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure our students are kept safe.


This semester we will be having a modified report. Recently the Federal Government released a statement that we will not be reporting with the usual A-E scale of achievement. The Semester One report will be sent home on Friday 28 August.


Enrolments for Kindergarten 2021 are now being accepted. Children turning 5 by 31st July 2021 are eligible to enrol. Completed forms can be handed in to the school along with the supporting documentation eg: birth certificate or passport, immunisation details and proof of residential address. Please contact the school office if you require further information or are interested in taking a school tour.


It was great to receive some photos of students who were working from home when the school was restricted to essential workers only. This week features Year 1 student Sailor having a fun educational experience at the beach. Thank you for sharing Sailor.


It took 12 months of fundraising by Yr 6 of 2019, and it was quite a process to watch our new playground equipment area take place. However, the Iluka PS Ninja Warrior playground is now open. Strong Mark, our groundsman has done a wonderful job landscaping turf and ensuring the area is safe. The challenging equipment with the climbing net is a wonderful aspect of school, which our students will love the challenge of completing. This project will have the same impact now and in the years to come. It is now being used three days a week in this beautiful autumn lunchtime weather and as part of our daily PE program– something extra special for our lovely students to do as we return to normality.


Now that students are back full time at school, the canteen has re-opened. Students are now being called to the canteen in class order rather than standing in long lines. We thank Karla, Mark and Sandy, and our volunteers, for all the work they do for our school.


Last week we acknowledged Reconciliation Week. The theme for 2020 was, ‘In this together’. Students in the Stage 3 class discussed how to build relationships based on respect. They wrote reflections on this learning and listened to Aboriginal performers through online mediums.


We were able to provide many laptops and iPads to families to support online learning over the past 8 weeks. Now that we are back full time, these devices will need to be returned to the school. If you still have school-supplied devices at home, please ensure they are sent to school with your child and returned to the school office. Please ensure the charger is also returned.


I am excited that our students are back at school. I know that there may be mixed emotions for parents as our students return to school. Please know that the school is well prepared and supported for the return to full-time operations. All activities and operations are in line with the AHPPC and NSW Health guidelines which are available at

I ask that parents and carers support and follow all requests regarding site access and practice physical distancing at all times.


Despite the turmoil and uncertainty we have recently faced during the pandemic, for some families its impacts have been felt in unexpected ways. As we can all appreciate, changing schools and often communities in a very big deal for any child and their families. Imagine undertaking this new chapter in life during a worldwide pandemic, when any semblance of school routine in non-existent. With premade plans already in motion when the pandemic hit, this is exactly the scenario several new families to Iluka Public School have faced in the past few weeks. We welcome to our school and local communities 5 new families. We warmly wish these families the absolute best of what our little pocket of paradise has to offer.


Our school website has seen a few changes in recent times, with the addition of the Home Learning Portal. Home Learning is where students can access their Google Classrooms and information related to home learning. Our school website is where you can find information related to how our school operates including policies and procedures. For access to day to day information, as it happens, students and parents should refer to our school Facebook page.


There are now two regional resources for students exhibiting ‘Giftedness and Talent' in mainstream classes. They are located at Aurora College, Ballina and at Grafton Public School. They are known as an ‘Opportunity Class’. Year 4, students' parents have the opportunity to apply for a position in a Year 5 OC in 2021 through the Selective Schools Unit. Relevant information about the application can be obtained by contacting our school office for further details. Please note, the selection process for these classes are external to the school.

Take care. Have a great week.



The school has been contacted by a GP who works in Brisbane and regularly visits Iluka in the school holidays with a request for assistance. She is wondering, and hoping, that some of our students would be happy to write a paragraph or two about their recent ‘at home schooling’ experiences. For example, celebrating a birthday, not attending school, homeschooling, Anzac Day - the possibilities are endless. She wants students from their viewpoint to 'paint with words’ a social portrait of this surreal period in our history. So far, she has a story about a pilot who found himself unemployed, beautiful reflections about Anzac Day, one fellow who ran a marathon in his backyard to raise funds for mental health and a lady in a nursing home who has written about learning to use Facebook so she can contact her family. All students are welcome to write or draw a picture.

Please send in your articles to and I will pass them on to her next week.


National Simultaneous Storytime - This year our class participated in this annual storytime event at school. The story viewed was “Chicken Divas”. The students thoroughly enjoyed this story.

