• Iluka Public School



  • Monday 9 September - P & C Meeting. 7pm Staff Room. All Welcome.

  • Friday 13 September - Whole School Assembly - 2:15pm

  • Friday 20 September - Touch Gala Day, Yamba.

  • Thursday 26 September - Iluka Public School’s “Every Student, Every Voice” Concert - 6pm Iluka Community Hall.

  • Friday 27 September - NAIDOC Day - Shark Bay


Dear Parents

I am willing to meet with parents and family members, so please feel free to pop in and see me to have a chat. I value suggestions and feedback from students, parents and families, so we can keep providing the best educational opportunities for our children. Please come and see me if you are around our school. I would love to meet with you so we can work together to best support your child.

Kindergarten 2020 Enrolment Packs Available from Office

Enrolments are now open for our new families and friends starting Kindergarten at Iluka Public School in 2020. I would love to show new families around the school. Please call me for a time that suits with our school office or via to complete the enrolment package. If you have any questions regarding your child starting school in 2020 please contact me on 66466149.

Small Schools Big Impact Concert (SSBI)

Congratulations to our SSBI dance team!

Over 900 people attended the SSBI concert at the Saraton Theatre on Wednesday night to see Iluka Public School (and others) proudly present their dance, ‘Let’s Go Surfing’. All the students were outstanding and made me feel so proud and privileged. It was great entertainment. I really enjoyed the energy, the colour and the dynamic dance routine. Thank you parents for transporting the students. Special thanks to Mrs Cooper for her wonderful dance routine.

This dance will also be performed, along with several class routines at the upcoming Iluka Public School’s “Every Student, Every Voice” Concert on Thursday 26 September, commencing at 6.00 pm. Please pencil this event into your calendar.

Fathers’ Day BBQ

For the second year in a row Iluka Public School hosted a Fathers’ Day Breakfast BBQ. Thanks to our efficient cooks, Mr Speirs, Paul and Mary for the delicious sausages and eggs. The hot food was complemented with tea and coffee. It was a pleasure to see the interaction between families in such a happy atmosphere and to see so many ‘dads’ staying for our special Whole School Assembly. Thank you to Lyn for all the work completed behind the scenes.

Fathers' Day Stall

Last Wednesday our hardworking P&C ran a well organised Fathers’ Day Stall. We hope all our dads out there had a fantastic Fathers’ Day on Sunday. Thank you Lisa for your time spent preparing the gifts.

Canteen Kids

A big thank you to our Year 6 students for again putting on such a delicious hot meal last Wednesday. The team are consistently serving quality hot food that smell and taste delicious. I appreciate the efforts you are making and the fund raising that has been steadily increasing throughout the year.

School Upgrades

I invite our local community to take a look at the three new shade sails installed over the assembly area and fixed playground equipment. The aim was to protect our beautiful students from the sun while they are out and about being active. In conjunction with the P&C, we particularly wished to ensure students could continue to enjoy the playground area while protected from the harsh sun, especially coming into Term 4. The area has also had fresh turf laid out to allow students to enjoy their lunch sitting on the grass.

SAVE THE DATE - Iluka Public School’s “Every Student, Every Voice” Concert .

A reminder that the Iluka Public School’s bi-annual concert will take place on Thursday 26 September. The concert this year will be continuing on from our Open Day’s theme of Every Student, Every Voice. The show is scheduled for a 6:00pm start at the Iluka Community Hall. Entry is free.

Tell Them From Me Survey

This term our school will be participating in the Partners in Learning parent survey, another part of the Tell Them From Me suite of surveys (student, teacher and parent surveys) on student engagement. The survey asks parents and carers questions about different factors that are known to impact on student wellbeing and engagement. Running this survey will help our school understand parent/carer perspectives on their child’s experience at school. These include: communication between parents/ carers and staff, activities and practices at home and parent/carer views on the school’s support of learning and behaviour. This valuable feedback will help our school make practical improvements. Below is the link


The library continues to be an exciting, busy, yet relaxing place to be. iPads are being used some lunchtimes, lots of tinkering and fun activities are being completed. There are plenty of new books that have also been flowing into the library as a result of the book fair points. Mr Jones and Leah have been frantically accessioning and covering books so as to make them available for students and staff. Don't hesitate to ask Mr Jones our Librarian if you are needing book suggestions or help locating a book.


