• Iluka Public School



  • Tuesday 24 November - Kindergarten to Year 4 Swim School, Anchorage Caravan Park. Sessions running from Tuesday 24 to Thursday 26 November

  • Friday 27 November - Last day for Book Club orders

  • Friday 27 November - Whole School Assembly (no external attendance)

  • Monday 30 November - All borrowed/overdue library books due in this week.

  • Wednesday 2 December - Yr 6 Farewell dinner @ Club Iluka, 6pm (students and staff attend)

  • Thursday 3 December - Stage 2 (Yr 3/4) Excursion to Coffs Harbour. Leaving 7:30am, arrival home approx. 10:45pm

  • Friday 4 December - Yr 5 Prefect Speeches, 9:15am start. One parent invitation.

  • Monday 7 December - Library Stocktake begins. All overdue books to be returned.

  • Tuesday 8 December - Presentation Day, 11:30am (participation is yet to be confirmed)

  • Tuesday 8 December - Yr 6 Disco @ School (time to be advised)

  • Friday 11 December - Whole School Assembly (no external attendance)

  • Friday 11 December - School Reports go home

  • Friday 11 December - Whole School Assembly (no external attendance)

  • Wednesday 16 December - Students last day of Term 4

  • Thursday 17 December - Staff Development Day (No students attend)


Good afternoon Parents and Carers,


One aspect of school life that I am proud of this year is our student voice and advocacy. Particularly, this semester, many students have had the opportunity to stand in front of the whole school and present weekly sports reports or comment on a particular area of the school. E.g., Yarn Up updates, swimming program, handball, soccer etc., As well, it has been fantastic to see our Year 6 students continue doing a wonderful job leading our weekly and morning assemblies and supporting our Kindy Transition programs. In what has been a big year, I congratulate our students on their continued enthusiasm for giving back and supporting the school and community and hope this continues to be an aspect of school life we see grow and develop over the coming years.


We have four extremely important events in our calendar still to come before we finish off the year. As a school we have;

1. Year 5 Prefect Speeches

On Friday 4 December our Year 5 students will have the opportunity to present their speech on why they would make a great School Captain or Prefect. Due to restrictions, one parent only from each Year 5 family is allowed to attend the speech ceremony and will be required to adhere to our COVID 19 safety plan. Good luck Year 5.

2. Presentation Day

As mentioned above, COVID-19 restrictions are relaxing. Unfortunately, we are still not able to plan for and run a full Presentation Day assembly. Currently, we are only allowed to have a maximum of 20 parents attend a School Presentation Day ceremony. It is my intention to ask by invitation the parents of the Year 6 students only (not Year 5/6 parents) to attend. COVID-19 safety rules will apply. We believe this restriction on numbers is unlikely to change.

Therefore, to allow access to parents who wish to be part of this annual event, we are also planning a virtual Presentation Day ceremony via Zoom. If you wish to join in on the virtual ceremony, please email the school at so that we can send the link back to you. Presentation Day is scheduled for Tuesday 8 December, commencing at 11.30 am.

3. Swim School

The final three days of swimming for students K-4 is happening this week, concluding on Thursday. I believe all students have made progress and have enjoyed the program. I take this opportunity to thank our swim teachers Leah and Linda. Thank you also to the classroom teachers for their organisation and effort. Thank you to Club Iluka for allowing us to use their courtesy bus and to the Anchorage Caravan Park for allowing us free use of the pool.

4. Stage 2 Coffs Harbour Excursion

Details and permission notes for students in the Years 3/4, relating to their upcoming Coffs Harbour Excursion have been sent home last week. Students should be very excited about the activities selected for the day. The cost of the excursion is $50. Notes and money must be paid for by Wednesday 2 December.


Thank you to those families who are supporting our school and purchasing raffle tickets. Sales from the raffle tickets are helping to contribute to an end of year Year 6 gift. We appreciate your efforts and ask that all sold or unsold raffle tickets and money be returned to school before Thursday 10 December, as the raffle will be drawn on Friday 11 December 2020 during the Whole School Assembly.


We are very fortunate here at Iluka Public School that Mari and Rita, our Occupational Therapist students are providing such wonderful service for our students, based on a variety of needs. We are anticipating that one highlight, in particular, will be the Lunch Time Music Program, which they will begin this week. Under guidance from the COVID -19 Health Guidelines, the O/T’s are preparing students to present a small item at a future Whole School Assembly. I thank the teachers for fully supporting the lessons taking place in what has been developing into an amazing Occupational Therapy eight week program.


