• Iluka Public School


  • Tuesday 8 December - Yr 6 Disco @ School, arrival between 5:30-6:00pm. Finish at 8:00 pm.

  • Friday 11 December - Last tuckshop for the year!

  • Friday 11 December - School Reports go home

  • Friday 11 December - Final Whole School Assembly (no external attendance)

  • Monday 14 December - Library Stocktake begins

  • Monday 14 December - IPS Tennis Championships (no eternal attendance)

  • Tuesday 15 December - Last School Banking day for 2020

  • Tuesday 15 December - IPS Annual Red Faces Talent Quest (no external attendance)

  • Wednesday 16 December - Students last day of Term 4

  • Wednesday 16 December - Annual Yr 6 v’s Staff Big Ball Competition (no external attendance)

  • Thursday 17 December - Staff Development Day (No students attend)


  • Wednesday 27 & Thursday 28 January - Staff Development Days (No students attend)

  • Friday 29 January - Kindergarten to Yr 6 Return to School for Term 1

  • Thursday 4 February - IPS Swimming Carnival



We know that this year has not been the year we all imagined for our children, but I am grateful that our school community recognises how hard our school has worked to walk that thin line between meeting Department and NSW Health Guidelines and ensuring we provide special experiences for our students this year. We know that some of the traditions and experiences our students normally look forward to have required modification or postponing this year.

However, Term 4 has been significantly busy, exciting and action packed, with activities including:

  • Three sessions of our Pre-Kindergarten Students Program

  • Stage 1, 2 and 3 excursions;

  • School leadership selection process,

  • Year 6 fundraising stall eg cupcake stall;

  • Survey applications for Before and After School Care;

  • Presentation Day on Zoom

We also squeezed in Swim School and the last scripture lessons for the year. Still to come is the Staff V’s Year 6 Big Ball game, Iluka Public School Red Faces Talent Quest and the IPS Tennis Tournament.



2020 Presentation Day was held today, Tuesday 8th, under the COVID-19 Guidelines. Unfortunately, this year we could not have the usual number of parents, carers or visitors attend. Therefore, we enabled parents and carers to view the Presentation Day live via Zoom. If you were unable to watch the presentation live, you can receive a copy of the presentation on a USB. Students will need to bring a USB to school, we are unable to provide them. Once copied, the USB will be returned home for your viewing.

A lot of planning and work went on behind the scenes and I hope that it met the needs of our families. A big thank you to the administrative staff of Iluka Public School who worked hard to make this day a success. Special thanks also to Mr Jones for being innovative in the climate we are in at the moment.


At 5:30 pm tonight, Tuesday 8 December, all students in Years K to 6 are invited to take part in our End of Year Disco. At 5.30 pm the P & C in the Tuckshop will provide pizzas to students who attend. The disco will commence at 6.00 pm. Due to COVID guidelines the event this year will be held under the school COLA.


Packets of chips, poppers and water will be available to purchase for small charge (50c - $1). This event is for students of Iluka Public School only. Year 6 parents and carers are welcome on site at 7.30 pm, to join in the celebrations for the cutting of the cake and for the last song. DJ Static will provide the music and I have no doubts will do a wonderful job.


Great school excursions take planning and effort, but the rewards can be huge for both students and teachers, give the students a memory that they will remember for a long time. In 2020, COVID - 19 has meant that our students have missed many opportunities to enjoy the benefits of sharing new learning experiences in new environments - perhaps with new teachers or instructors.

Excursions also offer students the opportunity to experience new learning in new ways. The anticipation and excitement of a great school excursion helps students retain new learning, while getting out of the classroom gives children an opportunity to spend time with each other in a new environment. School excursions often require students to spend time in small groups, observing, chatting and learning.

Last week our Stage 2 students had the opportunity to take their learning outdoors to Coffs Harbour. It was an early start and a long day. We did not get home until 11.00 pm. The group visited the Dolphin Marine Conservation Park, Big Banana, Red Sails Restaurant and Mutton Bird Island. Student behaviour, participation and their camaraderie was exceptional. We are thrilled to be able to provide these opportunities for our students. Thank you Mrs Gardner, Miss Lynne and Mr Jones for your organisation supervision and attendance.

In the words of Year 4 students Paige, Olivia and Tessah, “ We really enjoyed the Dolphin Marine park, especially watching the seals do their tricks and getting to see the penguins. Big Banana was lots of fun. The 4D movie was exciting and scary at the same time! And Lazer Tag was cool. But we really liked Mutton Bird Island. It was interesting hearing the Dreamtime stories and then going up and spotting the Mutton Birds. Did you know they migrate each year all the way from Russia and Alaska? That’s so far!!! Also, the dinner was really yummy. Thanks Mr Bradmore for shouting us icecream.”