At Iluka Public School we have 11 chickens as part of our school's commitment to teaching our students ways to be sustainable in our daily lives. The chickens benefit from us by eating scraps from students' leftovers, as well as other scraps that families sometimes bring in for them and by having their nesting boxes filled with hay. They free range during the day, trying to find goodies in their yard to eat. In return, we have the opportunity to benefit from the chooks by collecting their eggs. It is a mutually beneficial relationship!

A dedicated group of students from Year 6 care for our chooks by changing their water and letting them out in the morning and putting them to bed at the end of the day. These students also get the enviable task of collecting eggs. We call this group the Chook Roster Students. However, we are in need of some respite.

At the end of this term we will be commencing a long term project that will involve the restoration of the chicken coop at the school. We wish to clean and renovate the horticultural area including seeding more grass for our lovely chickens. I am hoping and asking that parents and students will continue to look after our chickens (possibly at different homes) while the restoration takes place. We will be looking for volunteers to look after and care for the chickens from the end of Term 3 until the start of Term 1 2020.

Can you help? Please contact the office if you can assist. We would be very grateful.



Communication Folders - Lately students have been arriving at school without their communication folders. It would be great if lost folders could be found this week, so that all folders were at school on Monday.

Student Wellbeing - As the weather is becoming warmer, it is really important that the students stay hydrated throughout the day. Please ensure that your child has a water bottle to bring to school each day.

Assembly Awards - Congratulations to the following students who received Merit Certificates at our whole school assembly on Friday: Kindergarten - Indigo, Makenna, Che and Mariah and Year One - Rex.


  • Home reading target for this term is 150 nights of reading.



Dear All - Welcome to Week 7. I hope all Dad’s out there had a great day last Sunday and were spoilt accordingly.

As we move through Week 7 we have 3 main focuses within the classroom:

  • Practise for the end of term concert

  • Work and application in class

  • Minding our own business and being kind to our classmates and fellow students. Too often throw away comments on the spur of the moment cause unnecessary hurt and distress. Whilst as individuals we need to develop resilience and “bounce back” we also need to be mindful of how we express ourselves, what we say to others and how we say it.



Hello everyone. Our big news this week is our Iluka History excursion next Friday. Please return permission notes ASAP. There is no cost and parents are most welcome to join us for the day or part of.

Rugby league is going great guns with Wozza doing a tremendous job. The kids are loving it and learning some awesome skills such as how to do a grubber, a kick chase, sidestep and throw a dummy!

We have started practising earnestly for the school concert to be held on Thursday September 26. Thank you to Mrs Cooper for creating the dance item and well done to the students themselves for developing the plan for our second class item. Stay tuned, it’s going to be huge!

Homework went well last week. Many students are enjoying the varied grid system which gives them variety and some choice. Just about all students have a class novel on a regular basis now which is wonderful to see. Mr Jones is constantly buying new novels and series which encourages everyone to find a book they can engage in.

Our class is obsessed with Chess at present. Everyone is learning to play. Thank you to Beau’s dad, Sean, for assisting us with our chess endeavours.

Bye for now, Chris.


Rugby league - Last week we commenced our rugby league workshop with Warren, an NRL Development Officer. The students thoroughly enjoyed the first lesson and are applying their skills from touch football, while also acquiring new skills relevant to rugby league.

Spelling Bee - Best wishes to Oceane and the other IPS students attending the Premier’s Spelling Bee at Maclean Public School on Thursday.

School Concert - Please keep the evening of Thursday 26th September free so that you can attend our bi-annual School Concert to be held at the Iluka Community Hall. Students have been preparing both a dance and song throughout this term and look forward to presenting both items to the audience.

