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  • Monday 7 September - Book Club (Issue 6) ordering closes

  • Tuesday 15 September - Early Stage 1 (Kindy) school Spelling Bee

  • Wednesday 16 September - Stage 1 (Yr 1 & 2) school Spelling Bee

  • Thursday 17 September - Stage 2 (Yr 3 & 4) school Spelling Bee

  • Friday 18 September - Stage 3 (Yr 5 & 6) school Spelling Bee

  • Friday 25 September - Last day of Term 3

  • Monday 12 October - First Day of Term 4 for both students and staff


Dear Parents and Carers,

As always, thank you for taking the time to read the newsletter.

I am so privileged to belong to such a friendly learning community as Iluka Public School.

While outside this week, with the warm winter sun shining, I spent quality time with students who were having their lunch break. I experienced firsthand the many opportunities students have for playing together, in both positivity and calmness. Our open COLA and table area is a haven for those children needing some help in making and maintaining friendships and for those who feel they need for some time out from the busy playground. Our garden and orchard area is bringing joy to those children who love dabbling in nature and the library is a place for quiet reflection, reading, puzzle play and connecting. Our well-resourced playgrounds, fixed equipment and back oval still provide the opportunities for those who desire physical activity at break times. We are learning together how to connect, understand and appreciate our own and others’ emotional needs and…we are going OK… in fact the school is humming along.

Thank you to our wonderful teachers for continuing to provide these exceptional opportunities for our children and thank you to our community for continuing to support us all to learn together at Iluka Public School.


Book week would normally be celebrated this week! However, due to Covid-19 precautions, The Children's Book Council of Australia decided to postpone Book Week until Term 4 October 17-23, 2020.

This week, as part of our structured play routines (as mentioned above), we invited all students to participate in an exciting hide and seek game based on the book, ‘Where’s Wally? Hidden around the school are pictures of Wally, his friends, and some accessories. Students collected their “Where’s Wally” Passport yesterday, designed to support literacy, numerous and social awareness, which is completed as they locate the characters. ‘Wanda’ even made a special visit. The kids thoroughly took to the challenge. It was a delight to witness their enthusiasm! There are a number of Where’s Wally books for use at the brown tables during recess and lunch, in case students would like to continue the game, but on paper! Good luck with the last of your searching boys and girls. I thank Leah and Lyn in the office for their work in organising this exciting adventure.


The school is currently accepting enrolment applications for 2021 enrolment.

Due to the evolving situation across NSW, and in line with the Department of Education guidelines, the Preschool Transition program has had to be suspended. However, why not schedule a preschool aged parents’ school tour with me? It is a great way to begin getting to know your child’s new school. I also encourage families, who are fortunate to reside within the Iluka Public School’s boundary and who have questions regarding school enrolment to contact myself by phone (66466149) or via the school email, so as to make a time to discuss any questions.


Last week I explained in our newsletter the latest update to COVID regulations. Again, I thank the majority of people who abide by the regulations. From the latest update, I would like to reinforce two points.

1. Students or staff who display flu-like symptoms should not be at school. They are required to show a negative COVID-19 test result and be free of flu-like symptoms before returning to school.

2. It is vitally important that any absences from school are explained as soon as possible. Students who return to school after an illness MUST have provided an explanation before or on the day of return.


On Wednesday, Year 5 students will be participating in the NSW Department of Education Check-in-Assessment. This is a quick snapshot of where our students are up to in their learning. The check-in-assessment focuses on Reading and Numeracy. Students will be asked to answer 40 multiple choice questions.


A number of head lice have been reported at school. Please ensure you check your child’s head on a regular basis and then treat if necessary. If a student has head lice detected at school then the parent will be contacted to pick up their child, treat them and then return them to school. If we are all vigilant we can stop the spread of headlice.


A reminder that the Breakfast Program is continuing and provides breakfast for students at the brown tables on a Tuesday and Thursday, from 8.30 am. Thank you to Ms Essery for her continued support of the students who access this program.


The tuck shop continues to be open on Monday and Friday. Please support our P & C who provide this great service to our school. If you can spare some time on either day to assist in the Tuckshop please contact the school office or Karla on 0405638768.


School photos have been scheduled for Thursday 16 October 2020.

Individual envelopes with each child’s name have now been sent home. Please return these envelopes, with your photo pack request completed, to your child’s class teacher. Envelopes can be returned to school from now until the morning of the 16th of October.

  • If you are paying for more than one student the payment can be sent in in one envelope, but all envelopes must be returned separately and the details of payment must be referenced on the other children’s envelopes.

  • Exact money needs to be put into the envelopes - the school will not give change and neither will the photographers.

  • Money Orders are to be made payable to ‘The School Photographer’. Please note, personal cheques are no longer accepted.

  • Online orders and payments can be made using the purple code on your envelope. Please write your receipt number in the space provided on the envelope.

  • You can order for more than one child in the same online transaction.

  • Package costs range from $27 - Group only, to $44 - Premium Pack.

  • DO NOT make an online payment for photos on the school website.