Mathematics - The volume and capacity concepts of full, empty and half full are being explored in maths this week. The students have been assigned a home task relating to these concepts. The students are very excited about this learning and can’t wait to get started. The learning kit has been sent home today.


  • There is a ‘No Hat, No Play’ health and safety rule at Iluka Public School. Please ensure your child has his/her hat each day and that your child’s hat is clearly labelled with their name/class.

  • Kindergarten students visit the school library on Monday. Please ensure that your child is prepared and has their library bag and library books at school on this designated day.

  • Learning packs and readers are now due back at school. It doesn’t matter if the work has not been completed, but I need to sort, mark and establish the current learning status of each student in my class in order to plan for their next learning milestones. Your assistance in this matter is appreciated.

Communication Folders and Home Reading to recommence next Monday.



Hello Everyone,

Well, here we are at the beginning of winter. Nice to have the crisp cool nights yet still sunny days.

Homework: has been given out this week. It involves a combination of reading, spelling and maths exercises. Homework is given out at the beginning of the week and due back in class on Friday so that it can be marked.

Reading Groups: are working really well in our literacy time in the morning. All reading groups are getting quality time with Mrs Leseberg or myself every day. It is very beneficial having another teacher working in the classroom to enable more help to be given to each child.

Home Reading: is extremely important. It should be happening each night. The children have journals that provide a record of what has been read throughout the year. It is very obvious to the teachers when the children read in class who have been practising their reading at home. Those who are practising at home are progressing through the reading levels far more quickly than those who are not.

Library Day: is Tuesday. Children are able to borrow books on this day.

Have an enjoyable week, Di.


Hello everyone,

Students have picked up their regular routines with ease and things have mostly returned to normal in the classroom. Well done girls and boys!

Interviews - Parent / teacher interviews are scheduled for Weeks 9 and 10 this term. Please contact the office and Lyn will arrange an appointment that suits you. If you have any immediate concerns though, I can bring your interview forward if necessary.

Literacy Groups - Thank you to Mr Speirs for his assistance with Year 3 literacy groups. This new initiative is really maximising the prime learning time for all students in Year 3/4.

Library - Just a reminder that students attend the school library every Wednesday. Please ensure they return their previous books and bring along their library bag for borrowing.

Home reading - I really encourage students to get back on track with their home reading. I checked a few journals last week and while some students have maintained their daily reading, others have let this important task slip by. Currently, there is no formal homework being sent home, but I would like to see increased home reading and practise of Quicksmart (times table) cards. I check journals every Wednesday and look forward to seeing them this week.

Have a great week!



Hi everyone,

Our class is really humming along, actually rapping along. During Reconciliation week, last week, the students collaborated and wrote very meaningful pieces of writing that demonstrated their understanding of Sorry Day. Their work was very very creative and their understanding clear and meaningful. Check out some of the quality work below

Interviews I would like to have a meeting with all of the parents before the end of the Term. I have made myself available on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Starting this week. please contact the office and Lyn will arrange an appointment with you. I look forward to catching up with you all.

Whole School Sport It was wonderful to see our whole school on the oval last Friday. The students had the opportunity to fine tune their athletic skills, with modified activities. Thank you Mark and Mr Bradmore for the cool curved 100 metre track.

Homework was sent home yesterday and needs to be returned to school on Friday.

Home Reading needs to be completed daily and recorded in their journals. Home Reading journals are collected on Thursdays. Let’s get organised and hopefully, I will get more than two journals this week.

Library - Just a reminder that students attend the school library every Thursday. Please ensure they bring their library bag for borrowing.

Have a great week



GENREFICATION The library's genrefication is complete and students are enjoying the way they can find books now. It has simplified the process for students to locate books based around the genre they are interested in.

BOOKCLUB Just a reminder that Issue 4 of Bookclub is out and students have been given a copy of the catalogue. If you wish to order from this issue you can either fill in the form and return it to me in the library with the money or order through the online ordering system LOOP.

I hope everyone has a great week, Matt.


Check out the new 100m running track, located on the bottom oval.


There will be no Canteen next Monday, 8th May, due to the Long Weekend.

  • Volunteers for Friday 5th June - Sandy and Deb

  • Volunteers for Friday 12th June - Sandy and Mark

Class donations this week is Year 1 / 2

If you are available to offer some time assisting in the Tuckshop please see the Office Staff or contact Karla on 0405638768. Thank you


At this stage, School Banking is still suspended, although the Commonwealth Bank is in the process of establishing a recommencement date with all concerned parties. We will keep you posted.