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Updated: Jul 21, 2020


  • Year 6 to Year 7 Transition Day MHS - Wednesday 26th June

  • CWA Projects due back in for collection - Thursday 27th June

  • Athletics Carnival - Thursday 25 July 12 - 3.00 pm and Friday 26 July - all day.


Wonderful Experiences

Over the past weeks, many wonderful experiences for our students have been created. Some of which had our students testing their talents and skills in the spelling and sporting arenas, seeing a live, musical theatre performance, travelling to Palmers Island to compete against peers from other schools in the debating arena. To continue giving our beautiful students varied skills, Mrs Cooper has begun teaching an amazing whole school dance item. Congratulations to our students who took part in last week’s session. By all accounts you represented your school and class with pride. We cannot wait to see the performance on our school Open day.


It is exciting to witness the many opportunities created here each day for our students as they learn things that are new to them, engage in play and try even when things are hard. Last week, we commenced our athletics clinics providing students with the opportunity to practice their skills in preparation for our athletics carnival in week 1 of Term 3. It is wonderful to watch students grow in both skill and confidence as a result of this program. The program will continue to run every Wednesday afternoon for the next three weeks. What a great way to end our day.

Kids in the Kitchen

Our Year 6 students, the Canteen Kids, are continuing to be outstanding leaders. This week our whole school was rewarded with the opportunity to purchase a delicious bowl of special fried rice at lunch time. Tomorrow it will be a baked potato with sour cream. I am sure you will join me in thanking our year 6 students and the way they are upholding our school values.

Guest Librarian

As the guest librarian on Wednesday, it was so great to see many students borrowing and returning. So many books were coming and going from the library. It shows that Iluka students are avid readers and love their books. I was so excited to be able to use the library’s barcode scanner at least 100 times. A BIG thank you to Mr Jones, who has been very busy covering new books and having the library fully utilised and humming beautifully.

Fly Me To The Moon

Last Friday students from K-6 were involved in a very special workshop hosted by ‘The Planet Space Science Show’. The show centered around the 50th anniversary of man landing on the moon. We were one of the lucky schools chosen to host this school performance. The school subsidised the cost of this workshop for our students. We thank Mrs Gardner for organising this brilliant opportunity.

Semester One Reports

Teachers have been busy too, organising assessments and finalising Semester 1 Student Progress Reports. Student reports will be sent home to families on Friday 28 June 2019. Student reporting is the process of communicating information about student learning, their level of attainment and the progress they have made. Student reports show progress and allow this progress to be monitored over time. Teachers at all schools are now working extremely hard writing their Semester One Student Progress Reports. They are spending many hours not just writing the reports, but analysing work samples, collaborating with others to form assessments, discussing work samples, liaising with myself about grades….the list goes on. Much of this work goes on outside of work hours, but also before school and lunch times. Parents can be reassured that teachers take this process very seriously and approach the task with a high degree of professionalism. A lot of thought goes into the content of the report; this includes the grades students are given, their effort levels and the written comments.

Whole School Assembly

Due to last Friday’s school performance of The Planet Science Show, the next Whole School Assembly will be held this Friday 21 June at 2.15 pm under the COLA (subject to weather). The Year 6 Prefects will coordinate the assembly. All parents, carers and community members are welcome to attend.


As you would now be aware, this is the abbreviated version of our newsletter. For colour and attached photos we encourage you to visit or our Facebook page. I congratulate Matt Jones on his skill and creativity in making our website, Facebook and Twitter accounts current and visually appealing. I would be interested in hearing your feedback.

Canberra Excursion

And lastly, may I REMIND all Year 5 and 6 parents that regular payments for the Canberra and the Selwyn Snowfields excursion are now DUE. Students will not be allowed to depart for the excursion without having paid the full amount or having made financial arrangements with myself. With the excursion fast approaching, it would be appreciated if payments could be finalised as soon as possible. A list of items needed for Canberra has gone home. Please remember students will need a clean school uniform (including jumper) for the War Memorial and Parliament House days.

Congratulations Josie

Hold the Press! I have just been informed by our local Maclean High School that Josie, one of our Year 6 students was recently awarded a ‘River of Learning’ Award Certificate for the 2019 Schools River of Learning Art competition. Congratulations Josie! Go Iluka Public School!

Have a great week… Phil



Kindergarten- Kindergarten students have taken home today a new set of words to learn by sight. We have commenced learning these words in class and the words are appearing in the books we are currently reading. Daily practice of these words at home and at school will ensure continued reading progress.

Year One- Year One students commence maths mental homework next term. Students have been given a book to take home to be covered. Please return the covered book back to school as soon as possible.

Earn and Learn Stickers- Thank you parents and carers for your support in collecting these stickers for our school. The front office collection container is filling up quickly due to your efforts.


*Library day tomorrow for Kindergarten and Year One students.

*Year One CWA projects are due next Thursday 27th June. Please do not write your child’s name on their project, as requested by the CWA judges.



Hello everyone,

Winter has surely shown us that it has arrived.

Reports: are being written at present and will be sent home the Friday of week 9.

CWA: project cardboard was sent home a couple of weeks ago. How are the projects coming along?

Handwriting: occurs each morning in our class. The students have a text book that they are working from. Year 2 children are learning correct letter formations and Year 3 children are learning the start of cursive handwriting. These skills are then encouraged into other class bookwork.

Spelling: words are introduced on a Monday. Activities are undertaken throughout the week to help learn these words. On Friday we have a test on these words.

Athletics: practice has started. This is a good time for students to practise their skills before the carnival.

The term is ‘marching along’ at a hectic pace. Take time to smell the roses!