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  • Tuesday 15 June - Parent/Teacher Interview Week. Phone the office 66466149 for an appointment

  • Wednesday 16 June - Year 6 Transition Day @ MHS. 11:15 am pick-up

  • Wednesday 16 June - PSSA Girls Basketball Gala Day - Lismore (applicable students only)

  • Thursday 17 June - Round 2 NSW Premier’s Debating Challenge - Iluka Tiger Prawns v’s King Prawns

  • Friday 18 June - Whole School Assembly - 2:15 pm. All welcome to attend

  • Monday 21 June - Parent/Teacher Interview Week. Phone the office 66466149 for an appointment

  • Monday 21 June - Athletic Carnival Discus (only) begins, IPS grounds. Times vary

  • Tuesday 22 June - MHS Year 5 NAIDOC Games Day (note and times yet to be advised)

  • Wednesday 23 June - PSSA Touch Football - IPS v’s Kyogle PS. Ken Leeson Oval. 10:30 am

  • Wednesday 23 June - P & C Meeting, IPS library. 3:15 - 4:15 pm

  • Friday 25 June - Last Day of Term 2

  • Friday 25 June - Festivals of Local Schools Art Exhibition begins today. Grafton Gallery

  • Monday 12 July - Staff Development Day. No students attend

  • Tuesday 13 July - First day Term 3 for all students

  • Wednesday 14 July - NCPSSA Softball, Lismore (applicable students only)

  • Thursday 15 July - IPS 2021 Athletics Carnival. 200m, 400m & 800m only. Ken Leeson Oval. 11:30 am

  • Friday 16 July - IPS 2021 Athletics Carnival. Ken Leeson Oval. 9:00 am

  • Friday 30 July - Small Schools Athletics Carnival. Ken Leeson Oval (applicable students only. Note yet to go home)

  • Monday 2 August to Friday 6 August - Stage 3 Canberra Excursion



I hope you had a great long weekend and enjoyed the time with family and friends. It was great to see you today at the school gate! Our term continues to be busy with all learning opportunities in full swing and students taking advantage of every opportunity available. ​


Please ensure that, if applicable, the school has a copy of your child's most recent Healthcare Plan, as we are currently ensuring all plans are up to date.


Instagram, Tik Tok and other social media platforms are incredibly popular platforms that allow for the sharing of messages, photos and video. Parents, please understand that Teens must be over 13+ to set up a profile and post content. Why do we then allow students to have access to this? Please note that cyberbullying is common. This isn’t helpful for young people’s esteem and for their learning. Please support your children at Iluka Public School by being vigilant and aware of what is being seen and heard on these platforms. Please let them be children and not be in a hurry to grow up.


Four of our students Tandia, Lilly, Jade and Emma were members of the school which competed in the Northern Rivers Softball trials recently. Congratulations to all four girls who made it through to the next stage, the North Coast trials. Well done to all girls for their outstanding effort!


Coming up in Week 1 of Term 3 is the school’s Athletics Carnival. It will be held on Thursday 15 and Friday 16th July. All K-6 students will attend the Athletics Carnival at the Ken Leeson Oval. Travel for students will be a short walk to the oval. On Thursday the longer distance races, 200m, 400m, and 800m will be held. The 50m, relays, 100m and the field events; high jump, shot put, long jump, will be held at the venue on Friday. The Discus will be run at school on a separate day from the carnival (Week 10, Term 2). Parents/spectators may attend school or external venue events in accordance with the general COVID-19 requirements for school activities. Students are encouraged to dress in their house colours for the Carnival (yellow for Rush, green for Hickey).


We are becoming a bit overwhelmed with lost property that is not labelled or indistinctly named. Where the name is clear we can return items to students immediately. However, the majority of good quality jackets are unclaimed, which will be recycled to the Opportunity Shop at the end of the term. Please help us by labelling or redoing names clearly.


As mentioned previously, Semester 1 reports are now available. Having looked at all the reports, most students scored in the C range which indicated they are achieving the expected outcomes for the state-wide syllabus at the end of Semester 1. I say that primarily for parents who request information about how their child is progressing in relation to the cohort. The effort rating is what we would like to have parents discuss and focus on with their children. Is your child putting in their very best effort and how you can encourage them to do this? Absolute achievement levels depend on many factors, and at Iluka Public School we emphasise with children the importance of doing your best and setting personal goals for improvement. Interviews can be arranged by contacting the school office on 6646 6149 for an appointment.



Schools are at the heart of our communities and we want to keep school spaces active all year round. Share our Space offers access to school grounds during holiday breaks. See what activities are being held at schools across NSW


  • It’s a unique program, where we open green spaces and play equipment at participating schools during the school holidays.

  • In this program, we focus on areas where there isn’t as much open community space.

  • It provides a safe place for communities to connect and interact.

  • It opens more spaces for people to maintain their health and wellbeing through exercise and sports.

  • It supports the NSW Premier’s Priority to increase open space for the people of NSW.

  • It highlights how important schools are to communities and how they support local people in a range of ways.


  • We’ll open participating schools from Monday 28 June to Friday 9 July 2021, including weekends and public holidays.

  • We open the school gates at 8 am and close them at 5 pm each day.

  • Each school will have only one gate open during Share our Space.

  • School toilets are not open as part of Share our Space – plan ahead!

  • Please remember to maintain appropriate physical distancing and COVID-safe hygiene practices when you share our space. We’ll have signs up to remind you.

  • We provide external cleaning services twice per week during Share our Space, as well as at the end of holidays.

