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Updated: Jun 24, 2020


The Department of Education has written to schools to advise that from;

From Thursday 11 June

  • All curricular or extracurricular programs or services delivered by the Department of Education staff can recommence.

From Monday, 15 June the following will be permitted:

  • Choirs and performing arts at school within your school setting only

  • Incursions/external providers relating to curriculum

  • Some activities which involve students visiting other schools

  • Most community use activities

From Term 3, schools can resume the following:

  • All school sport and activities including competition aligned with current health advice

  • Inter-school student events and competitions

  • Incursions/external providers not already permitted involving external adult providers

  • Scripture volunteers recommence.


Welcome back everyone!

We are now in our third week back from remote learning and I would like to again thank you all for the high level of partnership and goodwill from our parent community during this time. Thank you for all that you have done to keep your children engaged and motivated to continue their learning. From the upcoming events section, readers can now see that the Department of Education is allowing more and more activities to take place. This is great news.


Even though there has been some relaxation of the COVID-19 rules, Iluka PS will continue to promote all of the good hygiene practices that we have been following for the past couple of months. The Department is still not allowing parents on to the site unless there is Principal permission. I know it has been very difficult for parents to not enter the school. I do want to thank everyone for your support with our dropping off and picking up at the gate and for your help in regards to observing social distancing requirements while waiting outside for your children.


I would also like to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of our dedicated and passionate teaching and non-teaching staff throughout the pandemic. Our teachers’ adaptability to change back again into classroom mode has been remarkable. They have worked extremely hard to ensure learning continuity for all of our students and I would like to thank them for their inclusive teaching during this time.


It has also become evident over the last few months how important communication channels are between the school and home. If you haven’t done so already, can I please encourage you to visit and bookmark our website and like and follow our Facebook page. They are now our two primary sources of communication. It is essential that you have access to these sites to avoid missing out on any important information. If you need some assistance or still prefer a hard copy of the newsletter, please contact the school.


Parent and teacher interviews are now being organised. These are so important. I strongly advise that all parents participate. Teachers are already aware of which students have thrived during Learning @ Home and which ones will need some focused support to get their learning and understanding growing again. The interviews and your feedback will help form the 2020 Semester 1 reports. This year the school report will be modified as the COVID period has meant a reduction in time to fully assess student's progress. No A-E grades will be used in this reporting cycle. The reports will be available to parents by the middle of next term after the interviews have been conducted.


The colder weather has certainly seen a spike in lost property! Please ensure you have your child's names on EVERY item of clothing and their hat. We encourage all students to wear the correct uniform to school each day. Parents/carers should contact the school if they need support in accessing the appropriate uniform requirements. Please note: Long, dark coloured sleeves worn under our shirts are not part of the school uniform. However, red or grey stockings/tights may be worn underneath the school dress uniform or skorts. All students may wear plain red or grey tracksuits pants and/or tops.


The canteen is open on Mondays and Fridays. Thank you Karla, Sandy, Mark and our regular volunteers. Please ensure your child/ren have a well stocked lunch box and a drink on the other days particularly on these cold days. Too often I see children sitting around without enough food to eat.


Our athletics rotations continued last week. All students participated in; high jump, long jump, sprinting skills, shot put and discus. It was great to see our younger students join in with the whole school developing their athletic skills as well. Students will continue to participate in the rotations each week for the remainder of the term. My aim is to have some type of Athletics day in Term 3.


  • Well done to Kindergarten for their excellent attendance last week;

  • Well done to 1/2 who achieved over 90% attendance last week;

  • Children are required to attend school every day unless sick;

  • A medical certificate is required for illnesses over 3 days;

  • Children who attend school regularly are prepared for success in school and in life;

  • Children who attend school regularly develop healthy life habits;

  • Children who attend school regularly feel more connected to their community and develop important social skills and friendships;

  • Students who attend school regularly are set up for a strong future.


For several reasons, it is vital for the school to have your up-to-date personal information. It is very important, in the case of an emergency or accident that we have accurate and current contact details and medical numbers, so that we can communicate important information when necessary (particularly to emergency departments). Importantly, the school is also funded by the Department based on parent employment details. Please let me know if you have lost your job or are now working part-time as a result of the Covid-19 environment. Students will be bringing home tomorrow a Student Information note. This form can also be found on our school website, under the Notes tab. I ask you to please complete this form with any changes and return to the school office or via email to If your information has not changed please note “no changes” on this form and also return it. Thank you for your assistance with this important matter.


Music Tuition – Iluka Public School Term 3

Miss Leeann Flynn, StringSong Music and Singing Teacher will again be returning in Term 3. Miss Leeann loves teaching music at Iluka Public School and is again looking forward to getting to know everyone (again). Miss Leeann will be attending lessons at school on Wednesdays this term, commencing 22 July. She can teach guitar, bass, keyboard, ukulele and singing on these days. The individual lessons will be 20 minutes in duration each week and will cost $220 for ten weeks ($22 per lesson).