The school is working hard to finalise student placements and classes for 2021. As our community understands and appreciates, fluctuating student enrolments at a small school can have a significant impact on class structure and organisation. Forming new classes in the middle of the year is not preferred, and we will avoid this, if possible. However, we cannot anticipate, ahead of time, whether new families will join us next year. Increased enrolments after the start of the year may force a re-shuffle. However, we aim for stability and, based on anticipated enrolment figures, we are planning 5 classes (up one from 2020) for 2021. However, things may change, and often do, at our school. For this reason, class details and teacher allocation will be announced next week in a ‘draft only’ format. It will be subject to changes depending on future enrolments.


In 2021 we can anticipate 8 Kindergarten students. We look forward to welcoming you to the big school on Friday 29 January 2021.


Any families or students who may not be returning to Iluka Public School in 2021, please contact the office to let us know so that we can plan accordingly.


Congratulations to Year 6 who organised and held a very successful Canteen Kids last Wednesday. This was one of the fundraising events to assist them in funding the Year 6 Farewell and gift to the school.

Last Wednesday evening was a lovely gathering for Year 6 to say farewell as a group. Staff and Year 6 had a wonderful dinner together at Club Iluka. The room was beautifully decorated and a presentation was screened featuring the Year 6 of 2020. Mrs Cunningham did a wonderful job, organising the night and thanks again to Mr Jones for your professional and sentimental video.

Year 6 have modelled resilience and positivity to our entire school community this year and are wonderful role models to our younger students. They have shown amazing persistence, overcoming barriers with fortitude and a ‘can do’ attitude. We are so proud of our Year 6 students and are sad to see them leave us. On behalf of our school staff, I wish them all well in their future endeavours and anticipate continued success in their learning and development in high school.


Last Friday the whole school was delighted to listen to the speeches of the 19 Year 5 students who wish to stand for Captain, Vice-captain and Prefect in 2021. The speeches were of the highest caliber and very well presented. Well done Year 5. Thank you parents and carers of Year 5 for attending. It was great to see you back in our school. Students and staff were then given the opportunity to vote for the nominees. The successful candidates were announced at our Presentation Day ceremony today. Congratulations to the following students who have been nominated in the following positions for 2021;

Captain - Oceane Mitchell

Vice Captain - Jade Simon

Prefect - Ace McGregor

Prefect - Tulloch Speirs

Prefect - Emma Kerr

Prefect - Jack McClelland


Please assist our students to return their library books. As the end of the year is fast approaching all library books need to be returned by the end of this week for Stocktake. Thank you.


The safety of all of our students is paramount at all times. This includes before and after school. Please be reminded that teacher supervision in the playground starts at 8.30am each morning. No child is permitted to be at school before this time, unless arrangements have been made with myself. We have had a number of children arriving at school early and remaining unsupervised in the playground.


As we hurtle towards Christmas, we are aware that the season is one often marked by generosity, giving and acts of service. In the pursuit of good communication and transparency, we wish for parents to be aware that Department of Education staff are required to inform their workplace manager (Principal) if they receive a token gift over the nominal value of $50. Workplace managers must sight and approve all declarations of gifts, benefits and hospitality over this value and determine how it should be treated, including the possibility of declining any gift which is not token in nature or where a conflict of interest may be perceived. Teachers have been advised of policy expectations and will ensure that gifts over the set nominal value will be disclosed to the Principal so that transparency can be maintained, in compliance with department expectations. Please note that the Department of Education policy states that gifts of alcohol valued over $50 must be declined. Gifts of gratitude, i.e., a ‘thank you’ present from a family to their child’s class teacher, should be valued under the nominal amount of $50. Gifts which are received at Christmas time, as a token of appreciation by students or families, are most deeply appreciated, but not expected by staff. We thank our school community in advance for understanding that our desire to comply with Department of Education processes relating to gifts, benefits and hospitality ensures we remain a workplace of integrity, maintaining public trust.


Your child will bring home their Semester 2 academic report on Friday 11 December. Please check their bag when they arrive home for the report. Thank you to the hard working classroom teachers who have collated extensive observation and assessment data throughout the year to compile your child's comprehensive report.

There are no Parent / Teacher Interviews in Term 4. However, if you have concerns regarding your child’s progress, please make an appointment with the classroom teacher through the office.


Thank you to Mrs Howard for organising this year’s IPS Tennis Tournament. This tournament is now in its 12th year. Knockout tennis matches have now commenced with the Grand Final showdown set down for Monday 14 December. We wish all competitors the very best of luck.


This coming Friday will be the final tuckshop for the year. The Year 5/6 class are nominated to donate a plate of goodies this week, we thank you very much.


The school has an excess of computer chairs, now also available for sale. The chairs are in good condition. Chairs are available for a cost of $10. (cash only). Please contact the office for details.


