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  • Thursday 11 March - Intensive Swimming Scheme. Yrs 2/3, 4 + selected Yr 5 students.

  • Friday 12 March - PSSA Cricket in Maclean. Participating students only. Wherret Park, Maclean

  • Wednesday 17 March - Year 6 Transition Day @ Maclean High School (permission note)

  • Thursday 18 March - Intensive Swimming Scheme. Yrs 2/3, 4 + selected Yr 5 students.

  • Friday 19 March - Harmony Day celebrations (Students are encouraged to wear the colour orange to celebrate Harmony Day)

  • Thursday 25 March - Intensive Swimming Scheme. Yrs 2/3, 4 + selected Yr 5 students.

  • Friday 26 March - IPS Cross Country carnival @ Iluka Public School grounds

  • Monday 29 March - Parent/Teacher Meeting Week

  • Thursday 1 April - Easter Hat Parade & Last Day of Term 1

  • Monday 19 April - Staff Development Day

  • Tuesday 20 April - All students return for Term 2

  • Friday 30 April - Small Schools Cross Country Carnival - Iluka



It is great to see that parents and carers are once more able to enter school grounds but should continue to follow COVID-safe practices, including social distancing between adults of 1.5 metres and if unwell with flu-like symptoms please refrain from entering. For the latest information please use the link,, which will provide you with the latest advice and health advice schools have received about COVID-19.


It was great to see Miss Lisa return to Iluka Public School and to see her in her new role. This year Iluka Public School is trialing a Before and After School Program. (Again, this has been created thanks to parent feedback). Miss Lisa is now working from 8.00 am and again from 3.00 pm - 4.00 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only. Miss Lisa is able to provide all students a healthy breakfast, listen to students reading, help with home reading or homework and or play some basketball, etc. If this is something parents are interested in please contact the school on 6646 6149 to secure a place.


It’s not okay to stay away. Attendance or lack thereof is always a concern because staying away from school makes it much harder for students to achieve a year’s worth of growth in learning from a year’s worth of teaching. At present, our attendance is tracking below 85% in 18 of our students. This is approximately 17% of the school. Students who regularly miss days at school struggle to keep up with their peers academically and often find it difficult to maintain social connections. If you have any concerns about getting your child to school, please contact us so that we can help you.


Out of 26 school days thus far, there have been;

  • only 6 days where all K/1 students have attended for the whole day

  • only 1 day where all Year 2/3 students have attended for the whole day

  • only 8 days where all Year 4 students have attended for the whole day

  • only 4 days where all Year 5 students have attended for the whole day

  • only 7 days where all Year 6 students have attended for the whole day


Iluka Public School warmly welcomes Katrina and Grace. The third year University of NSW students are studying to become Occupational Therapists. The goal of our Occupational Therapists will be to improve some of our students’ performance of tasks and activities, which is important for school functioning. This may involve direct intervention to improve, restore, maintain or prevent deterioration in the skills required for functioning in the school environment. Grace and Katrina will be at Iluka Public School Monday, Tuesday and Fridays for the remainder of Term 1. Having now met Grace and Katrina, both are excited, nervous and passionate about supporting our students to be the best they can be. We are lucky to have Katrina and Grace supporting our Iluka families in the school environment and we wish them all the best.



The Student Suggestion and Feedback Box is an initiative aimed at improving students’ experience at IPS. It allows all students the opportunity to have a say, make quick and short suggestions, as well provide the opportunity for any feedback students may wish to offer. Already students have made a number of suggestions, which we have been able to act upon. Cushions to sit on at Recess and Lunchtime (instead of concrete), all students being able to use the coloured playground equipment and a large selection of new soccer balls in two different sizes.


Do you have an idea that could also improve Iluka Public School? A suggestion box is situated at the front of our school, the Charles St entrance. I’m looking forward to hearing from you with ideas or feedback to help our school become an even better environment. Again, the School Stream App is one such suggestion that the school has acted upon.


Last week Iluka Public School initiated its own presence in the School Stream app. Most of us are using our smartphones for just about everything these days, so I believe it’s not a big jump for our parents and carers to embrace this communication tool. Parents and Carers please be aware that School Stream will be the primary method of communication moving forward, so everyone is on the same (digital) page.

This process was undertaken as part of the feedback recently received from the Parents and Teachers Meetings and as part of the school’s Strategic Directions under Wellbeing and Engagement.

The app has many options for you to access including News, Events, the weekly Newsletter, permission notes, class interviews, absentee notes (which you can send directly to the office via the form) and much more. On the app, you are able to turn on notifications for the years your child/ren are in, thus ensuring you don’t receive notifications unnecessarily. The app will prove to be extremely valuable during excursions, as we will be able to notify families through their phones if an excursion is running late or early. I encourage all families to explore this great initiative.

Below are instructions about how to get the app onto your phone. The App Store and Google Play have the free app.

How to download your FREE app

  1. School Stream is free to download and can be found in the App Store (iPhone/iPad) or Google Play (Android). Search for School Stream and download the app to your phone.