If you would like your child to participate in these lessons in Term 3 please contact Miss Leeann on 0418 973 212. Term Payment ($220) will be required in advance of lessons beginning. Payments for lessons are to be made directly with Miss Leeann, and can be made with Cash, Cheque or Credit Card (Additional Fees apply to Credit Card payments).

Enjoy your week, Phil.


Speaking and Listening - The students have been assigned a new talking circle group for the remainder of this term. Through our barrier games, the students have been developing their descriptive language, as well as learning to impart information to others by giving directions.

Home Reading - Our formal class home reading program recommenced last week. It is important to complete your child’s reading log each day, so that another book can be issued. Please note that your child may be asked to revisit and read a book that they have already previously read.

Premier’s Sporting Challenge - In Term Two of each year, schools are invited to take part in the NSW Premier’s Sporting Challenge. Usually the program runs for ten weeks, but unfortunately this year the program for Kindergarten will only operate for six weeks. Students are encouraged to be physically active throughout the day and their efforts are recorded. At the completion of the challenge, students are presented with an achievement certificate and schools receive funding to purchase sporting equipment.

Semester One Meetings - Thank you parents and carers for your quick response in arranging a meeting. A note confirming our meeting date and time will be sent home tomorrow, Wednesday 17th June.



Hello everyone,

Here we are in week 8 and very quickly approaching the end of the term.

Home Reading: is so very important. Please continue to listen to your child read each night where possible. Journals are collected regularly by me and checked.

Homework: has been given for the week and is due back to school on Friday to be marked.

Interviews: will be held in the last two weeks of the term. Please ring the school to arrange an appointment time that suits you.

Writing: skills are improving. It is great to see a more consistent effort in using punctuation. Sentences have more detail and complexity. Keep up the good work.

Mrs Leseberg said that she had a very nice time with the children last week.

Enjoy the beautiful weather. Di


Hi everyone,

Library - Just a reminder that students attend the school library every Wednesday. Please ensure they return their previous books and bring along their library bag for borrowing. I also like to check Home Reading Journals while students attend the library, so please remind your child to pack it too. Thank you.

Interviews - Parent/teacher interviews are scheduled for Weeks 9 and 10 this term. Please contact the office on 6646 6149 to arrange an appointment that suits you.

Technology - During the Learning @ Home period students undertook many of their class activities online. For most of us, this required learning the necessary skills in a short time frame and basically teaching ourselves as we went along. I was so impressed by how well the students adapted and picked up new skills. We continue to use technology in the classroom on a daily basis and are constantly further developing our expertise. We have recently been creating presentations using Google Slides and the students have been teaching me how to use Book Creator. It is such a delight to see the students interact, assist and support each other with our new endeavours.

Have a great week.



Hi everyone

Wow! Yes time is flying and we are having FUN! I am very happy to say that the students are really settled at the moment. They are engaged in learning and have established good routines.

Sustainability projects: The students are working in teams to draw plans and diagrams of their sustainable town/city. They will be using recycled materials to create a 3D model in which they will be leading city tours for other groups. Each team will also draw up and present a city/town charter for their population, exploring how we can all live more sustainably.

Interviews: Thank you to the parents and carers that have already had an interview. I have made myself available for Parent/teacher interviews on Wednesdays and Thursday afternoons. Please contact the office on 6646 6149 to make an appointment that suits you.

Home Reading: I have been encouraging them to read aloud at home. Quite often, particularly in reading groups, they are asked to read aloud in front of the class. Practicing at home will definitely enhance and build their self confidence. Another secret tip is to record and reflect. This way they know exactly what they sound like and what they need to work on. Key features are fluency, tone and pronunciation.

Homework: sheets were sent home on Monday. They need to be completed and returned on Friday.

Have a great week




There are still a number of students that forget to bring her library bags to school on their designated days. This day remains the same for the year. Here is the timetable below.


The final order for Book Club was placed last Thursday and was dispatched from the factory yesterday. If your child has not received their Book Club order yet, it will be arriving with this next shipment.


A big thank you needs to be sent out to Grafton Big W for their kind donation to the school library. The donation has allowed me to purchase a variety of new books for the students to enjoy. These books will be accessioned and covered this week in order for students to begin borrowing next week.


Over the last few weeks, students in Year 3/4/5/6 have been learning how to create eBooks in Book Creator. This is an online eBook creator that allows students to produce professional books. If you would like to read some of your child's books they can access this online service at home to show you their work.

I hope you all have a good week, Matt.


  • Volunteers for Monday 22nd June - Karla and Michelle A

  • Volunteers for Friday 26th June - Sandy and Mark

Class donations this week is Year 5/6

If you are available to offer some time assisting in the Tuckshop please see the Office Staff or contact Karla on 0405638768. Thank you