Student progress reports are released to parents and carers at the end of each semester (every two terms), providing you with information about your child’s achievements, relative to the curriculum learning outcomes. Students in Years K to 6 receive reports based on an A-E reporting system (Outstanding - High - Sound - Basic - Limited) with a ‘sound’ result meaning your child is working at a stage appropriate level in the subject area. This year, End of Year reports will go home on Friday 11 December. No reports will be provided to students prior to this date.


As previously communicated, planning for 2021 has been underway for some time. This planning covers aspects including school finances, asset management, team structures, class organisation and structures along with staff deployment and student placement. Thank you to those parents who have assisted us in our planning by notifying the school to let us know your child is not expected to return to the school next year. Similarly, if you are taking extended leave (holidays) at the beginning of the 2021 school year and your child is unlikely to return by the start of the school year, it is important that you notify the school in writing, so that class placement is held for your child.


Children born between 1st August 2015 and 31st July 2016 are eligible to start Kindergarten in 2021. Enrolments are now open for our new families and friends starting Kindergarten at Iluka Public School in 2021. Please use the following link to complete your enrolment.


Over the coming weeks, the school leadership team and the teaching staff will try and determine the makeup of classes for 2021. Factors to be considered include ensuring a balance of students at each academic level within the class, friendship groupings and specific student needs. At times, there is particular information that you as a parent, may like considered as part of this process. While it is not always possible to accommodate specific requests, we do always carefully consider information shared by parents and carers. Requests for specific teachers are not usually considered. With this in mind, if you would like to share some information or a request for the 2021 class placement process, please pass any information you would like to be considered onto your child’s teacher via written communication or call the office on 6646 6149 to make a phone appointment. Thank you for your cooperation.


As we draw closer to the end of the year, there is usually a temptation for some of the more senior students to think their time at school has finished or that it might be a time to relax. This has a significant negative impact on their learning. During the next four weeks school will operate as usual for all students. Normal lessons will continue. I am looking forward to the students of Iluka Public School showing up everyday ready for work and to try their best to finish off what has been a challenging year. Students, please do not let yourselves down. Our last week of school begins on 14 December and the final day is on Wednesday 16 December with student free days on Thursday and Friday.

Have a safe and happy week, Phil.


Now is the opportunity for students and families to order any of the “special” photo groups that were taken by the School Photographer, such as Year 6, School Leaders and Year 6 funny photo. Photos can be viewed and ordered online at, using the Online Order Code: 20S6128VT39L. Please note reordering can only be done online (not through the school office), however, photos can also be viewed in the office via an appointment. The photo prices are: $18 each, 2 for $34, 3 for $46, 4 for $58 or 5 for $70.


Reading - Final reading assessments are being conducted in class this week. Home Reading has now ceased for the year. Students will have the books read in class added to their home reading log.

Mathematics - It was an honour to be invited to participate in a NESA organised focus group discussion about the K-2 Mathematics syllabus. Within the next two years, a new Mathematics syllabus will be implemented and selected teachers around the state have been asked for their professional opinions about the current maths syllabus and what areas could be improved upon.

Swimming Program - It is amazing to see the progress that each student has made in such a short time.

Follow up over the holidays would be beneficial, as the students will be participating in our annual Infants Swimming Carnival at the start of 2021. I would like to thank Miss Leah and Miss Linda for their assistance with the Kinder swimming lessons over the last two weeks.

Attendance - Parents and Carers, it is important that over the remainder of this term that your child is present at school each day. Due to the extra-curricular activities that the students have participated in over the last month, and student sickness, we are still trying to consolidate and revise learning, complete our class units of work, as well as finalise individual assessment tasks. Our class absences are currently too high and any help in reducing this rate down to zero would be greatly appreciated over the coming weeks.


  • Please ensure that all library books are returned on Monday, as overdue notices will be sent home.

  • Students will be swimming on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week.



Hello Everyone,

Our summer is just around the corner. Hope you are surviving the hot days and in particular the sticky nights.

Routines: are still being followed as much as possible. Homework is given each Monday and collected at the end of the week to be marked. Well done to the children that consistently complete this weekly task.