  • Our open school's list may change due to emergencies or natural disasters.

We want to see how local communities are enjoying Share Our Space! Share photos and videos on social media using the hashtags #ShareOurSpace #LoveWhereYouLearn.

Have a great week. Phil



Semester One reports were sent home last Friday. I also sent home some requested meeting notes for those parents that I was unable to meet with at the end of last term due to unforeseen circumstances and for those parents who I wish to meet with to discuss your child’s learning progress. Please ring the office on 6646 6149 to arrange a mutually convenient time.



Hello everyone,

I’d be thinking there could be some soups and slow cookers being utilised with this very cold weather. The chill from the wind is icy. Keep warm and snug and the vitamin C handy.

Please - ensure your child has a jumper at school every day. Inside the classroom might be ok but outside temperatures can be very cold. It is not nice to see small children shivering and uncomfortable.

Reports - went home last Friday. If you wish to request an interview please call the office on 6646 6149 to arrange a time.

Maths - work has involved a range of skills. Last week the Year 2 children had metre length pieces of string measuring distances around the school. The Year 3 were looking at the kilogram and comparing its mass to different objects.

Sport - activities have included netball and rugby skills. The children have shown an improvement with gross motor skills each week.

Circus - performance was wonderful.

Enjoy June weather and stay well and happy. Di


Hello everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.

Warm clothing - Please ensure your child has warm clothes during the colder months.

Reports - Reports were sent home last Friday. If you wish to make an interview, please phone the office on 6646 6149.

Circus performances - Students thoroughly enjoyed both circus performances and skills workshop. Thank you for supporting our visiting shows.

Maths - Students are very excited to be undertaking hands on maths this week as we look at the topic of mass. Today we learnt about a turtle called Iluka that weighed just 43g after hatching and weighed a healthy 58kg when released in the wild.

Have a lovely week.



Hello everyone,

Spelling Bee - Last week Beau Corsten won the Iluka Public School Stage 3 Spelling Bee. Next term Beau will represent the school in the NSW Premier's Spelling Bee at Maclean Public School. We wish him all the very best. May the prawn be with you, Beau! Keep up the great work!

Homework - All students should be reading every single night. They all have a journal to write in and they are encouraged to write daily. There have been some very creative pieces.

Reports - Semester One reports were sent home last Friday. If you wish to request an interview, please ring the office on 6646 6149 to arrange an appointment time.

Anzac Day Writing Competition - Earlier on in the term, the students entered a writing competition. Schools from across the Clarence Valley participated. I am very happy to announce that we received first and third place. Congratulations to Macy and Jessica. First and third! Outstanding effort!

Sport - This week is the last of our sporting clinics. Wazza will be here today to complete our Rugby League Clinic and Tammy will be here on Wednesday for the last Netball Clinic. I have enjoyed watching all the students' skills develop. They have developed a real interest throughout the term. They all have a good game sense and I look forward to watching them play.

Circus - Awesome FUN was had, at the Circus on Friday. Learning maths the cool way! Thank you Mrs Gardner for your organisation. The students thoroughly enjoyed it.

Have a great week Bek.


Hi everyone. On Wednesday Year 6 have their second MHS Transition Day excursion. The students are very excited. Mr Bradmore will be attending. Students come to school as normal and the bus leaves IPS at 11:15 am and home before 3 pm. I look forward to everyone meeting some new friends from our Lower Clarence schools.

The Maths Circus last Friday was fantastic. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and seemed to get a lot out of it. Behaviour was outstanding. Thank you to Mrs Gardner for organising unique and interesting activities.

Year 6 reports go home today. Please remember they are a snapshot only of your child now. If you would like an interview please call the office on 6646 6149 to arrange a suitable time, thank you.

The Canberra Excursion medical/consent note needs to be returned now, please.

Activities still happening include rugby league and netball clinics, debating, athletics training, chess club begins this Friday, gardening, Canteen Kids menus getting ready for Term 3 and more. Have a nice week, Chris.



The 3D printing has begun and the Year 5 students have created and printed the first designs. The students designed and printed out a 3D bag tag that they will attach to their luggage when they travel to Canberra for their excursion next term. The Year 4 students will begin designing with Tinkercad this week and they will begin learning the basics by creating a bag tag. Next week will be the Year 6 student’s chance to learn how to design and print in 3D.


I am currently in the process of ordering the shortlisted winners of the 2021 Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) awards. These books will be available for students to borrow from Term 3.

I hope everyone has a great week. Matt.


We wish our Girls PSSA Basketball team the very best for their tournament tomorrow at the Lismore Basketball Stadium. Thank you to Mr Speirs for organising and attending this event and a big thank you to Ashlee for her training efforts with the team. Good luck girls.

We would also like to wish our Year 6 student Noah the very best for his day next Tuesday at the Boys 18 hole Primary Golf Championship and selection trials for the North Coast Team. Noah has been putting in many training hours before and after school in preparation for the day and we hope the weather will be in your favour. Good luck Noah.

For the past 5 Fridays, all classes have been committed to sports rotations based around athletics activities. This is allowing our younger students the chance to familiarise themselves with unfamiliar sports, in preparation for our upcoming Athletics Carnival. Students will have 2 more weeks of these rotations. The 2021 IPS Athletics Carnival will be held Thursday 15 and Friday 16 July, at the Ken Leeson Oval.


  • Volunteers for Friday 18 June - Leonie and Tracey

If you could offer some time to assist in the tuckshop, please see the Office Staff or contact Karla on 0405638768. Thank you


Remember, Tuesday is School Banking day.

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