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  • Wednesday 17 March - Year 6 Transition Day @ Maclean High School (permission note)

  • Thursday 18 March - Issue 2 Book Club orders are due.

  • Thursday 18 March - Intensive Swimming Scheme. Yrs 2/3, 4 + selected Yr 5 students

  • Thursday 18 March - Whole School Vegetable Crunch & Sip - 10 am

  • Friday 19 March - Harmony Day celebrations Students are encouraged to wear the colour orange to celebrate Harmony Day.

  • Friday 19 March - Whole School Assembly. 2:15 pm. This is a Parents & Carers are invited to attend.

  • Friday 19 March - Due to Intensive swimming extracurricular tennis with Mr Jurd - 1 pm

  • Monday 22 March - Tell Them From Me Survey - Year 6, held in class

  • Monday 22 March - Canberra Excursion Presentation Night @ 5 pm - Stage 3 (Yr 5 & 6) parents & carers invited to attend. School Library. This is a Parent & Carer Information Night. Students can attend if necessary.

  • Tuesday 23 March - Tell Them From Me Survey - Year 4, held in class

  • Wednesday 24 March - Tell Them From Me Survey - Year 5, held in class

  • Wednesday 24 March - Due to Intensive swimming extracurricular tennis with Mr Jurd - 1 pm

  • Thursday 25 March - Intensive Swimming Scheme. Yrs 2/3, 4 + selected Yr 5 students

  • Thursday 25 March - NAPLAN practice for Yr 3 & Yr 5

  • Friday 26 March - IPS Cross Country carnival @ Iluka Public School grounds. Parents & Carers invited to attend.

  • Monday 29 March - Parent/Teacher Meeting Week

  • Wednesday 31 March - P & C Meeting @ 3:15 pm in the school library. All encouraged to attend.

  • Thursday 1 April - Easter Hat Parade & Last Day of Term 1

  • Monday 19 April - Staff Development Day

  • Tuesday 20 April - All students return for Term 2

  • Sunday 25 April - ANZAC Day. Time to be confirmed

  • Friday 30 April - Small Schools Cross Country Carnival - Iluka

As of the end of Week 7, 35 families out of our 74 have joined with us via School Stream. I thank them for their support of Iluka Public School.

The School Stream app complements & streamlines our current communication methods between school and home.

  • The School Stream app provides parents' and caregivers’ school contact information and easy access to school newsletters, notes and admin updates via their smartphones.

  • Under the Permission Notes and Absentee Notes tab parents and carers can now send notes to directly to the school, such as absentee notes, by filling in the appropriate information, signing their name electronically, and clicking submit. Feedback, especially in relation to this particular tool, has been very positive.

  • Importantly, it is also being used for alerts including reminders for upcoming events, excursion arrival times, and sports day notifications.

For parents and carers who do not wish to receive information through the app, our modified existing methods of communication will remain unchanged (i.e. newsletter, notes home, email, website and Facebook).

You can download the School Stream app in three easy steps:

  1. From your device go to the App Store (iPhone/iPad) or Google Play (Android) search for School Stream and download the app to your phone.

  2. Make sure you agree to push notifications.

  3. Once School Stream has finished installing, open the app, type your school name into the search THEN select your school

If you prefer more detailed instructions please visit the School Stream Website in addition you could try the 'Installing and Deleting' (pdf 70 KB) instructions.


Dear School Community

I’m sure I’m not the only person who cannot believe we are nearing the end of Week 8 of Term 1.

This week, across NSW Public Schools, is ‘Vegetable Week’. We have special incentives for those students who bring along some vegetables in their lunch boxes each day. On Thursday the school will come together at 10 o’clock for a whole school vegetable crunch and sip time. We ask if you could support the importance of vegetables by adding something in this Thursday’s lunch box if you don’t already.

This Friday the school will be recognising Harmony Day. Harmony Day is about inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic background, united by a set of core Australian values. Orange relates to the freedom of ideas and encouragement of mutual respect. Students can choose to wear something orange on Friday to show their support for cultural diversity and an inclusive Australia. To recognise the significance of the day students may wear orange clothing to school (clothing to provide cover over the shoulders).

Last Friday I had the pleasure of joining in with every student at the school with our AFL Sports Program. It was a privilege and so wonderful to see students from Kindergarten through to Year 6 engaging in physical movement, developing and refining their gross motor skills and just having fun as a class.

It is rewarding to see first hand the enhancements made to the school this term by giving the students are larger ‘voice’ or say in how the school could improve. All suggestions are being made confidentially and with respect for each person in the school. Simple suggestions have included new soccer balls, books to purchase for the library, vegetarian pizzas at recess, padded mats to sit on instead of the concrete, fundraising events and mufti days. I value the student's input and we will continue to support suggestions as we can.