Bounce Back - This week in Bounce Back lessons students are learning about and expressing gratitude to others in the school for perhaps assisting them, showing kindness or simply just doing their job in a cheerful and friendly manner. Special mention to Kiani for her random act of kindness this week. She bundled up a whole pencil case of spare stationery supplies and gave it to another student. Well done and thank you, Kiani!

Wetlands Challenge - Over a four week period Year 4/5 participated in the Wetlands Challenge, a research task undertaken by the Wetlands Environmental Education Centre. Every Monday students were provided with 24 clues and were required to identify the four living things that related to the clues. This year the names of the plants and animals were centred around a food/kitchen theme (e.g. Peppermint Stick Insect, Honey Possum, Potato Cod and Vanilla Lily). The students worked collaboratively throughout the week to determine the species and submit their entry on Fridays. I am so pleased to announce they completed the challenge with a perfect score and were joint winners with a number of other schools at the top of the leaderboard. They have really developed their research skills and also received a special certificate for their achievement. Congratulations Year 4/5!

Have a great week.



Hi everyone,

The students are in for another exciting week. Today they enjoyed dancing with Mrs Cooper and are working hard on preparing a dance item for our concert at the end of the term.

All the students were participating enthusiastically in the Rugby League clinic today and they can hardly wait to use the tackle bags next week.

Tomorrow is Canteen Kids and we are making pizzas. Gracie will also be in to accompany us. We are singing a song together in preparation for our second item for the school concert.

Group work has commenced and Sustainability is the topic. The students will be researching and reporting on the impact to the environment on a variety of energy sources.

On Thursday we are doing robotics, compliments to Maclean High School. Thank you to Dan for enabling the opportunity.

Don’t forget home readers are due Thursday. Last week only two students submitted their journals. Like homework, home reading journals need to be sighted each week.

Have a great week, Bek.


Library Upgrades

Our school library is constantly evolving and with this change comes new technologies. That being said, we have recently managed to obtain a fantastic deal on a 86” touch panel screen to replace the outdated Interactive Whiteboard. This new screen has a 20 point touch, which means that 20 students could potentially work on the screen at the same time. Obviously 20 students at an 86” screen is a bit of a stretch, however there could be 10 students using both hands at the same time possibly. This large screen will be consistently used during library lessons and whole school assemblies when digital presentations are required.

Book Club

Just a friendly reminder that issue number 6 of Book Club is now in circulation and there are some fantastic deals in there such as Anh Do’s “Hot Dog” book for only $3. That’s an absolute bargain. The orders need to be in to me by Thursday 12 September or placed through Loop by that date. Don’t forget 30% of everything bought goes back to the school library towards new books and resources.


This Thursday the Year 6 class will be visited by Dan from Maclean High School, who will be bringing along his Lego Mindstorm robotics. The students will spend the morning until 1:00pm building and coding these robots. We thank Maclean High School for providing the students with the opportunity to participate in this fantastic learning experience.

Big River Film Festival (BRFF)

After much discussion and deliberation the Year 6 students have decided on a music video mash up for the BRFF. Students will be acting, dancing and singing to a range of songs such as Baby Shark, Barbie Girl, Play School, Let It Go and Dance Monkey. This may change along the way, however at the moment these are the songs that students have selected to perform for the film.

Premier’s Reading Challenge

The PRC has come to an end for 2019. Congratulations to the following students who successfully completed the challenge this year: all students in Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 (thank you to Mr Jones), Tessah, Oceane, Matilda, Kiani, Lilly, Jade, Emma, Amy-Leigh, Xavier, Amelie and Eddie. Well done to those students for their dedication to reading! If your child has completed the challenge but their name does not appear on the list above, please see Mrs Gardner before Friday 6th September, as this is the final cut off for administrators to amend and validate reading records.

Canteen News

  • Volunteers for Friday 6 September - Sandy and Mark

  • Volunteers for Monday 9 September - To be advised

  • Class donations this week are Year 6.

If you are available to offer some time assisting in the Tuckshop please see the Office Staff or contact Karla on 0405638768. Thank you. You’ll get more out of it than you have to put in!