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  • Friday 11 September - Walk Safely To School Day

  • Tuesday 15 September - Spelling Bee - Early Stage 1 (Kindy)

  • Wednesday 16 September - Spelling Bee - Stage 1 (Yr 1 & 2)

  • Thursday 17 September - Spelling Bee - Stage 2 (Yr 3 & 4)

  • Friday 18 September - Spelling Bee - Stage 3 (Yr 5 & 6)

  • Friday 25 September - Last day of Term 3

  • Monday 12 October - First Day of Term 4 for both students and staff

  • Friday 16 October - School Photos


Good afternoon parents, carers and friends of Iluka Public School

The term is quickly flying past and the students are engaged in their learning with a positive hum around the school.

Thank you to everyone for supporting our school, it is greatly appreciated. We aim to always do our best and ensure we are providing a quality education for all of our students in a supportive and caring environment. It has been tough for everyone not to be able to come inside our gates and visit our school and I appreciate your support in this area. We are keeping our environment as safe as possible for our staff and students.

Students are requested to bring to school a water bottle every day.

The school is still having enhanced cleaning procedures throughout the day and all classrooms are following NSW Department of Health and NSW Department of Education guidelines.

I hope all our fathers and role model figures enjoyed their day last Sunday. I also hope you enjoyed reading your very own homemade card. Thank you to Leah and Lyn for organising this valuable keepsake.


Congratulations to the four students who participated in the Premier’s Debating Challenge last Friday. Iluka played host to the Grafton Public School on the topic, “All Year 5 students should learn to debate”. We had drawn the Negative side of the argument. Our team's performance was outstanding, however we lost the debate. I felt we were really close to a win but just dipped out this time. Thanks again to Mrs Cunningham for organising this wonderful opportunity for the Stage 3 students. Our next match is against Gulmarrad on Friday. Third time lucky perhaps!


Thank you to Mrs Leseberg for your work in the library over the past month. I know the students enjoyed their research and project tasks. We now welcome back Mr Jones who looks refreshed and ready for action after his 4 weeks of paternity leave.


I congratulate the many students who completed their Where’s Wally Passbook. The students were very clever finding all 21 characters. This week, students will have the opportunity to showcase their artistic skills. Sidewalk chalk art will be available from Wednesday and I am looking forward to seeing their unique creations appearing around the school.


Last Wednesday Year 5 participated in a new short online check-in assessment in Literacy and Numeracy. This assessment, together with regular school based assessments, gives Iluka Public School feedback on how students are performing in the absence of NAPLAN and allows teachers to tailor their teaching to our actual student needs.

Feedback from the Check-In will only be available on Department systems for teachers and there will be no parent report. As always, if you have any concerns about your child's learning progress, please contact the teacher to discuss.

The Check-In Assessment for our Year 3 students is scheduled to be completed on Monday 21 September 2020.


Planning is well underway for next year’s Kindergarten! We already have 3 students enrolled to start "Big School" in 2021. A getting to know each other ZOOM gathering with the Iluka PreSchool was held on Tuesday. It was a big success and I thank Leeanne and Aleisha for organising this opportunity. Please remind family and friends to contact the school regarding any students who will be enrolling in Kindergarten next year. Enquiries and enrolment forms are available at the office. Students must be residing in our Enrolment Zone to attend our beautiful school. Unfortunately, we cannot accept out of zone students.


Our latest ground improvements are almost finished with many thanks to our Stage 3 students for their hard work. The sustainability gardens have been cleaned and tidied, leaving another large area that will soon be used for general play. I believe Stage 3 students are helping to design a creative and natural play area for the school. Stay tuned!


Our patient and yet small, dedicated P&C group met for the first time at the Iluka Bowls Club last Monday. The new committee is now getting familiar with their roles and responsibilities and will be valuable partners for the school. The short time spent was very productive and meaningful. Sustainability was an issue discussed and as a result the school students now have an area where to deposit their food scraps.

