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The past week has been a flurry of activity!


The Year 5/6 class experienced the opportunity to learn to surf with Jeremy Walters at Yamba over three days. It was such a wonderful opportunity. This activity encouraged our students to ‘get out of their comfort zones’ whilst being educational and fun! Students thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Jeremy was impressed by the students’ behaviour, positive attitude towards learning and organisation. Thank you Mrs Cunningham, Mr Jones and Mr Speirs for taking them to Yamba. Follow the below link to view the gallery of photos on our webpage or watch the video.



To conclude a wonderful week for our senior students, Year 5/6 travelled to Coffs Coast Adventure Centre on Friday. Wow! The three activities completed were sensational, thrilling and fun. Again, thank you teachers for the great job you do for our students. Congratulations students on your behaviour and remaining positive when placed in challenging new situations.



Earlier on in the term, we were thrilled that restrictions had eased enough to allow the 2021 kindergarten students to participate in fun and games with our dedicated kindergarten teacher. This experience was supplemented with a video series that has been shared on the school website and Facebook page. Mr Jones and our Year 5/6 students have done an outstanding job of showcasing our school, by guiding our community on a virtual tour. Check it out below.


Thank you to our wonderful students who participated in the Remembrance Day service on Wednesday, 11 November. Our students came to school so well presented in full school uniform. Each class had made poppys and were either placed in class wreaths or worn. During the ceremony, two students from each class came and placed these wreaths onto the cenotaph wall. It was a solemn ceremony and certainly a well-respected ceremony. I need to recognise and thank our special guest Sergeant Tim Plumb who spoke poignantly and with so much grace and humility. Special congratulations must go to all our Year 4 students who worked hard in the lead up to the service, with special mention to Ella Rose, Scott, Tessah, Olivia, Macy, Jessica, Bella, Beau, Lexi and Kirra who were excellent in running the ceremony. They carried out their roles at our Remembrance Day ceremony with care and pride.

Great work Iluka Public School!


As mentioned above, COVID-19 restrictions are relaxing. Unfortunately, we are still not able to plan for and run a full Presentation Day assembly. Currently, we are only allowed to have a maximum of 20 parents attend a School Presentation Day. It is my intention to ask by invitation the parents of Year 6 students only (not Year 5/6 parents) to attend. COVID-19 safety rules will apply. We believe this restriction on numbers is unlikely to change. Therefore, we will also be planning a virtual Presentation Day via zoom for the remainder of the school community. The relevant links will be sent home prior to the event. Presentation Day is scheduled for Tuesday 8 December, commencing at 11.30 am.


We have also been working hard in our rooms to complete our 2020 assessments. Teachers will soon start working on the end of Semester Two Report Cards. These report cards reflect the work that has been delivered in Semester Two this year and is stated in terms of outcomes. The report cards will also indicate your child’s level of achievement from ‘Outstanding’ to ‘Experiencing Difficulties’. In Literacy and Numeracy, your child will receive an overall grade from A – E. Please note, students achieving all outcomes will receive a ‘C’ grade, and should be celebrated for their performance. Report cards are to go home on Friday 11 December, 2020. There are no Parent / Teacher Interviews in Term 4.

However, if you have concerns regarding your child’s progress, please make an appointment with the classroom teacher through the office.


Our 2020 School Captains and Prefects have been sensational during a most challenging year. Soon it will be time for them to move on and we wish to thank them for their efforts and working hard throughout the year.

On Friday 4 December our Year 5 students will have the opportunity to present their speech on why they would make a great School Captain or Prefect. Due to restrictions, one parent from Year 5 is allowed to attend the speech seremony and will be required to adhere to the COVID 19 safety plan. Good luck Year 5.


The department has released the latest COVID guidelines, effective from Thursday 12 November. They can be accessed from the following link.

Here is a summary of the key points.


  • Presentation Day can proceed with a limited parent audience, providing COVID Guidelines are followed. Please see above for the arrangements of this day.

  • Year 6 students can have their old school shirt or hat signed, but must provide their own pen.

