On behalf of all staff of Iluka Public School, I extend a very warm welcome to all families who commence (and continue) their journey in education with our school community this year. We value the supportive relationships that exist between students, staff and parents within our happy, caring and safe school, and will continue to work hard to enable these relationships to grow and progress into the future.

A child’s development and progress within the school environment depends on many factors, of which our school is just one. We know the partnership between home and school is an important link in maximising progress - in not only gaining and applying knowledge and skills, but also when developing self-esteem and for the growth of values and attitudes.

We ask that you consider your child's education as a co-operative project of home, school and community, and we invite you to take an active part. You may not be able to attend on-site, but you may be able to take part in special celebrations, or even help with book covering or fundraising activities.

Schools of today have a greater diversity in the range of curriculum topics to be covered, and the expectations of the community have grown markedly. As a staff, Iluka Public School is committed to meeting that challenge. Our educational programs are focused on the development of all the attitudes, skills and knowledge that children need to cope effectively with the demands of living in our complex, changing society.

Learning how to gain knowledge and how to adapt to new situations is of importance in the way we engage in the teaching and learning cycle. The development of ongoing improvement in literacy and numeracy skills for all students is our core business, and takes the highest priority.

We are committed to providing the best learning experiences for our students, and are increasingly providing and expanding the use of technology throughout the school as an additional tool for quality teaching and learning.

As a school, we see the development of the whole child; the development of positive values, caring and supportive social relationships, independence, confidence and self-esteem as the foundational layer upon which successful life-long learning is built. We provide many paths and opportunities for students to experience success and achievement. We also recognise the wide range of talents and abilities that our students possess and most importantly, we value the effort they put into learning.

At Iluka Public School, we provide an environment that prepares students for the society in which they live, and will be part of in the future. Our public education system is the means by which we partner with families to create a tolerant, inclusive, just, equitable and enriched society. We are passionate about that role. We thank you for choosing Iluka Public School and entrusting its staff with your child's education. Our commitment is to assist each child to develop into a person of whom we, as both families and teachers, can be proud.

Phil Bradmore