I was now wondering if any interested parent or community member would be able to collect and take our used drink poppers over to the recycling plant in Yamba to cash in. Please contact me if interested.

SCHOOL PLAN 2021-2024

The School Planning Process for 2021-2024 has now begun.

Staff are currently working on evaluating our current school programs and completing a situational analysis reflecting on our teaching, leadership and management practices. We will be sending home a survey for families later this term or early next term to complete together to assist us in developing a School Improvement Plan that meets the needs of our students now and in the future. Please ensure when it comes that you take the time to discuss and answer it with your children. Thank you.


Well, it’s that time of year again when our school seriously starts talking about walking! Walk Safely to School Day, now in its 21st year, asks that we all consider our transport habits and try to incorporate more walking as part of a healthy, active way to get around. And although walking all the way to school isn’t realistic for many of us, it’s quite easy to figure out how you can build a walk into your family’s daily routine. You can teach your child the healthy habit of walking more by:

  • Walking with them the whole way to school

  • If they catch the bus, walk past your usual stop and get on at the next stop

  • If you have to drive, park the car a few hundred meters away from the school and walk the rest of the way.

Regular exercise like walking with your child not only helps them (and you!) to beat chronic problems like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, behavioural and mental health issues, it also gives you a great opportunity to teach your child safe ways to behave around roads and traffic. Remember, Active Kids are Healthy Kids, so get planning your own Walk Safely to School Day journey for Friday 11th September.


Next Monday teachers will be involved in another professional learning session. Staff will be developing a whole school English scope and sequence program, in conjunction with Sharon Gale from the NSW Department of Education. We are again at the forefront of teaching and learning. The program will be very beneficial for staff and for students over the next two / three years.


School photos have been scheduled for Thursday 16 October 2020.

Individual envelopes with each child’s name have now been sent home. These envelopes, with your photo pack request completed, can be returned to your child’s class teacher or the school office from now until the morning of the 16th of October. Please note, sibling photos are also available, but are a separate envelope. These envelopes can be picked up from the front office.

Have a wonderful week, Phil.


Spelling Bee - The Kinders have been busy bees practising their spelling words and participating in mini-competitions, in preparation for their Spelling Bee Competition next Tuesday 15th September. The students have been individually tested on the spelling words and their results will be sent home on Wednesday. If practising the words at home, please use the following Spelling Bee Competition procedure - say the word to be spelt, spell the word using the letter names and finally say the word again.

Ipad Apps - A reminder that our subscription for home use of the Reading Eggs and Mathseeds apps will cease at the end of this year. If you need another copy of the login/password details, please let me know.

Assembly Awards - Congratulations to the following students who received Merit Certificates at our school assembly last Friday: Elsie, Ilah, Phillip and April. Well done to the students who received Win Bin prizes.


* It has been brought to my attention that some students in Kindergarten are arriving at school without a water bottle. For health reasons, the students are currently unable to use the water bubblers at school to drink from. Therefore, I ask that a bottle of water be sent to school with your child on a daily basis. Thank you.



Hello Everyone,

I trust all Dads were remembered fondly on Sunday. I hope you liked the card that the children made. Thank you to Mrs Speirs for taking the creative ‘photo booth’ snaps. I know some heartfelt messages were written inside them.

In writing, we have been working on Narratives (stories). Each week the children gain more skills with the development of their sentences and punctuation. We are also working on structure and developing a beginning, body and ending.

In maths last week we had some fun with learning what the ‘metre’ is and exactly what sort of distances are measured with the metre. The class estimated lengths around the school then we combined our metre strings to measure accurately.

In speaking this week we are looking at native animals found in our oceans and rivers. The children can share 5 or 6 facts they find interesting about them. Some students also like to draw their own picture.

Have a lovely week, Di.



Spelling Bee - There is just one week left until the Spelling Bee. Please encourage your child to practise their words at home. I have plenty of spare lists if anyone needs another copy.

Father’s Day - I hope all the Dads and father figures enjoyed their special day on Sunday. The students really loved creating the card and were sincere in the messages they wrote. Special thanks to Mrs Speirs for coordinating the photo booth.