As the term progresses I continue to work closely with the Year 6 leaders, as they build on their sense of belonging and connection to the school before heading off to high school next year. The leaders have now taken over the responsibility for the collection of popper waste, in the hope to raise further money for the school. The popper collection has already seen the purchase of a large outdoor clock for students and staff, which is already in use. Thank you so much for the work you are doing Year 6.

On Monday we acknowledged and celebrated International Women’s Day. We spoke about the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world. This year’s theme was ‘Choose to Challenge’.

Congratulations to those students who are participating in the Intensive Swimming program on Thursdays. Well done to you all. Your improvements and confidence have been demonstrated. A special big congratulations must go to Makenna, Indigo B, Scarlett, Charlie P and Tylor for their efforts when working with Ruth.

As we move well into the second half of this term it is vitally important that each member of the community continues to respect the guidelines under which our school (and all Department of Education schools) operate. This means respecting our safe drop off and pick up procedures, making sure you are signing in via the office for any meetings during the day and making your way on and off the site safely and promptly each day. Pleasingly, the latest information regarding changes to IPS operating guidelines are that parents and carers may now enter the school grounds. With this change I invite you to attend this Friday’s Whole School Assembly commencing at 2.15 pm. Please be mindful that adults are required to practice the 1.5m social distancing rule and if unwell to stay away.

Class donations for Tuckshop next week: Year 4

I wish to thank Karla, for her tremendous effort on Monday. She ran the tuckshop without assistance for the day. If you could offer some time to assist in the tuckshop, please see the Office Staff or contact Karla on 0405638768.

Have a safe and happy week.



On Saturday Beau participated in the World’s Greatest Shave day. Beau donned his superhero cape hoping to make a small difference in the lives of Australian families facing blood cancer. Beau’s original goal was to raise $100. However, the total raised by Beau was well over $630.

Beau now joins with Zoe who earlier this year for the second time in her young life, decided to raise funds and donated her hair to the Hair With Heart campaign, which provides wigs for someone who has lost their hair due to a medical condition.

Congratulations Beau, and Zoe, on your community spirit and courage.


Harmony Day celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. As the official day is Sunday 21st March, we will be celebrating Harmony Day on Friday 19th March. While we are not holding our traditional feast, students will still be engaging in Harmony Day activities in their classes. In schools, we celebrate inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for all Australians, from the traditional custodians of the land to those who have come from many countries around the world. Students are encouraged to wear the colour orange to celebrate Harmony Day. Orange is the colour chosen to represent Harmony Week. Traditionally, orange signifies social communication and meaningful conversations. It also relates to the freedom of ideas and encouragement of mutual respect. Australians can choose to wear something orange for Harmony Day to show their support for cultural diversity and an inclusive Australia.



Term One Meetings - Thank you to all the parents and carers who have returned their meeting timetable sheet already. If you have not returned your meeting sheet yet, I would advise that you do so as soon as possible, as the times are filling up quickly. All completed forms are due this Friday 19th March. A confirmation letter will be sent home on Monday 22nd March stating the day and time of our meeting.


Music - We thoroughly enjoy now being able to sing together and are extending and adding to our repertoire of songs each week. So far this term, the students have been involved in lots of varied learning activities involving keeping the beat and pitch (high and low sounds).


Assembly Awards - Congratulations to the following students who received Merit Certificates at our Whole School Assembly on Friday: Kindergarten - Milla, Billie and Year One - Aryk, Jye, April. Well done to Jake for winning a Win Bin prize and it was a thrill for the students to again have our class receive the Electricity Award.

Reminders - Not long until our Easter Hat parade on Thursday 1st April. Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful and creative hat designs.



Hello everyone,

How quickly the term is marching along. Week 8 already! I hope this newsletter finds all well in your household.

Please pop in and see the transformation of our classroom. It was an empty shell at the start of the year, but is now very bright and inviting with numerous artworks that the children have created.

Intensive Swimming: is progressing very well. The students have been organised and headed off with a positive attitude. Great work girls and boys.

End of Term Interviews: are approaching very quickly. They will be held in the next couple of weeks. I will send home a slip of paper with dates and times for you to choose a time that suits you. The interviews are short 15 minute conversations as to how your child has settled into the school year and applying themselves.

Routines: such as home reading and homework are very important. The completion of these tasks reinforces what we are learning at school and also establishes a consistent work ethic. Could you please support these routines at home.

Have a good week, Di.


Homework - It seems students are busier than ever with after school activities and the rate at which homework is being returned is quite low. To accommodate this, homework is now due on Tuesdays, which allows families the flexibility of completing tasks over the weekend if necessary. I also realise some families may prefer to keep their weekend free from any school work and this too is fine. Students may place their homework in the box on Friday if they wish or hold it over until the following week if additional time is needed.

End of Term Interviews will be held in Week 10. Please phone or call into the office and Leah will be able to assist you with a suitable time.

The Big Vegie Crunch is this Thursday. At 10am we will join thousands of other students across the state by crunching our way through a vegetable instead of our usual ‘fruit break’.