Home Readers: will be collected next Tuesday (Week 8) so I can see how children are progressing.

Some milestones in home reading are being reached. The students have the chance to borrow books from the class to practise at home.

Running Records: have been conducted by Mrs Leseberg on all the students to see how they have progressed. We have really been concentrating on reading and lots of students have made wonderful progress.

Library books: are due back to Mr Jones next week.

Swimming: continues this week. Some children have made some pleasing progress in only 3 days.

Have a lovely week, Di.

Class donations for next week’s Tuckshop is Year 1/2


Swimming Scheme - Students are not only benefiting from swimming lessons but are also enjoying the opportunity to cool off at the Anchorage Caravan Park pool. Swimming will continue on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. Special thanks to instructors Leah and Linda for their assistance.

Coffs Harbour Excursion - Notes went home last week about the Stage 2 excursion to Coffs Harbour. Students will need to return their permission note, medical note, menu selection and $50 by Wednesday 2nd December. I am really looking forward to spending this exciting day out with the Year 3/4 students.

Attendance - Please ensure all student absences are explained with either a brief note or a telephone call to the office.

Have a great week.



Year 6 Transition Day: Congratulations to our Year 6 students on a very successful Maclean High School Transition Day. Your enthusiasm, good manners and commitment to get in and have a go didn’t go unnoticed. Though this transition day looked different to the ones in the past, students were able to take a full tour, see inside classrooms and catch up with some older school friends.

Raffle: We would like to send out a big thank you to those families that have already supported our Year 6 student raffle. Year 6 are fundraising for an end of year gift for the school. Check out these awesome prizes:

  • First prize - 2 nights accommodation in a beautiful Queen Deluxe Cabin at the Anchorage Caravan Park (value of $200).

  • Second prize - 5 kilos of King Green prawns donated by Sean Speirs (value of $125).

  • Third prize - Two fishing rods (value $40), kindly donated by an Iluka Community member.

  • Fourth prize - Doterra Introductory Kit (value of $35) donated by Belinda Jones.

We appreciate your efforts and ask that all sold or unsold raffle tickets and money be returned to school before Thursday 10 December, as the raffle will be drawn on Friday 11 December 2020 during the Whole School Assembly.

Canteen Kids: Tomorrow our Canteen Kids will be delivering Hot Dogs to the students of the school. Last week’s Nachos were a big hit. Well done kids. This program has once again been a great success, fostering an abundance of life skills in the students, such as an interest in food science, budgeting, hygiene, organisational skills and teamwork.

Heads up for Secret Santa: Year 5/6 have again discussed having Secret Santa again this year. Further details will be coming shortly.

Have a great week, Bek.



This week is the final week of borrowing. All books being borrowed this week have to be returned next week to avoid late fee notices. I will be preparing my stocktake at the end of next week so I will require all books to be returned at the end of next week (Week 8).


At the end of this week, we say goodbye to our robotics kit. However, we will say hello to a new robotics kit in Term 1 next year, so we can continue our learning with Coding and Collaborative learning.


I would like to say that I have plenty of Book Club orders coming in for our final issue of 2020, however, I would be lying to you. A few parents have ordered through LOOP but I have not received any paper orders as of yet. If you are planning on ordering from the last Book Club please make sure your orders are in by the end of the week.

I hope everyone has a great week. Matt.


  • Volunteers for Friday 27 November - Mark and Sandy

  • Volunteers for Monday 30 November - Tanika and Tracey

A big thank you to TJ, Deb and Tracey who answered our call for help and made themselves available to man the Tuckshop yesterday. Thank you ladies for your help. We are still in great need for volunteers in the Tuckshop on Monday’s. It is a great way in which parents, carers and community members can help provide a vital school service, meet new people and have a bit of fun in the process. The kids think it’s “super cool” when they know you’re in the tuckshop!

If you could offer some time to assist in the tuckshop, please see the Office Staff or contact Karla on 0405638768. Thank you

ARE YOU MISSING A SISTEMA SQUARE CONTAINER? This was from a classroom donation a few weeks back. Please see the office for collecting.


School banking is on Tuesday.


The last day for ordering your Treetop Savers rewards will be next Tuesday, 1st December. All orders after this date will be held until 27th January 2021.


Follow the link for the Black Eyed Bean Patties and Japanese Pancakes. Yummy!