Writing - This week students commenced a new unit on descriptive writing. They are looking carefully at pictures and objects to describe them in great detail and build an image in the reader’s mind.

Maths - This week in maths students are looking at position and in particular reading maps.

Bounceback - Students have been looking at ways to engage in conversation with not only their friends but also people who they may not be as familiar with. They have learnt that active listening skills are important and that a conversation needs to allow all students the opportunity to speak.

Water Bottles - It is imperative that all students have access to a water bottle or cup at school. With the current Covid restrictions, students are only permitted to fill a cup or bottle from the bubblers.

Have a lovely week.



Debating - Last week on Friday, Ace, Jade, Tandia and Oceane represented the school in Round 2 of the Premier’s Debating Challenge. They challenged Grafton Public School in a very close debate. Unfortunately, they lost. They all did an amazing job and we look forward to their next debate this Friday against Gulmarrad Public.

Check-in Assessment - On Wednesday the Year 5 students did a check-in assessment for Numeracy and Literacy. Over the next few weeks they will be identifying and targeting strengths and weaknesses that have been highlighted in this assessment.

Projects with Mrs Leseburg - Last Thursday most of the students in the 5/6 class presented their projects on famous people. We had to research information about their early life and other interesting facts acknowledging their greatest achievements. We also had to write about our perspectives sharing our thoughts and opinions.

Health - In health, we are learning about making choices and good decisions. Last week we learnt about micronutrients and macronutrients and what they do to help our bodies.

Year 5 Online Books - The Year 5’s in our class are making a book for the Kindergarten students that are coming to school in 2021. The books will be on a website for them to access. They will show the new students our school and the rules they need to follow in order to have a fun and enjoyable time in primary school. Along with these books, the responsible and caring Year 5 students will participate in a Buddy Program to help them ease into “big school”.

Well done Year 5/6! What a great week it has been.

Written by Amy-Leigh and Hudson.


Well, I am back from my paternity leave, and I would like to say I am well rested, however that would be far from the truth! Nevertheless, I am back into the swing of things and keen to get back into some routines with the students. I would like to thank Mrs Leseberg for holding down the fort for me while I was away.

NEW BOOKS New books are being added to the shelves over the next few weeks. We were able to purchase these books from the points raised during the Book Fair at the start of term. There will be another Book Fair occurring next term. Keep in mind this could be a good opportunity to purchase some early Christmas gifts.

STEM I have some good news. The new STEM PC robotics kits will be arriving this week! Throughout all of Term 4 our science and technology lessons will be based around the use of these robotics kits that we will have available. Students will be exposed to coding, problem solving and using their Higher Order Thinking Skills when using this equipment. Students will be given the opportunity each week to use a range of these items during their lessons with myself.

I hope everyone has a great week. Mr Jones.


Our second session of Golf with Mr Adey was another fun-filled, successful day! Last week was all about learning to aim while driving the ball. The word around the playground is that new muscles are being employed that most students have never felt before! Even though many students are finding the skills foreign, most are loving the chance to learn golf. We are very fortunate here in our community to have easy access to a well cared for and welcoming golf club. We hope that for many students our golfing sessions here at school may open up the potential to continue learning and playing this sport in their futures.


  • Volunteers for Friday 11 September - Sandy and Mark

  • Volunteers for Monday 14 September - Karla and Erin

Class donations for next week: Year 1/2

Thank you to the parents and carers in the Kindergarten class, for your delicious treats that were donated yesterday. We appreciate your support and the children really enjoyed them. If you are missing your container, it is in the office.

If you could offer some time assisting in the tuckshop, please see the Office Staff or contact Karla on 0405638768. Thank you


Welcome to our new bankers! Remember, Banking Day is Tuesday.

Is it ever too early to learn the basics of how to earn, save and spend responsibly? Here is a practical exercise for students to understand how saving takes time. For further savings advice visit the Beanstalk Activity Centre on