Swimming continues on Thursday for our fourth session. The students are developing skills in the pool but are particularly commended on their positive attitude and excellent behaviour. Please ensure they have the necessary equipment and $3 for pool entry.

Easter Hat Parade will be held on the last day of term so you may want to start getting some creative ideas together.

Harmony Day is this Friday. Students are encouraged to wear orange and show their support for an inclusive Australia.

Have a harmonious week!



End of Term Interviews - Notes for preferred interview times will be sent home this week. Please fill in the sheet with two times of preference. I shall schedule you in and send home a confirmation note confirming your allocated time slot. The interviews should only take around 15 minutes each. I am looking forward to speaking with you about their learning.

Canberra Excursion Night - Next Monday the 22nd of March at 5pm all the parents and carers from Year 5 and 6 are invited to a meeting about the Stage 3 excursion to Canberra. Meeting will be held in the library.

Harmony Day is this Friday. Students are permitted to wear orange clothes only to show their support for an inclusive Australia.

Occupational Therapists: We have had the privilege of having Grace, Katrina and Amanda in our classroom. They have been working with the students in class, in particular focusing on posture and pencil grip. It is really great that we have this opportunity to hone in and gain knowledge. I am looking forward to working with them and learning together.

The Big Vegie Crunch is this Thursday. At 10am we will join thousands of other students across the state by crunching our way through a vegetable instead of our usual ‘fruit break’.

Have a great week Bek.


Hi everyone. Maclean High School Transition is this Wednesday. Full school uniform please. The students are very excited.

End of Term Interviews for our class will be held in Week 9 and 10. Please arrange a suitable time via the school office.

Canberra Excursion Information Night is next Monday 22 March at 5pm in the school library.

Harmony Day is this Friday. Students are permitted to wear orange clothes or their school uniform. Harmony Day celebrates cultural diversity in Australia. The students have been studying Migration to Australia in class, so this is very good timing for discussions about inclusiveness.

Our class is looking for volunteers to take the school poppers to the recycling machine in Yamba. This is a great opportunity for our class to raise money for the end of year gift to the school. Thank you in advance if your child comes home with a massive bag full of used poppers!

The Big Vegie Crunch is on Thursday. We are hoping students can bring in Vegies for their crunch and sip on this day.

Also……..School Cross Country is next Friday. Start organising Easter Hats please. AFL has started at school and all in all the students have been excellent so far this year. Chris


EASTER HAT PARADE It is that wonderful happy time again when we have our bi-annual Easter Hat Parade for K - 6. Please help your child to find bits and pieces from your craft box at home and decorate a hat or make a hat for the parade. There will be an Easter prize for all children in each class who participate. The Easter Hat Parade will take place on the final day of school in Week 10. This is Thursday 1st of April. Online can provide ample inspiration for all levels of artistic talent if you require some ideas.


Issue 2 of Book Club is now available. Students can collect one from the rack outside the library. And I’m pleased to report that after a delay, all orders from Issue 1 have been delivered to the students. Orders for Issue 2 need to be submitted by this Thursday 18 March, in order for them to be delivered before the end of the term. You can submit a paper order to myself in the library, to the office or order online via LOOP.

ROBOTICS The robotics kits will be moved on to their next school at the end of this week. The students have had a great time coding their robots to compete in dance battles and also participating in obstacle courses. The robotics kits will be back in Term 4.

I hope everyone has a great week. Mr Jones.


The 2021 Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) is now underway. Students in Kindergarten to Year 2 complete the challenge in class by sharing in reading experiences when attending the library with Mr Jones. Students in Years 3 - 6 are required to undertake the challenge with increased independence. However, to assist them in their reading journey each classroom has a set of approved PRC books for students to read in their spare time or during silent reading opportunities. Students may wish to log their reading record online using their department credentials or they may use a paper copy, which has been supplied. The challenge concludes on August 20. For further details please see Mrs Gardner or visit the website


This week has been an active one for Iluka Public School in regards to PSSA representative sport. All our students representing the school and our region should be congratulated on their perseverance, dedication and sportsmanship.

This week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at least one student from Iluka Public School will be attending a PSSA event in either cricket, basketball, tennis or soccer.

Iluka Public School wishes to congratulate our Year 6 student Emma, who has been selected to the NSW State cricket team. What an enormous achievement!


  • Volunteers for Monday 8 March - TBC

  • Volunteers for Friday 11 March - Sandy and Mark

Class donations for Tuckshop next week: Year 4

  • Tuckshop are seeking any older tea towels that you may not need at home, for use in their kitchen.

  • Karla and her team will be trialing an additional mini pizza on the Recess menu. This will be a vegetarian version, consisting of a sauce base with pineapple & cheese.

  • Could parents and carers please be aware that we do have a 2021 Tuckshop menu (following). Some of the students' orders are not calculated at the correct cost. A hard copy of this menu can be collected from the office or found on our website or School Stream.

If you could offer some time to assist in the tuckshop, please see the Office Staff or contact Karla on 0405638768. Thank you

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