  • The Year 6 Farewell Disco can proceed with dancing, but COVID Guidelines must be followed. The Year 6 Farewell Disco will now be held at the school. Parents will need to drop off and pick up only. Further details will be available closer to the date. Check Upcoming Events for date details.

  • P&C Meetings will be able to be held on site, after school hours, but must be capped at 20 attendees. COVID Guidelines also must be in place. Please note that the next P&C Meeting is set down for 23 November and will be held at Club Iluka.


  • Non-essential adults are not to come onto school grounds, with the exception of pick up time and may only enter as outlined in a point below.

  • All contact with the school should be done via email or phone. Where face to face contact is necessary you must go via the office.

  • No student, staff member or parent is to come onto school grounds if they are feeling unwell.

  • Physical distancing of 1.5 metres must be practiced by all adults at all times.

  • At pick up time parents are not to enter school grounds until 5 minutes before the allocated time and must leave as soon as they have collected their children.


The next P&C meeting will be held at Club Iluka at 1 pm on Monday 23, November. The P&C are always seeking interested parents/guardians who would like to join us and get more involved with the school. Joining the P&C is a great way to get involved in the school life of your child. The P&C via various committees work with the school to run the Canteen and fundraising activities. Every year, the P&C loses parents as their children move towards high school or other interests, so we need new successors. If you would like to get more involved in the P&C or have any questions, please feel free to contact the P&C President Tania Williams via the school office on 6646 6149.


Our school uniform is synonymous with our values of respect and pride in our school. The NSW Department of Education supports the wearing of a school uniform and requires students to conform to acceptable general standards of dress inclusive of the school's uniform requirements. At Iluka Public School, wearing of the full and appropriate school uniform is deemed important and is valued by the school and wider community. Issues of equality, health, safety and expense are all factors that contribute to the establishment of the uniform code. When the students are wearing our school uniform, they are representing Iluka Public School, so it is important that full uniform is worn by everyone correctly at all times. As well as being a symbol of unity, pride, identity and belonging; the school uniform provides a measure of protection for students travelling to and from school.

Have a safe and happy week, Phil.


Music - The students have worked hard to learn to play a few simple songs on the glockenspiel. This week the students will be assessed on their music playing abilities and our instrumental program will then cease.

Remembrance Day - The Kindergarten students were respectful listeners and demonstrated exemplary behaviour throughout the Remembrance Day service. Our class leaders, Caden and Callum, laid the wreath on behalf of our class. Well done Year Four students and Mrs Gardner for organising the service.

Iluka Fire Brigade - Last Thursday, the students enjoyed meeting up with some of our local fire brigade members and were very appreciative of the gift that they received.

Assembly Awards - Congratulations to the following students who received Merit Certificates at our school assembly last Friday: Caden, Callum, Amelia and Belinda. Well done to Ilah, who won a win bin prize.


  • It would be a great help if items sent home in communication folders were removed before the folders were returned to school. Your assistance in this matter would be appreciated.

  • A reminder that we go swimming on the following days:

Week 6 - Tuesday 17th, Wednesday 18th, Thursday 19th November

Week 7 - Tuesday 24th, Wednesday 25th, Thursday 26th November



Hi All,

Another week has flown by.

I have been undertaking a Running Reading Assessment on the children and I’m happy to report that their achievements are very pleasing.

The students are all excited about swim school, which will run this week and next for the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Yes, we have requested they wear their swimmers to school under their uniform. This creates less fuss getting ready to go, which means more time spent in the pool. Please help them to remember to bring their underpants to change into when we return and a plastic bag for wet gear.

Have a great week.

Cathie Leseberg


Year 4 Leadership Roles - Congratulations to the Year 4 students who took on many leadership roles across the school last week with Year 5/6 on excursion for most of the week. They fulfilled every task asked of them with responsibility and maturity, including running the Remembrance Day service, Sports Shed and the Whole School Assembly on Friday. While they still have a while to go before Year 6, I am confident the school is in capable hands for the future. Well done, Year 4!