A reminder that raffle tickets and money must be returned to school by this Thursday 10 December, as the raffle will be drawn on Friday 11 December during the Whole School Assembly. It is a departmental requirement that all ticket books; partly sold or not sold be returned back to school. Your support, time and energy is greatly appreciated and we thank you.

Have a safe and happy week, Phil.


Presentation Day - Congratulations to our Kindergarten Presentation Day Award recipients:

Willow Drake ... Academic Achievement

Aryk Mills … Academic Achievement

Cody Kratzmann … Personal Development

Christmas - It is starting to feel a little bit like Christmas in our class. The Christmas cards and candy canes are being given out. The students are entertaining me with lots of stories about the activities of the ‘Elf On The Shelf’. It is great to see the smiles on their faces and feel the excitement of Christmas building.


*Our class party is on next Wednesday 16th December. Please no pillows and no party food, as all party treats (fruit platter, sausage rolls, chips, popcorn) will be provided by myself, as my way of thanking the students and you for your support through this somewhat challenging year. Students will need to bring to school their own food for Crunch and Sip, Recess and Lunch. Water bottles are a must in this hot weather.



Hello Everyone,

I hope you are surviving the hot weather. It’s hard to believe we are in the second last week of the year.

Thank you - to Rita and Mary (training Occupational Therapists) for sharing your knowledge and skills with the class over the last few weeks. We wish you well in your future careers.

Reports - will arrive home this Friday.

Congratulations - to these students that received awards at today’s ceremony:

Academic Persistence and Consistency: Pala Callister

Academic Improvement: Scarlett Malone

Class Citizenship: Marley Knight

Class Party - will be held next Wednesday. The children can bring their swimmers to school that day for a cool down under the sprinkler. They can contribute $3 towards hot chips and fruit juice for our class party ( I will get a few other little treats too). We will play some games and have some last day of school fun. Children are to bring normal fruit and Recess to school on that day.

Books/Art Work - will be coming home at the end of this week.

Have a great week, Di.


Coffs Harbour Excursion - Wow, we had the best day out ever for our Coffs Harbour excursion! Thank you to the students for their outstanding behaviour, cooperation and flexibility throughout the entire day (even at 11pm when overtired). Special thanks to Miss Lyn for her amazing organisational skills and Mr Bradmore and Mr Jones for attending on the day. Mr Jones has produced another of his award winning videos of the day and it really captures the wonderful time had by everyone.

Presentation Day Awards - Congratulations to the Year 3/4 award recipients:

Academic Achievement - Tessah Speirs

Academic Consistency - Claire Hill

Academic Progress - Paige Morrison

Reports - Semester 2 reports are being finalised and will be sent home on Friday.

Class Party - Next Wednesday 16th December we will be holding our class party. We will be watching a movie and popcorn will be provided. Students may wish to bring along a pillow/pillow pet if they wish. Students will still require their usual fruit break, Recess, Lunch and water bottle.

Enjoy the week!



Prefect Speeches - How very proud they should be! Last Friday every Year 5 student stood before the whole school and presented themselves for leadership roles in 2021. Everyone spoke well, with confidence and put forward a great campaign for the positions. It was going to be a tight race.

Congratulations - Congratulations to the school leaders for 2021.

Captain - Oceane Mitchell

Vice Captain - Jade Simon

Prefect - Ace McGregor

Prefect - Tulloch Speirs

Prefect - Emma Kerr

Prefect - Jack McClelland

Presentation Day Awards - Congratulations to the numerous recipients of the Special and Year 5/6 awards. Special mention to the major classroom recipients:

Academic Improvement - Blaine Wilson

Academic Achievement - Grace Boole

Personal Development - Jay Hadgelias

Secret Santa - All the students are to bring in a present and palace it under the tree by Friday.

Reports - Semester 2 reports are currently being finalised and will be sent home this coming Friday.

Have a great week, Bek.


The library stocktake will begin tomorrow and overdue notices will be handed out to students tomorrow morning, after our morning assembly.

Most Consistent Borrowers of 2020

Kindergarten - Amelia Ensby

Year 1/2 - Rex Corston

Year 3/4 - Jessica Hinde

Year 5/6 - Oceane Mitchell

Most Consistent Borrowing Class of 2020

Mrs Gardner’s 3/4 Class


  • Volunteers for Friday 11 December - Sandy and Mark


To the small but super efficient and effervescent band of Tuckshop volunteers for 2020, we thank you very much for stepping up and helping out. To the families that have donated goodies or food staples throughout the year, thank you. To Karla, Sandy and Mark who volunteer week in, week out, we send you a massive thank you! We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas break and we hope to see all your smiling faces in 2021.


The last school banking day for 2020 will be next Tuesday 15 December.

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