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The NSW Premier and the Department of Education made important announcements today including:

  • encouraging you to keep your child at home from Tuesday 24 March to contribute to supporting the community response to COVID-19.

  • The school’s doors will remain open for those students whose parents are in the essential services, who are working or who are vulnerable.

Therefore at Iluka Public School appropriate leveled school work packs are now available for parents to collect, from the front office. Students will complete the same unit of work whether they are at home or at school. The work is for at least the remainder of the term. Within the school setting, teachers will be providing the set work, marking the work and will be supervising only.

Teachers in Years 3/4 and 5/6 will soon be able to set tasks, homework or online activities through the online learning platform, Google Classroom. As well, for Year 3/4 and 5/6 students, if you would like to have a loan of an Iluka Public School iPad while your child is away please let me know and we can come to an arrangement. If parents need help with the online platform ‘Google Classroom’ please see me.

Below are a range of resources and activities that can help support your students learning from home:

  • Scootle is a national repository that provides Australian schools with more than 20,000 digital resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

  • ABC Education - 4000+ videos, games and resources mapped to the curriculum.

  • Australian Children's Television Foundation - films, books, apps and support material aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

  • TedEd - Short videos in the TEDTalk style, with support material designed for use in digital education by teachers. Most videos are from a US context, but the subjects are largely global.

  • Find other digital learning resources organised by type.


Dear Parents and Carers,

I have been at Iluka as a classroom teacher for 18 years and the Principal for almost 7 years and in my career I have not had to deal with anything like this current situation in our local community. I am sure that many of you are experiencing the same in your workplace or around the home. If we work together, listen to and act on the advice of the experts, I am sure we will get through this challenge.

School Processes Now in Place

To minimise contact we have completed the following procedures listed below:

  • No morning assemblies for the rest of the term. When the bell goes, students will go straight to their rooms. Parents who normally stay in the playground will be asked to leave to minimise contact with other students.

  • Scripture classes have been cancelled.

  • Formal assemblies planned for the rest of the term will be cancelled.

  • Harmony Day and Anzac Day services are cancelled.

  • Unfortunately, parent/teacher interviews have been postponed until further notice. I am hoping these will occur at some time next term.

  • PSSA Competition; Unfortunately we won’t be able to play our final PSSA cricket game just yet due to the new health restrictions in place. Winter PSSA trials are yet to be confirmed as we await further advice for PSSA next term.

  • Our Tuckshop will not operate for the remainder of this term.

  • Tennis has been cancelled. Music students should have received contact from Miss Leeann regarding her lesson options.

  • External services such as occupational and speech therapists who attend the school are negotating future appointments between Iluka Public School and families.

  • We ask that if parents are dropping children at school in the morning, they quickly leave at the earliest opportunity. This will assist to minimise the contact between other adults and our children.

  • All excursions postponed until further notice.

  • Due to the new processes, the P & C meeting will not be held on Monday April 6. I am hoping we will be able to meet next term.

  • Our Groundsman, Strong Mark has assured me all playground and sports equipment will be sanitised before our students use it.

  • The toilets will also receive an extra clean between recess and lunch.

  • Iluka Public School staff have been told not to attend school if they exhibit any illness.

  • The use of classroom school equipment is also being sanitised. For example, wipes are used daily on school laptops, iPads or equipment before it is used.

  • Recess and lunchtime areas have been designated for each grade or class group.

  • The school leaders morning tea with Kevin Hogan MP has been cancelled.

  • The Lower Clarence Music Eisteddfod has been cancelled.


Due to the rapidly developing situation with Coronavirus and the additional safety measures the school is encouraging, such as students to remain at home, the proposed waterslide reward in Term 4, for 90% + attendance rate, will be suspended. We hope this will reduce pressure on parental decisions regarding wellbeing and student attendance. We appreciate your assistance in helping to keep our school environment as safe as possible.

NOTE: At the end of Term 4, the waterslide will STILL GO AHEAD for ALL students at a very minimal charge.

I hope I have responded to all emails and phone calls. If I have missed a reply to you, please let me know.

Whilst things in the world are in a massive state of change, I keep thinking we are so lucky to be in Iluka and we appreciate all our families support and understanding.



Bounce Back- The key message currently being taught in our ‘Bounce Back’ program is that it is important to be kind and support others. Under the current situation in our country and across the world, this is an important social message for us all.

Assembly Awards- Congratulations to the following students who received Merit Certificates, Sports and Library Awards at our class awards ceremony last Friday: Amelia, Elsie, Ragnar, Jy and April.


*Kindergarten home learning packs are available at the office on request.



Hello Everyone

I hope this newsletter finds everything OK in your homes. We are being faced with circumstances that we are unfamiliar with. We are trying to work out the best measures to take to enable your child’s learning to continue. Booklets have been organised with a range of activities in them for the children to work on at home. The students at school are completing the same work. Please collect your packs from the front office. Home readers have been included and can be changed next week at school. The Learning pack has been organised to last until the end of the term. When sections have been completed they can be returned to school so I can mark them. There is a book for children to do some writing in as well and an envelope with sight words to be practised. More information will be provided as the weeks’ progress.

Best wishes, Di.