  2. Be sure you agree to push notifications.

  3. Once School Stream has finished installing, open the app, type your school name into the search THEN select Iluka Public School. An email confirmation will provide you with a code.


1. Wizard of Oz

Congratulations to Kianni, Nikirri and Tessah who excelled on the stage for The Little Scottish Town Youth Theatre Group’s production of The Wizard of Oz. The students performed with a lot of enthusiasm and the show was a big hit with 64 of our students attending the performance.

2. Regional Swimming

Congratulations to our Year 6 student Ace who competed at the North Coast Primary Swimming Championships (Regional) at Coffs Harbour on Wednesday. From all reports, there was some strong competition. We congratulate Ace on his swimming ability, his enthusiasm, and his sportsmanship. Ace was placed fifth in his race.

3. North Coast Tennis

Congratulations to Emma on making the North Coast Tennis Squad. Emma trialed at Lismore last week and was successful in making the six person squad. Emma and her teammates now go on to represent the North Coast later on this year.

4. PSSA Basketball

Congratulations to the five Yr 6 girls, Oceane, Emma, Jade, Tandia and Shanoah, who trialed amongst 63 schools at the Northern Rivers PSSA Basketball last week. Emma, Jade, Tandia and Shanoah were successful to go on to trial at the North Coast Basketball trials in Yamba next week. Good luck girls.


Thank you to our students who participated in Clean Up Australia Day last Friday. Classes were allocated areas of Iluka to tidy and to collect papers (not glass or cigarette butts). The K/1 students remained at school and spent some time tidying the grounds and garden areas. We hope the clean up efforts will ensure the Iluka township will look it's very best for residents and visitors alike.


Following the tremendous amount of rain we have recently received, and the serious sunshine we have enjoyed since the school lawns and gardens have gone crazy! Making the extensive lawns and gardens look great week after week is not easy and I thank our Groundsman Strong Mark for all his work.

Tuckshop Class donations for next week: Year 2/3

Have a great week. Phil


Harmony Day celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. As the official day is Sunday 21st March, we will be celebrating Harmony Day on Friday 19th March. While we are not holding our traditional feast, students will still be engaging in Harmony Day activities in their classes. In schools, we celebrate inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for all Australians, from the traditional custodians of the land to those who have come from many countries around the world. Students are encouraged to wear the colour orange to celebrate Harmony Day. Orange is the colour chosen to represent Harmony Week. Traditionally, orange signifies social communication and meaningful conversations. It also relates to the freedom of ideas and encouragement of mutual respect. Australians can choose to wear something orange for Harmony Day to show their support for cultural diversity and an inclusive Australia.


Our local former dance teacher and SLSO staff member, Mandy, is returning to Iluka during the Easter School holidays. She is planning to conduct a Kids Holiday Activities Program to suit the students of Iluka Public School. Mandy is thinking of working on Tuesday 6/4, Wednesday 7/4 and Thursday 8/4 from 10 am - 3 pm.

If interested please complete the Expression Of Interest form that will be sent home on a separate note shortly.


Organisation - Responsibility

Kindergarten and Year One students are learning how to care for their belongings and to take responsibility in organising their belongings each day. This means bringing items to school on time and placing the items in the correct place, completing set homework tasks and returning the homework on the correct day, ensuring library books and bags are at school every Wednesday, having their school hat and water bottle.


Kindergarten Home Reading

We are currently working on learning our last set of level one sight words in class and those sight words will be sent home on Friday. It is important that the sight words sent home are practiced daily, as these words are the building blocks to progressing to the next level of reading. A sight word assessment will be carried out to determine if your child is ready to progress to the next reading level on Friday 18th March.

Sport - Our last tennis lesson with Mr Jurd was held on Friday. Congratulations to Younes and Billie who received a small prize from Mr Jurd due to their sensible behaviour, consistent effort and teamwork throughout the tennis program.


Easter Hat Parade - Just a reminder that the day for our Easter hat parade is fast approaching. The Easter hats are made at home and are brought to school on the morning of our parade, Thursday 1st April.



Hello everyone,

I hope you are surviving the very humid weather. Nice rain for our gardens!

Swimming - for the class is going really well. What a super opportunity to increase skill and confidence.

Drama Performance - in Maclean last week was quite entertaining. Never easy to get up on stage under the bright lights.

Writing - has involved learning how to make a plan. We are learning the importance of gathering our thoughts and ideas prior to writing. Writing to convince an audience has been our focus over the past few weeks.

Maths - in Year 2 has involved number work, learning 2, 5 and 10 times tables and some weighing of classroom objects. In Year 3 they have been working on tables as well, larger numbers and estimating and rounding them off.

PD - work has involved work around each child being an individual and having their own special qualities and the fact that everyone is different and unique. We have also looked at kindness and situations that arise where kindness can be shown.

