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  • Currently - Parent/Teacher interviews. Please keep up to date when your child’s interview times have been scheduled or call the office to make an appointment.

  • Friday 3 July - Last day of Term 2

  • Monday 20 July - Staff Development Day

  • Tuesday 21 July - Students return for Term 3

  • Tuesday 21 July - School Banking recommences


Dear Parents and Carers


Last week I had the absolute privilege of attending and observing teachers and students completing their lessons in the classrooms. I witnessed teachers at IPS working hard to cater for the learning needs of all learners in their class.

Believe me, your children are focused and learning – teachers are certainly back to normal school routines. As well, the playground is abuzz and students are enjoying being back with their friends.


Parent/Teacher Interviews commenced on Monday. The booking information for the Parent/Teacher Semester One Interviews was outlined to parents in last week’s newsletter. The academic progress and wellbeing of our students at Iluka Public School has always been a combined effort between IPS families and teachers. This term that collaboration has been stronger than ever. We understand this has been a challenging time for many and we acknowledge that our IPS families have done a remarkable job of supporting learning through this unprecedented time. Ultimately this is an opportunity for families to collaborate with teachers to assist with setting goals that will meet our student’s academic progress and foster their social and emotional wellbeing. For this reason, we would like to meet with you to:

  • Gain a better understanding of each child’s individual work habits while they have worked from home.

  • Communicate with families so we can understand how to best support the students’ transition back to school.

Some questions your child’s teacher might ask are:

  • What tasks did your child enjoy the most?

  • What tasks did your child find the most challenging?

  • How would you describe your child’s work habits while working from home?

  • How can we best support your child in his/her transition back to school?

Interviews will last for approximately 20 minutes. I look forward to welcoming you onto the school. Please ring the school to make a booking on 6646 6149.


The school is currently accepting enrolment applications for Kindergarten 2021. If you, a neighbour or even a friend in our enrolment zone are interested in learning more about the school, please don't hesitate to contact myself to arrange an appointment to discuss enrolling. We are also eager to receive sibling enrolments as soon as possible, as this helps us begin to plan for school structures. I look forward to welcoming questions from prospective members of the community. Information and dates to support our Preschool Transition program to school will be published in the coming weeks. Enrolment forms are available via the school website or can be directed to the office.


At our school staff meetings, teachers spend the majority of their time working and discussing collaboratively about students. Staff talk, share ideas and resources that can support all students. Teachers also discuss with the Learning and Support teacher students’ additional needs. We all work together to implement further strategies and to investigate further actions that may be required.


If you have concerns regarding your child’s learning or wellbeing, always contact the classroom teacher in the first instance. They will be able to discuss strategies that they may already be implementing or seek advice from the Learning and Support Team on your behalf. We can then work together to support your child at school. All needs can be catered for with differentiation in the classroom.


As a school community we have a collective responsibility for student behaviour. Aggressive behaviour at school cannot be tolerated and will be dealt with under the Iluka Public School Behaviour Code. Parents and carers can support positive behaviour by encouraging and reminding your child/ren to: Cooperate with all members of the school community; keep hands, feet and objects to themselves; speak and act kindly to others; be in the right place at the right time and care for themselves, their peers and their environment.


Each semester teachers at Iluka Public School provide reports outlining each student’s progress in the learning areas that make up the primary curriculum. This semester, student reports will look a little different, focusing on progress in English and Mathematics. Our teachers are currently working hard to create reports that directly engage parents, to improve their understanding of their child’s learning and to identify the next steps in their learning journey. Following the Department of Education guidelines, our Semester 1 reports for all students will be sent home on Friday 28 August.


We are happy to advise that the School Photographer is back in action for school photos. As you can imagine, there is a significant amount of work the photo company is trying to catch up on. Iluka Public School has managed to secure a date, Friday 16 October in Term 4. Further details and order envelopes will come at a later date.


Want to raise an issue? Have any positive feedback?

Please write to me at



Home Reading - A reminder that home readers should be returned on a daily basis. Sometimes other students are waiting on the book your child has to complete their current log. This weekend, I will be sending home books for your child to read in order to consolidate the progress being made in reading.

Home Travel - Since last term, there have been some changes in how students in Kindergarten are travelling home from school each day. In order to ensure that your child is organised for the correct home travel each day, please complete the form sent home today and return to school by Wednesday 1 July.

Lost Property - Has your child lost a jumper or a hat? Currently, I have one jumper and one jacket, a dark grey jumper and a red jacket, as well as a school hat with the name Zayden written on it. Please let me know if any of these items belong to your child. Otherwise, they will be donated to the Iluka Op Shop.


  • Please ensure that your child’s Student Information 2020 update information sheet is completed and returned to school as soon as possible.

  • An absentee note explaining why your child is away from school needs to be provided on the day your child returns to school.

  • Could all balls and skipping ropes sent home please be returned to school this week.



Hello everyone,

Lovely to have some colder weather. Enjoy the change of season.

Homework and Home Reading routines continue. Please continue to support and assist with the completion of these tasks each week.

Thank You: to the parents that have shown an interest in their child’s education and made interviews to discuss how they are progressing. Being able to work together is a positive approach and Mrs Leseberg and I have appreciated both your input and your support.

The children: have settled back into some productive routines and are working extremely hard. We commend them for this great attitude. Keep up the hard work as it pays off in the long run!

Have a good week, Di.


Hello parents and carers,

Quicksmart - It is imperative that students learn their times tables, as they are required to draw on their knowledge of tables regularly during our maths lessons. It appears that very few students are practicing their Quicksmart cards at home. Just five minutes a day will make a huge difference in their ability to recall facts quickly. From memory students were given 6 different bundles of Quicksmart cards during the Learning@Home period, so please hu