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Currently Iluka Public School uses the School Stream app and Facebook as our avenues of communication to parents and the wider community. After consideration and user feedback IPS will streamline these two tools in the following way;

  • The School Stream app will be our main communication tool. All important notices will be delivered to you via this, including but not limited to Home Learning updates, any Department of Education directives, permission notes and the newsletter.

  • Our weekly zoom Story time Sessions will also only be accessible through School Stream invitation.

  • School Stream also offers the ability to send in an Absentee notice.

  • The app is also used for alerts including reminders for upcoming events, excursion arrival times, and sports day notifications.

  • Facebook will be our “social” communication tool, being used for media releases and our broader community news, such as photo galleries, Youtube notifications and the weekly newsletter.

Have you downloaded the School Stream app?

You can download the School Stream app in three easy steps:

  1. From your device go to the App Store (iPhone/iPad) or Google Play (Android) search for School Stream and download the app to your phone.

  2. Make sure you agree to push notifications.

  3. Once School Stream has finished installing, open the app, type your school name into the search THEN select your school

If you prefer more detailed instructions please visit the School Stream Website ( in addition you could try the 'Installing and Deleting' (pdf 70 KB) instructions.


Dear Parents and Carers,

We are doing our best to keep you informed where we can of any updates from the Department of Education.

As I am sure you are aware and have heard the news that sadly, ‘Learning from Home’ is to be continued for at least the next two weeks (until Friday 10 September 2021).

It is worrying to be hearing of many schools around the country with cases and I am very glad that this is not something Iluka Public School has had to face.

Currently, the Department updates principals in daily Situation Reports and weekly webinars. These have been mainly focused on the latest outbreaks affecting schools, procedures for HSC students, keeping numbers down in schools, especially in any of the identified Local Government Areas and what we should do if a case were to occur on site and an outline of what the return to face to face teaching may look like.

We are extremely grateful to you for your cooperation and resilience at this challenging time by supporting students with their home learning. I appreciate how hard it must be for you.

Last week I received many wonderful photos of students working on science experiments from home and our Book Week costumes. They were all brilliant. We are all very thankful for your dedication in aiding this to occur.

In case you missed it, you can view our digital Book Week parade below.

Please remember that there is flexibility within the daily work schedules. I would suggest reading and some maths as “must do” daily activities and other activities as “may do” activities. We strongly encourage your child to have breaks and play throughout the day (particularly off screen play).

If your child is finding it difficult to complete a set task on a particular day, it may be better to leave the activity and start afresh on another than to persist for extended hours in the day on one task. Teachers will understand if not all work is being completed. Although we know we won’t be able to adjust all that we are doing and each family will have different needs, we have organised a survey, to gauge how home learning is going for your family. We hope that in response to the feedback, we can adjust, where possible, what we do for the home learning environment, (particularly if lockdown is extended into Term 4.)

Thank you to our Essential Workers. I acknowledge the tremendous work of our essential workers who face the public each day to ensure we have what we need during these very difficult times.

Finally, with Father’s Day just around the corner I hope ‘dads’ are able to have a great day on Sunday. Father’s Day is about thanking the important male role models in your child’s life. It may be Dad, a Step Dad, an Uncle or maybe Grandpa. Keep up the great work with all that you do for our students.


I know students love being read to. Even though we are currently doing Learning from Home, we are giving all students the opportunity to participate in Zoom Story time Sessions. I would encourage parents to join us as often as you can. Parents, one goal should be to help your students develop a love of books and reading. Look out for our links via our School Stream App every Tuesday and Thursday.


I spoke this morning with the Busways driver. He is more than happy to take students’ Learning from Home Packs from the school and to meet parents outside the Woombah Fire Station around 9:07 am. Does this help you? Please call the office 66466 149 to book your pack a spot on the bus. I thank Busways for this most generous offer.

Stay safe. Phil


I would like to wish every dad and father a happy Father’s Day for this Sunday the 5th September.

Book Week Parade - Thank you students and parents for your support of our digital Book Week parade. It was a pleasure to look at the photographs sent in and to see the students smiling and having fun.

Connections - I was able to have a conversation with some of my students and family members at the front gate, when learning packs were collected on Monday. These personal conversations are important during challenging times because they keep us all connected - students, parents and teachers. I would like to thank you for your kind words, messages and continued support. Together we can do great things even in difficult circumstances.



Hello Parents,

I have talked with a few parents and from all accounts you are going really well (during trying times). When your work is collected on a Monday you can return any completed work and readers.

We will be putting together a two week home learning package for Weeks 9 and 10. Just do your best and make “home learning” fit into your lives. There is no right or wrong approach. The main thing is, literacy and numeracy skills are being used consistently each day throughout the week.

Get out in the afternoon and exercise and enjoy the sunshine in the afternoon. Some creativity and mindfulness throughout the day is also beneficial.

Stay safe and healthy, Di.


Hello everyone,

It was lovely to catch up with many students and parents yesterday at the gate while new learning packages were distributed. I thank parents and students for their support, words of encouragement and positive feedback. It was wonderful to have this opportunity to connect with you albeit for a quick chat. You are all doing your best under difficult circumstances and I encourage you to keep up a little learning each day (particularly reading and maths) but also balance this with other family activities.

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful male role models in the lives of the students. Enjoy your special day!