• Iluka Public School



  • Thursday 11 March - Intensive Swimming Scheme. Yrs 2/3, 4 + selected Yr 5 students.

  • Friday 12 March - PSSA Cricket in Maclean. Participating students only. Wherret Park, Maclean

  • Wednesday 17 March - Year 6 Transition Day @ Maclean High School (permission note)

  • Thursday 18 March - Intensive Swimming Scheme. Yrs 2/3, 4 + selected Yr 5 students.

  • Friday 19 March - Harmony Day celebrations (Students are encouraged to wear the colour orange to celebrate Harmony Day)

  • Thursday 25 March - Intensive Swimming Scheme. Yrs 2/3, 4 + selected Yr 5 students.

  • Friday 26 March - IPS Cross Country carnival @ Iluka Public School grounds

  • Monday 29 March - Parent/Teacher Meeting Week

  • Thursday 1 April - Easter Hat Parade & Last Day of Term 1

  • Monday 19 April - Staff Development Day

  • Tuesday 20 April - All students return for Term 2

  • Friday 30 April - Small Schools Cross Country Carnival - Iluka



It is great to see that parents and carers are once more able to enter school grounds but should continue to follow COVID-safe practices, including social distancing between adults of 1.5 metres and if unwell with flu-like symptoms please refrain from entering. For the latest information please use the link,, which will provide you with the latest advice and health advice schools have received about COVID-19.


It was great to see Miss Lisa return to Iluka Public School and to see her in her new role. This year Iluka Public School is trialing a Before and After School Program. (Again, this has been created thanks to parent feedback). Miss Lisa is now working from 8.00 am and again from 3.00 pm - 4.00 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only. Miss Lisa is able to provide all students a healthy breakfast, listen to students reading, help with home reading or homework and or play some basketball, etc. If this is something parents are interested in please contact the school on 6646 6149 to secure a place.


It’s not okay to stay away. Attendance or lack thereof is always a concern because staying away from school makes it much harder for students to achieve a year’s worth of growth in learning from a year’s worth of teaching. At present, our attendance is tracking below 85% in 18 of our students. This is approximately 17% of the school. Students who regularly miss days at school struggle to keep up with their peers academically and often find it difficult to maintain social connections. If you have any concerns about getting your child to school, please contact us so that we can help you.


Out of 26 school days thus far, there have been;

  • only 6 days where all K/1 students have attended for the whole day

  • only 1 day where all Year 2/3 students have attended for the whole day

  • only 8 days where all Year 4 students have attended for the whole day

  • only 4 days where all Year 5 students have attended for the whole day

  • only 7 days where all Year 6 students have attended for the whole day


Iluka Public School warmly welcomes Katrina and Grace. The third year University of NSW students are studying to become Occupational Therapists. The goal of our Occupational Therapists will be to improve some of our students’ performance of tasks and activities, which is important for school functioning. This may involve direct intervention to improve, restore, maintain or prevent deterioration in the skills required for functioning in the school environment. Grace and Katrina will be at Iluka Public School Monday, Tuesday and Fridays for the remainder of Term 1. Having now met Grace and Katrina, both are excited, nervous and passionate about supporting our students to be the best they can be. We are lucky to have Katrina and Grace supporting our Iluka families in the school environment and we wish them all the best.



The Student Suggestion and Feedback Box is an initiative aimed at improving students’ experience at IPS. It allows all students the opportunity to have a say, make quick and short suggestions, as well provide the opportunity for any feedback students may wish to offer. Already students have made a number of suggestions, which we have been able to act upon. Cushions to sit on at Recess and Lunchtime (instead of concrete), all students being able to use the coloured playground equipment and a large selection of new soccer balls in two different sizes.


Do you have an idea that could also improve Iluka Public School? A suggestion box is situated at the front of our school, the Charles St entrance. I’m looking forward to hearing from you with ideas or feedback to help our school become an even better environment. Again, the School Stream App is one such suggestion that the school has acted upon.


Last week Iluka Public School initiated its own presence in the School Stream app. Most of us are using our smartphones for just about everything these days, so I believe it’s not a big jump for our parents and carers to embrace this communication tool. Parents and Carers please be aware that School Stream will be the primary method of communication moving forward, so everyone is on the same (digital) page.

This process was undertaken as part of the feedback recently received from the Parents and Teachers Meetings and as part of the school’s Strategic Directions under Wellbeing and Engagement.

The app has many options for you to access including News, Events, the weekly Newsletter, permission notes, class interviews, absentee notes (which you can send directly to the office via the form) and much more. On the app, you are able to turn on notifications for the years your child/ren are in, thus ensuring you don’t receive notifications unnecessarily. The app will prove to be extremely valuable during excursions, as we will be able to notify families through their phones if an excursion is running late or early. I encourage all families to explore this great initiative.

Below are instructions about how to get the app onto your phone. The App Store and Google Play have the free app.

How to download your FREE app

  1. School Stream is free to download and can be found in the App Store (iPhone/iPad) or Google Play (Android). Search for School Stream and download the app to your phone.

  2. Be sure you agree to push notifications.

  3. Once School Stream has finished installing, open the app, type your school name into the search THEN select Iluka Public School. An email confirmation will provide you with a code.


1. Wizard of Oz

Congratulations to Kianni, Nikirri and Tessah who excelled on the stage for The Little Scottish Town Youth Theatre Group’s production of The Wizard of Oz. The students performed with a lot of enthusiasm and the show was a big hit with 64 of our students attending the performance.

2. Regional Swimming

Congratulations to our Year 6 student Ace who competed at the North Coast Primary Swimming Championships (Regional) at Coffs Harbour on Wednesday. From all reports, there was some strong competition. We congratulate Ace on his swimming ability, his enthusiasm, and his sportsmanship. Ace was placed fifth in his race.

3. North Coast Tennis

Congratulations to Emma on making the North Coast Tennis Squad. Emma trialed at Lismore last week and was successful in making the six person squad. Emma and her teammates now go on to represent the North Coast later on this year.

4. PSSA Basketball

Congratulations to the five Yr 6 girls, Oceane, Emma, Jade, Tandia and Shanoah, who trialed amongst 63 schools at the Northern Rivers PSSA Basketball last week. Emma, Jade, Tandia and Shanoah were successful to go on to trial at the North Coast Basketball trials in Yamba next week. Good luck girls.