• Iluka Public School



  • Swimming Carnival - Thursday 6th February

  • Infants Swimming Carnival - Friday 7th February

  • Class Meetings - Week 3

  • P & C Meeting - Monday 10th February

  • Small Schools Swimming Carnival - Tuesday 11th February


A new school year, a new decade. It has been a great start to the year with classes beginning to settle into their new routines. Welcome to all our new students and their families. I trust you are feeling welcomed as you settle into our great school. Today was exciting to see our new Kindergarten students begin the year and to see the happy children settling in very quickly.


Our student enrolment numbers will soon be submitted to the Department - these numbers will determine various aspects including classes, number of staff employed and funding. In next week’s newsletter we will include the school structure and staff. If your child is having difficulty settling in or you have questions, please contact your class teacher to make an appointment sooner rather than later.


Staff are on duty from 8:30am. Children arriving early are not supervised and should not arrive prior to this time. If on occasion it is unavoidable that you drop your child off they must sit quietly in the COLA. This is a safety issue. Classes start at 8.55am.


As we commence the year it is vital to remember the importance of getting your child to school every day, on time. Support your child by showing you value education; ensure they are here on time every day. The obvious exceptions are when your child is not well enough to be at school or they have a necessary appointment that cannot be scheduled outside of school hours. Holidays should be taken during school holidays.

When students are regularly absent from school they are more likely to:

  • be socially isolated and lack skills in forming and maintaining relationships

  • have gaps in their knowledge and understanding of basic concepts which may limit future employment options

  • be more likely to leave school at a younger age.

A school goal this year is for each child to have an attendance rate of 90% or greater. Students achieving this figure will be invited on to the waterslide at the end of the year.

Our school hours are from 8:55am to 3:00pm. All students are requested to arrive between 8:30am and 8:555am. Missing part of the day on a regular basis places your child in a situation where they are missing vital learning.


In Week 3 we invite you all in for a ‘Meet the Teacher’ afternoon. The classroom teacher will set out the expectations, the routines for the classroom. This is a time for you to introduce yourself to your child’s teacher. Further, parent/teacher interview times will be made available at the end of Term 1, or sooner via your request.


The P&C will hold their Annual General Meeting, followed by an Ordinary Meeting, in the school staffroom at 7:00pm on Monday, 10 February. All returning and new members are encouraged to attend. We would love to have your input as we work together to educate your children.


The school office is often receiving many phone messages from parents to be delivered to students. Please endeavour to pass on all messages to your child in the morning, prior to leaving home, or write a note to the teacher if necessary in regards to change of travel arrangements for their awareness. In the event of any change of circumstance that arises during the day, messages need to be relayed before 2:40pm. With Lyn (Our Manager) in a moonboot, there is no guarantee the office will get the message to the child in time. The school office do an excellent job of passing on information, however at this time of day, Lyn is often inundated with phone calls and face to face front counter business and may not be able to get a message to a class/student. While we have systems in place and endeavour to ensure all messages are passed on, staff are very busy with teaching, duties and other organisation and may not get to messages requiring a call back on the same day.


We have a number of wonderful lunchtime initiatives in place to engage and interest students including Minecraft Club, Reading, Drawing and Lego and are currently looking at other activities to engage students and to broaden their experiences.