Hope your week runs smoothly! Di


Before and After School Program - Miss Lisa has recently commenced a Before and After School Program for students. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to have a snack, play some games and even receive help with their homework. If this interests you, please contact the office. Further details are provided in the Principal Report in this newsletter.

Swimming - Students are very quickly growing in skill and confidence during our swimming program. They are commended on their excellent behaviour and organisation while travelling on the bus and attending lessons at the pool. Please remember to keep packing all the necessary equipment every Thursday.

Wizard of Oz - All students who attended the musical performance in Maclean reported thoroughly enjoying the experience. We are certainly very proud of our own Nikirri, Tessah and Kiani and loved seeing our friends up on stage performing. Special thanks to Mr Bradmore and Mr Jones for ensuring the students who didn’t attend also had a fantastic experience back at school.

Clean Up Australia Day - Last Friday, Year 4 participated in Clean Up Australia Day near the boat ramp and Scout Hall. We are very pleased to report that there really wasn’t much rubbish at all around this scenic area. However, students did find some string and fishing line that may have caused entanglement to some of our beautiful wildlife had it not been picked up. Well done girls and boys for being involved in this important community event.

Have a great week.



Hi everyone

Wizard of Oz Performance - Last Wednesday we had the opportunity to go and watch some of our homegrown future stars performing on stage. Well done Kiani, Tessah and Nikirri!! You did a sensational job. The students and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We were truly inspired by your efforts!

Before and After School Program - Miss Lisa is now working from 8.00 am and again from 3.00 pm - 4.00 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only. If this is something parents are interested in please contact the school on 6646 6149 to secure a place.

Soccer Gala Day - Today all the Stage 3 students, Years 5 and 6, headed down to South Grafton to play in a round-robin competition against other schools from the Clarence Valley. The students are very excited!!! I hear they all played like A-Team and had a lot of FUN!! Thank you, Mr Speirs and Mr Jones for taking the teams.

Occupational Therapists - Katrina and Grace are Occupational Therapy students from Sydney University. They will be working in our class over the next few weeks. Welcome to our school, we are looking forward to having you in our class.

Availability! It is great to see that the parents are now once again permitted back onto school grounds. If you have any concerns about your child and their learning please do not hesitate to contact the office and make an appointment to come and have a talk!

Have a great week



Hi everyone. Firstly a massive congratulations to Kiani for the dedication and effort she put into her role as Lion in the Wizard of Oz production - amazing stuff!

Sport Sport Sport is the name of the game at present! Daily fitness, weekly class sporting challenges, weekly tennis just finished, weekly AFL starting soon, not to mention the athletes competing regularly in PSSA Trials and Competitions. Ace represented IPS last week at Regional Swimming, Noah and Emma have made it on to the Regional Cricket Trials, Oceane, Tandia, Jade, Shanoah and Emma last week trialed at basketball and Emma has also made it through to Regionals in Tennis. Well done everyone. More Basketball is to come, as well as Rugby League and Soccer Trials! Good luck to the students at the PSSA Cricket Team v Maclean next Friday and today was the Clarence Schools Soccer Gala Day for all Stage 3 students in South Grafton.

Term 1 Maclean High School Transition Day is next week - Wednesday 17 March. Please return your permission notes, there is a large number still outstanding.

We welcome Katrina and Grace to IPS and our class, visiting Occupational Therapy students from Sydney University. We are so lucky to get this opportunity.

Miss Lisa is supervising the Before and After School Program on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Contact the office if you wish your child to attend. Have a good week. Chris



If you are a parent or carer that has ordered books from Issue 1 of Book Club we have been informed there has been a delay. Their new system, which was installed over Christmas has been having order difficulties. We have been in contact with them and they are aware of our order not arriving yet and have explained it should be packed and shipped within the next few days. I am hoping they will arrive at the end of the week.


This week is the last week of robotics with all classes across the school. The Dash Robots have been very popular and we have been creating obstacle courses for students to code their robot to go around.

TELL THEM FROM ME SURVEY Over the next few weeks, I will be conducting the Tell Them From Me survey with classes 4,5 and 6. The surveys give our school fantastic feedback and information on how the students are feeling at school. There will be an opt-out letter coming home this week if you do not want your child to participate. This is a totally anonymous survey taken by the students.


The 2021 Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) is now underway. Students in Kindergarten to Year 2 complete the challenge in class by sharing in reading experiences when attending the library with Mr Jones. Students in Years 3 - 6 are required to undertake the challenge with increased independence. However, to assist them in their reading journey each classroom has a set of approved PRC books for students to read in their spare time or during silent reading opportunities. Students may wish to log their reading record online using their department credentials or they may use a paper copy, which has been supplied. The challenge concludes on August 20. For further details please see Mrs Gardner or visit the website


  • Volunteers for Monday 8 March - Symmone & Justin

  • Volunteers for Friday 11 March - Sandy and Stacey Link

Class donations for next week: Year 2/3

If you could offer some time to assist in the tuckshop, please see the Office Staff or contact Karla on 0405638768. Thank you

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