With Father’s Day this coming Sunday, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all those very important male figures in our student’s lives, being fathers, uncles, grandpa and neighbours a happy and rewarding Father’s Day. It is unfortunate that we are unable to hold our annual Father’s Day BBQ breakfast, but we wish you the very best all the same.

Enjoy your week. Thanks Phil.


Congratulations to all the students who put in the practice, stepped outside their comfort zone and competed in the Maths Challenge Competition held last Friday. Wow, what an effort by everyone involved. Congratulations to our three Maths Champions and placegetters and to Miss Lisa, Mr Speirs and Mr Bradmore for their official duties on the day. A gallery of photos will soon be available to view on the school's website.


Addition Blitz - Last Friday, the Kindergarten students got to “shine” in front of the school student body. Though nervous, but with determination, one by one they stepped up onto the stage to do their personal best. How proud I was of each and every one of my students for being a “risk taker” and “having a go”. Congratulations and outstanding effort to Aryk, Caden and Ilah. Well done, Kinder!!!

Mathematics - This week in number, we are learning about money. Our measurement focus is on time. Students will be learning to read, make and record o’clock time on an analogue and digital clock.

Personal Development - In our personal development program called “Bounce Back”, our class has been looking at relationships - getting to know others and how to deal with feeling shy or lonely. For the remainder of this term, we will be looking at how humour can help us to feel better.


* Please return Communication folders each day.

* Spelling Bee Competition for Kindergarten is on Tuesday 15th September.



Hello Everyone,

The change of seasons is a lovely time of transition. It is so nice to feel the warmer air and see flowers starting to blossom.

Last week for our speaking topic the students shared interesting facts about our native Australian birds. There were some great presentations and some children even had little mini projects. Great work, girls and boys.

In writing, we are working on narratives (telling a story). We are learning about including a beginning, a body with a problem and an end to our writing. This week the children are supported with format and ideas to help build confidence.

Keep the home reading going. Being consistent is the key. All children like routines and if you can incorporate a reading routine into your family life it will truly benefit your child’s progression with their reading.

Homework handed in last week was fabulous. Keep it coming!

Have a wonderful week, Di


Hello parents and carers,

Multiplication Challenge - I was incredibly proud of the Year 3/4 students for participating in the Multiplication Challenge last Friday. It is difficult to stand on stage, in front of an audience while times tables are fired at you, but all students had a go, which makes them all winners already. Special mention to our top five on the day: Tessah, Fraser, Kira, Jaylen and Finn. Congratulations everyone and thank you for your enthusiasm in learning your times tables.

Golf - Last week students commenced golf lessons with Mr Adey. They all enjoyed their lesson and listening carefully. This program will continue over the coming weeks and students are already looking forward to their next lesson.

Don’t forget - library bags and home readers need to come in on Wednesday and homework is due on Friday.

Have a lovely week.



Our class report,

Last week we had a pretty jam packed day every day. Every morning we logged into Mangahigh, the maths website Mr Bradmore rented for 5 weeks. It sure has helped my class with our times tables!

Some highlights this week have been the Peer Mentoring with our classmates on Monday, which included getting ready for our Premier's Spelling Bee, which is in a few weeks. The Year Six students are also planning for some exciting end of year gifts. We’ve been doing reading with Mr Speirs from the school magazines. On Thursday we had a great time with Mr Adey learning about golf. It was awesome hitting the ball as far as we could. On Friday it was the Times Table Challenge. We were pretty nervous, but we had a good go. Mr Bradmore and Mr Speirs also took us out for a huge game of Softball. We had fun.


  • Coming up this Friday we have our next debate via Zoom against Grafton Public School. Go Team Iluka!

  • Home Readers are due on Thursday, so Mrs Cunningham can check them. Don’t forget your library bag.

Written by Reef and Krystal


This week, in honor of Father’s Day, the school library is showcasing a large range of books we have on our shelves about the important male figures in our student’s lives. There are a number of funny, suspenseful and loving stories in every reading ability for students to borrow. It could provide the perfect opportunity for Dad, Pop, Uncle or friend to read a story together on Sunday!

A reminder that this is the last week to order from Issue 6 Book Club. All orders must be in by Monday 7th September.

In the past few weeks, students have been undertaking special research tasks with Mrs Leseberg in the library, showcasing significant Australian and International figures who have had an impact on our society and way of life. The students have enjoyed researching about their respective persons for information online and using our school library resources, and then creating and displaying this knowledge into a project.

Mr Jones will return from Parental Leave next week. We thank Mrs Leseberg for all her hard work and embracing the role of Librarian.


Our new sporting unit on golf got off to a great start last week. Students learnt the basics of teeing off and driving. Everyone had a good go at getting their balls down the field. Thank you to Mr Adey for his time and expertise. We all look forward to this week’s session.

On Friday, Mr Bradmore and Mr Speirs took the Stage 3 students out for a game of Softball. Great competition was shared by all, with some good sportsmanship shown and some big hits made. Well done Stage 3!


  • Volunteers for Friday 4 September - Sandy and Mark

  • Volunteers for Monday 7 September - Tanika and Vicki

Class donations for next week: Kindergarten

If you could offer some time assisting in the tuckshop, please see the Office Staff or contact Karla on 0405638768. Thank you