Year 3 - I can also report outstanding behaviour and hard work from the Year 3 students last week while Mr Speirs accompanied the Year 5/6 class on their excursions. Both Miss Dobbin and Miss O’Neil commented on what a wonderful group of students the Year 3 cohort are. Congratulations Year 3.

Swim School - Swim school commenced on Tuesday and is off to a successful start. Please ensure your child has their swimming gear every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the next two weeks.

Have a lovely week.



What a week it was!

Activities week - The A Team were definitely put through their paces, in what turned out to be a very adventurous and challenging week. There were some very tired students arriving back at school on Friday night. Exhausted after what I call an EPIC episode of personal growth, effort and teamwork. Well done on your outstanding effort and behaviour! Thank you Mr Speirs, Mr Jones, Rita, Mari and Mr Bradmore for your support.

High School Transition: Year 6 students will be attending Maclean High School for their Transition Day tomorrow (Wednesday 18). Students will need to ensure they are wearing their full school uniform including hat and covered shoes. Ensure they have a packed Recess/Lunch with plenty of water.

Raffle tickets: Thank you to all the families that have already returned their sold raffle ticket books.

Home Benefits: Spelling sheets were sent home yesterday. They need to be completed and returned by Friday.

Have a great week, Bek.



Thank you again to all the students and families who purchased something from the Book Fair. It was a great success and allowed us to raise over $500 of Scholastic Points to be used for new resources for the library.


Issue 8 of Book Club is out now and it has plenty of good deals in it leading up to Christmas. If you decide to order some presents through Book Club via the school you not only earn the school points to buy new resources, you will also save on shipping, as we don’t get charged for it. All students can help themselves to the catalogues that are arranged out the front of the library for collection.

All orders are due in by the end of Week 7.


Stocktake is not long away. I will begin preparing for stocktake in Week 8, so I will need all overdue books back by then. The last week of borrowing for all books will be Week 7, to be returned by Week 8.

3D PRINTER Iluka Public School has recently purchased a 3D printer. Leading up to Christmas the students in the upper primary will be given the opportunity to learn to create, design and print their own 3D Christmas decorations to take home and hang off their tree. These projects will be conducted during Weeks 8 and 9 when the robotics have to be sent onto the next school.


Our school only has our robotics for another 2 weeks so we need to make the most of them until then. I am hoping that the Year 3/4 students will complete their Ozobot digital stories this week so I can have a few uploaded to our YouTube channel. The Year 5/6 students will complete their Lego Mindstorm building process this week and begin their coding for the ultimate coding dance-off.

I hope everyone has a great week. Matt.


The Canteen is in desperate need of volunteers this coming Monday, 23 November. Without volunteers we will be closed. Please contact the school office on 6646 6149 or Karla on 0405 638 768 if you can help out.

  • Volunteers for Friday 20 November - Sandy and Mark

  • Volunteers for Monday 23 November - ?????

Class donations for next week: Kindergarten

If you could offer some time assisting in the tuckshop, please see the Office Staff or contact Karla on 0405638768. Thank you


School banking is on Tuesday. Banking is being processed during swim school.


Dear parents

We want to offer families more flexibility with their work commitments and child care arrangements and to create more opportunities across the whole community. Having Out of School Hours Care available at local schools is a great way to achieve this.

As part of the NSW Government’s $120 million Before and After School Care (BASC) commitment, parents at all NSW schools were recently invited to complete a Have Your Say survey. The survey asked parents to tell us how they are using Out of School Hours Care, how much it costs them, whether they plan to keep using it, and what difficulties they experience in accessing it. The survey results have helped us to better understand the needs of families and what’s important to them.

We are now asking all parents to complete a quick follow-up survey by Friday 27 November 2020. You can access the survey at This information will help us to target the rollout of more before Out of School Hours Care services in the right areas

If your child does not require Out of School Hours care, we ask that you please still complete the first section of this survey as it gives us important information about the level of demand at your school.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your school at 6646 6149 or the BASC Program team by phone on 1300 244 145 or email at:

"If there is demand for a service, parent responses will help us prioritise your school in establishing an OSHC under the $120 million election commitment.​"